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  1. No plat on this is disappointing. I’ll wait for it to be on sale
  2. Hate when devs force you to play the game twice. Hard pass for me now.
  3. Does this support transferring saves from PS4 to PS5 or auto popping the trophies if you’ve earned them?
  4. Hoping it is true. It'd be nice if they add in ray tracing, but I'll be happy with just an upscale and 60 fps
  5. I guess if there is any consolation, these are just a cheap emulator with the snes roms. Really crappy port for such a good series, just a cash grab. Was going to buy the LRG special edition but missed out. I’m sort of glad I did
  6. US store and the page is up but not available for purchase
  7. Nice tip. Much easier to set this up than a boosting session
  8. I was liking this game, but then I got to Savali and holy crap is that level an absolute mess. If you fall into the pits, you fall endlessly, you don't die. There is nothing down there, you just keep falling until you manually restart from checkpoint. I found a pocket dimension, opened it, but couldn't enter. It was on a rock and Ratchet just kept running into that rock like nothing was there. I freed the last monks and it shot me into a dimension, but like the pits, I just flew into nothingness until I manually restarted from a checkpoint. I went back to the Monks to advance the story, but they wouldn't open the gates until I restarted again. They opened the gates, then I couldn't enter until I restarted AGAIN. I was able to get in, but then only a few of the platforms appeared. There is supposed to be another boost pad I see, but it doesn't render in so I fall into nothingness. I had to close and restart the game to continue. I hope the rest of the game isn't like this level. Not only are the glitches killing my enjoyment, I really didn't' like the huge empty level that only seems to want you to use the hoverboots to get around. I don't remember other Ratchet games being this much of a mess. I like their more focused smaller levels that weren't so empty.
  9. I hated the Hori pad that people are recommending, the analog triggers for R2/L2 suck, they are basically flat buttons that never seemed to register properly. I had a few and they all did the same thing. I like the PowerA version, but that is getting harder to find and it doesn't support rumble or Six Axis which I've needed in some games, so I have to pull out the original DS3s for some games to progress. The cheap ones on amazon are all Chinese junk from the same factory. They might work for a month or so, but they'll drift in no time. Absolute junk I'd love to find a good alternative, but not sure there are any.
  10. This trophy sucks. I must be at 99.9999% and it didn't pop. It looks max to me but no trophy. Need a new partial playthrough to try it again.
  11. Basically will be a walking simulator with some cheap jump scares. Hard pass for me. Was hoping for Kojima or someone that would bring something new and fresh to the series
  12. Game looks great, but a clear rental for me and platinum in a weekend. Maybe buy when it goes down to $10 eventually
  13. That worked, thanks! Then I went to the infiltrator mode to get the last two trophies, and my audio cut out mid run. This game is a buggy mess sill
  14. Same for me, and that also worked However, I didn't get Fool Me Once for beating the Infiltrator even though that fight is immediately before the radio trophy
  15. I imagine the trophies are going to be a pain, but this is a day 1 purchase