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  1. All of those are missable in the sense that you don't get them through story progression. You have to go out of your way and do side activities to get them. If you play the game without knowing how to encounter those GFs beforehand, there's a chance you won't find them.
  2. What optional endgame dungeon? Is this a new addition to the game? In the original FF8 (without spoiling anything) you had one last chance to get missing GFs during the final dungeon, but even then, if you didn't get them at that point, they were gone for good. Reading through the trophy list and if memory serves, pretty much every GF is missable but Quetzalcoatl, Shiva and Ifrit.
  3. This one is going to be a hard AND time consuming plat. I have played the Steam version for 113 hours and only have 24 of the 43 achievements. Most of the trophies are heavily RNG based, as is the entirety of the ascension mode.
  4. I agree. Just to mention some of my favourites that haven't been mentioned yet: 1.- X-Cops 2.- Pusher 3.- Drive
  5. I once sent in my PS4 console for repairs (official Sony service) and they must have changed the motherboard or a similar component, because when I got it back, it wouldn't recognise it as the same console I had previously registered as my primary one. I had to unbind all my Sony consoles in order to be able to set this "new" PS4 as my main one.
  6. Just got home in the mood of booting the game to play a couple of matches and BAM, patch incoming! It says it is over 10 Gb in size and has an estimated download time of +99 years lmao
  7. I'm having quite the hard time, to be honest. I'm on mission five at the moment and the only reason I think I made it this far is thanks to the abundance of saving spots. If they ever start becoming less common, I'm doomed. The alien is constantly on my toes. I have to go jumping between hiding spots at my every other step. The corridors are so narrow it's kind of hard using distraction items (like the noisemaker). Also, the androids have given me the scares much more than the alien has. They are bullet sponges. Still, it's quite the enjoyable ride. The tension feels real and the atmosphere is fantastic. This game was meant to be played with headphones on.
  8. It is an anagram of my full name. I'm actually a dude.
  9. Finally something that piques my interest. I've been eyeing Tropico 5 for quite some time now.
  10. Hi. I'm about to get started with this game and while I was reading some tips from a walkthrough I noticed it was suggested that the first playthrough should be played on hard difficulty. Is this a reasonable feat? Or one of those rage inducing tasks? I wouldn't want to get burnt out on the game by getting killed at my every other step.
  11. OK, this trophy was annoying as hell. I just got it by killing a level 20 legendary warchief that had no weaknesses/fears and after issuing a death threat to him. This guy had two particularly annoying traits (among others that rendered him a walking tank): the one that triggers him to run away when his health is low enough and the one that makes him being surrounded by a legion of orcs. He had two followers (both under my command and both died pretty much at the start of the encounter). I hit him hard to get his health low enough to trigger the aforementioned trait. Just as he was retreating, my third orc (the one that had the death threat going) issued the final blows. To my surprise he dropped a level 25 rune (I was expecting to get an epic one). I pretty much had to death threat him because, having no fear/weaknesses, I couldn't get past a level 24 rune. The best tip I can give you is: backup your save before facing your foe. It's already a pain in the ass having to do the preparations. By the way, I got it first try after doing the death threat method. Guess I was lucky.
  12. I did multiplat with three games: 1.- Sound Shapes: played it simultaneously on Vita and PS3 to get the first (and second) plat. I was doing some missions on each console until the plat came out. I later autopopped all the trophies on the PS4 version (that was actually quite stupid). 2.- The walking dead, season 1: I first completed the game on my PS3. Then got a PS4 and bought the second season on a sale. Since I couldn't find a way to transfer my decisions from the first season (PS3) in order to start the second one (PS4), I waited and bought season 1 again on a sale for the PS4 to play both seasons in a row with my decisions carried over. 3.- Plants VS Zombies Garden Warfare: bought the game day one and platted it on my PS3. Some time later I got the PS4 version for free. Liked the game so much I went for the second platinum.
  13. I like the game as much as the next guy. As for the trophies difficulty, the road to the platinum is quite easy (although it becomes a HUGE grind towards the end, mind you). As for the DLC trophies, those are a different story. I'm a bit surprised no one mentioned the spike in the difficulty in getting those. Be ready for quite the challenge if you aim for the 100%.
  14. Oh, I see... Thank you both for the input.
  15. Hello. I'm having a hard time trying to figure out how to play this mode online with other people. From the computer menu where I go when I play this mode solo, I don't see any option to start/join a multiplayer session. Couldn't find it in the multiplayer portal either. At this point, I'm quite confident that this must be like the most obviuos thing ever. No one in the entirety of Google's reach seems to be in my situation, as I couldn't find the answer there (or even someone who asked for it).