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  1. wow! Looks like a new design has come to Psnprofiles! I love it, what about you? !
  2. Maybe i get mine before christmas -.-
  3. Huge WWE fan here, but ofc the current storyline fukin' sucks-.-
  4. Omg, thats really awesome.
  5. GetOnMyDingDong
  6. I think i ill be waiting till i go and pick up my ps4, i will prubly pick up some games aswell
  7. Hope i get my ps4 on realease

  8. Same happened to me, but works fine now
  9. k, Just heard Static-X say it on facebook so thought i will share it on here,..
  10. I've heard that its a new limit for friends on psn... is that true? Now u should be able to have up to 2000 friends.. :0
  11. its just my real Name and aswell i do say Yo alot, and the name wasn't taken ..
  12. Co-op trophies and fanboys or "cod users" like xXxTrikshotxXx or FaZe SN1P3R... stuff like that really annoys me
  13. uhhh, idnt think of that but must be a boosting technique