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  1. I don't know about difficulty. I'm not good at the game, but I have some trophies that I feel like people who are good at the game should have. I do agree that there is some luck and situation involved with the trophies, but I also feel like many of them are repetitive. "Kill four people in a circle using the triangle button." I think that could have been diversified a little bit. Some of the tank trophies are pretty fun to try to get. But then there's crap like "The path is closed." Are the 11.83% of the people that have that trophy good? Did they boost it? Or did they get super lucky to find enough Symmetra's that leave teleporters in the open? Its just so oddly specific. Plat difficulty - Who knows out of ten / 10
  2. I'm voting the lightning dodges because "blue light glasses" weren't a thing back in the day and it gave me an eye twitch. Jump rope was probably harder, but I didn't get an eye twitch.
  3. NICE! Glad it worked.
  4. I had Arieth with the Reinforced Staff and Magnify+Healing and Fire (Plus HP, MP, and Magic UP orbs). Her job was simply to cast regen and fire when the House shifted to "Ice". Cloud had the Twin Stinger and the other three elements, Light, Ice, and Wind. He also had stat buffs and Steadfast Block. I kept his ATB bar with at least one charge at all times to cast the counter element to the House's shift. When it was pressured, I spammed Focused Thrust. When it shot out Tonberry minions, Triple Slash. Used this strat twice in chapter nine to get both sets of manuscripts. The second time, I was able to kill the House just as the mechs were being released. I probably got lucky on stagger times/damage, but for me this was one of the easiest bosses in hard mode. The Scorpion in chapter one gave me more of a headache.
  5. Yeah, I'm going to try to finish off hard mode and get the platinum, but I'm not going to 100% the game. I love this game and the series, but I'm not going to turn it into an "Assess Grind". Everyone's different. For me, that would kill the game. The thought of it makes me irritated. #KnowThySelf #FF7FTW
  6. Perfect. Thank you. Needed the extra information. Very much appreciated.
  7. I got 99 problems... but Cloud in a dress isn't one.
  8. A few people have kind of touched on this, but my strat was "Don't screw up". I sacrificed any greed on speed for just not falling down. I tended to fall when I got greedy trying to go fast. When I stopped being greedy, I was fine.
  9. I think it depends a little bit on why you liked the game. A few people have touched on this. If you liked the graphics and game play, then 15. The world is much more open though and has a substantially different feel. If you liked a linear experience and want to try new game play mechanics, then 13. Also a beautiful game. If you liked the story and got attached to the characters themselves, then the original 7. But it's old, partner. Real old. There are a ton of Final Fantasy games. And they are can differ extremely. I think you need to know the why, that'll make all the difference.
  10. Hey, I'm banging out Chapter 14 and I noticed some things about the Collosseum. A lot of people may know these things, but I haven't seen much talk about them. And they weren't super obvious to me. 1) People not in the fight get about 80% of the EXP and 0% of the AP. If you run Barret vs Wild Animals, he gets like 25 AP and like 560 EXP. Tifa and Cloud get 0 AP, but about 452 EXP. 2) It's actually a really decent way to make money. There appears to be about a 50% chance that the "grab bag" item is 5 times what you paid to enter the fight. Math could be wrong on the percentage, but a 100gil fight nets 500gil a lot of the time as a prize. 3) The Three-Person Team vs Shinra Warriors is an amazing way to power level the team before end game. The fight takes about 5 minutes when level 25-30. Equip Ice and Elemental on someone's weapon. If people have other observations, please share. Leveling in this game can be sparse. It was nice to find a way to push a little.
  11. I love driving the horse into walls and trees. It's like 78.6% of the game. Faceroll tree bark, baby! Yeah, the controls are rough, but I put up with them enough for the history of the game. And it's fun to kill boss after boss after boss
  12. I might change the weapons to have more magic stats too. Cloud's Iron Blade for instance I think reaches a higher total magic capability than the Buster. And I think Aerith has been magic stat options. The goal being to help with recovery and efficiency in healing. Just jumping on DemoonicDraco's theroies....
  13. I actually had an easier time just running through these solo than I did in a party. Less variables to worry about. I just set my game to private, grabbed a beer, and banged them out all in one session.
  14. Yes. I had this pop with only one planet completed. I've had a few trophies pop early and late. Kinda buggy, but hey... it's Borderlands. These things happen.
  15. I rarely buy deluxe editions, but I had to with this one. And I wish I had restrained myself. The rest of the game is phenomenal.