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  1. Damn, the PS4 tag got me excited for a second. I had only heard of the Vita port. Looks like they got an ESRB rating for XBO/PS4/Switch too but no current plans to port it elsewhere. Bizarre decision to go Vita first.
  2. I'll just park this here... A bit harsh but at least the rankings are pretty accurate. I'd drop Haru to shit tier and put Hifumi in her old slot.
  3. Dark Souls/Demon's Souls - I never really gave DS a fair shake back in the day and skipped the first DkS altogether. After really getting into SotFS, DkS3 and Bloodborne, I'd like a chance to go back to them. Dragon's Dogma - Fantastic game I've been dying to replay. Really thought we'd see a Remaster on PS4 after the PC version sold so well but alas, Capcom is more interested in remaking every single RE game 50 times. Deadly Premonition - There's absolutely no need for this, I just want an excuse to play and buy Deadly Premonition again. Okami - Okami HD on PS3 already renders at 4K and downsamples to 1080p, so why not just put it on PS4 as a native 4K game? Red Dead Redemption - Never happening, but I can dream... Dragon's Crown - Like Deadly Premonition, I'm just looking for a reason to sink another 150hrs into this fantastic brawler, but unlike DP, it could actually benefit from the horsepower of the PS4. It got framey on PS3 when the action got thick and the online frankly was atrociously implemented. Sacred 2: Fallen Angel - No one but my friend and I seemed to appreciate this co-op gem. Condemned/Condemned 2 - Condemned isn't a PS3 game but I would love to see the pair remastered/ported anyway as they were great games IMO and, to this day, pretty unique. They could strip the multiplayer out of the sequel though as it was terrible.
  4. Generally what I've found most useful with the fish that dart around a lot (Squid, Catfish, Sturgeon and fucking Lingcod) is to plan for where they are going to be rather than where they are going. So if it's hanging at the bottom and darts up way high, wait a second or two and usually it comes back down toward the bottom or middle. This doesn't guarantee catching the fish or anything, but I'd say I have like a 75-80% success rate with those bastards now. Does anybody know definitively if getting "MAX" on a cast or "Perfect" on a catch increases the quality of the fish and/or treasure at all?
  5. I didn't read all the comments but I know this issue well as I have a Pro and have had to deal with it. The best solution I've found was after playing Stardew, quit out of the game using the pause menu, then close the application and then fully shutdown the PS4 Pro. That avoids it hanging in rest mode or just hanging with the light flashing for hours. Not ideal, but it still lets me play the game until they fix the issue. My guess is it has something to do with the PS4 UI overlay because I tried to stream the game one day and the Pro just started seizing up for seconds at a time and I couldn't even get back to the game. Likewise when I tried to join a chat while playing. But if I join a chat and then start Stardew, everything is fine. I think Sony said the Pro UI runs in 4K so maybe that's the issue?
  6. Playing Fat Princess Adventure a few weeks ago got me listening to this which reminded me that I hadn't listened to Babymetal's new album so then I started to listening to and then some GLK because why not?
  7. I prefer to think of this game as a meta commentary on how fucking pointless trophies are and how retarded the system is for deciding what game does or doesn't get a platinum. Proud to give them my $1
  8. I disagree with OP, but the game is a technical mess. When me and a group of 3 friends (hell, sometimes even with just two of us) get into a lobby and one person wants to switch characters, it's a 50/50 chance someone will get a BSOD. If you leave the game open for someone to join in the middle of a mission, it's about a 25% chance the game will drop everyone but the host and those trying to reconnect will get "Broken Connection" error until the host restarts the application. On top of that, it's one of those games where only one person can be each character. Normally that's a minor inconvenience but in a loot game where 2 people in a group might only have good weapons and gear for the same character and all their other weaps are kind of shit, it can be really frustrating. Plus the AI is kind of cheap. It's very L4D but without the refinement of L4D. Special infected will literally appear out of thin air and in numbers and configurations that aren't balanced at all. Just yesterday playing on Normal my friends and I had 3 Packrats show up at the same time (if you've played L4D2, it's basically a Jockey). I would absolutely say wait for a sale at this point and even better, wait for a few patches. The technical issues just make it frustrating with a group of friends.
  9. Dev said on reddit that apparently it spawned two events at the same time and that's why the bar never moved. We all contributed to the one event but we saw the progress bar for the second. If the trophy unlocked for anyone it must have been a very small number. I saw people saying the took part in the second event that showed after the first one ended and still didn't get the trophy. I was logged in when both events ended and did not get the trophy. Really not looking forward to waiting another 3-4 weeks to finish this platinum off.
  10. I really hate when developers can't just admit they can't hit 60fps. It's okay that you can't, but lets not fool ourselves that 30fps is ever 'better' for gameplay.
  11. He's not wrong but his reasoning is asinine. Resolution and gameplay are not mutually exclusive. Resolution should never be the highest priority, but that doesn't mean it should not be a priority at all. Also, his point about retro pixel games is ridiculous. That retro look is an aesthetic choice completely divorced of resolution. Hotline Miami, Shovel Knight & Rogue Legacy all look like old 16-bit games but they don't run like them. I can guarantee you none of those games are natively rendered at 240p or 480p.
  12. Hudson Mohawke Chimes EP
  13. PS3 Oblivion MGS Legacy & MGS4 (technically within the rules) Skyrim Demon Souls/ Dark Souls/ Dark Souls 2 Uncharted Trilogy (I predict this might actually happen) Red Dead Redemption Dragon Age: Origins Bayonetta (I'll take a straight port of that WiiU ver.) Just Cause 2 Condemned/Condemned 2 (first one wasn't PS3 but that's irrelevant) Bioshock Trilogy (strip the MP for all I care) Mass Effect Trilogy Fallout 3/New Vegas PSVita P4G Muramasa Rebirth Dragon's Crown New Little King's Story More than anything, I'd like to see some old PS1 games completely remade/updated for PS4, but I suppose that's for another thread and has nearly 0% chance of happening.