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  1. I have Master, but no trophies for Pandora, Promethea, or Eden 6. I don't have a solution, but you aren't alone.
  2. I've only done a little research on Sigma, so my opinion is likely wrong. But... I'll throw myself under the bus to help ignite a conversation. Sigma appears to be strong based on location. In linear, payload maps the shield looks awesome. The ability to call upon it frequently without having to be knee deep in the enemy makes me feel like he could be a "long ranged Reinhardt". But the thing with Rein is, you know you can't just dive in cause that shield only covers so much of your body. Sigma's shield actually makes that problem worse. One, it can give a false sense of security. Two, it's far away from your body. Three, shields don't stop bodies. Say you had an aggressive dive tank that could help split up a team with Sigma on it. What would an Ana zap or Sombra hack look like on Sigma? I bring these two up as they are seen in the professional circuits. In casual play, a stun from McCree or a trap from Junkrat? Normally when a new hero is released, I'm concerned. "Oh, this guy is going to kill the game for the next 6 weeks." And I just don't have that paranoia. Maybe I'm a silly fool. Or maybe I'm on the groundbreaking Anti-Sigma Strategy and Elimination Squad (A.S.S.E.S.). Probably the first one.
  3. This thread has me at an intellectual crossroads. What gender does Bastion assume? Let me take a step back. With a name like "Bastion", I'd assume a male persona. But then there's the chirping, and the thing with bird. That gives me hints of nature. And nature is well... Mother Nature. So, if this question is about the "best girl"... I play heals and Bastion kills heals making him/her a great casual counter-plan to a healer. I have to know Bastion's gender assumption to make a qualified response. Also, Widowmaker kills heals.
  4. I'm not going to say that's wrong, but the super elusive, less than 1% rarity trophy is going in my cabinet... soon as I can polish it off anyway. 36 and climbing, boys and girls.
  5. I think it's hard to directly compare the two. Granted they are so very similar when set next to the other titles in the franchise, but they seemed to tackle two marvelously different challenges. Origins - An AC Uplift I felt like Origins tried to do some new things. Revamp the franchise a little. In my opinion, it had a little FarCry in it. Animal combat was something that AC hadn't really touched on. Sure farming of hunting materials had been important at times, but the first time you were out for a swim and an alligator chased you down was terrifying. The fusion of Isu tech into the ancient world was a stunning juxtaposition. Manipulation of time was a fun addition via meditation. I thoroughly enjoyed the revamped combat system. I know the word "Assassin" is in the franchise title, but I've always been more of a Leroy Jenkins. Origins made that lifestyle choice much more viable. Odyssey - Pushing Boundaries Odyssey took a lot of things the franchise had done and turned the volume up to eleven. Aesthetically, I believe it to be the best product to date. Odyssey was absolutely gorgeous. Whether you were watching a sunset over the Greek Isles, or simply Spartan Kicking some poor bastard off a cliff... it was beautiful. And that brings up Spartan Kicking, which if you've never used it to punt someone off a cliff, please. Do yourself a favor. The RPG elements and customization was also an interesting twist. Although, I didn't explore it thoroughly enough to be able to speak on it. All my points are in the warrior tree. Leroy Jenkins, baby.
  6. I'll die if they do that. I love this franchise and this game was absolutely stunning. But I don't think I can stare down the prospect of having new "?" symbols on my map. I've spent way too much time obsessing of those little things.
  7. I'm no sure I understand the question, but I believe I might. I imagine if you beat the game on a given level of difficulty, you get all trophies of lesser difficulty related to game completion. That's how several games work. I'm on my first play through running Apoc. (It hurts us, precious.) If I ever finish the damn thing, I'll loop back with any further information.
  8. It's an absolutely beautiful content set. If you only care about trophy gain (which is totally fine), it might not be worth the time if you have other easier trophies to get. That being said, if you are ones of those "I play games because I love to see computers to beautiful things!", then yeah... it's super worth it. Elysium is right on the edge with things like Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War.
  9. In my experience, every place that's captured by either Blue or Red outlines needs to be "stepped on". This drove me mad. So, I went to each sub-region and took a photo of myself. Every island, every bordered area. Eventually I found what I was missing. Some little sub-section of a greater area. But I used the photo system to mark where I had proof I'd been. Eventually process of elimination won me a 'ding!'. Without this, I never would have found the locale.
  10. I like a good challenge... somedays. And other days, I strap on level 10 NG+ armor, lower the difficulty to easy, and roll me some trophies. Manliness is cool and all, but somedays I'd rather just have my trophy.
  11. So, not exactly? Not that I've found. BUT, towns do increase in size on the map as they level up. I believe when you get all four towns (places with shops) to the same size as the other cities on the map, they have reached the necessary level.