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  1. Agree. I only played Hitman and Detroit this year, other titles are just... not that appealing
  2. Each magazine has two stories, and both of them count for the trophy. You don't have to read through, taking a look at both covers should be fine. Once you take a look at the covers, it will be unlocked in the extra.
  3. Glad that Capcom made a separate trophy list, but crowns again? Nooooooo
  4. I updated my ps4 slim to 6.70 but the system became a lil bit more laggy. Sony released a new update 6.71 yesterday and I'm wondering what exactly does this patch do.
  5. In REmake I cannot use the OPTION button to pause the timer and the only part that does not count is the main menu. Does RE0 have a same timer system as REmake? Or I could pause the game using the OPTION button?
  6. tbh I don't think any of these trophies are "hard", basically just time consuming lol
  7. So trophies for some achievements that I've already have will immediately pop?
  8. I started playing ffxiv since HS and the only achievements that I need (in-game achievement) is 1000 leve-quests and 1000 fate. Do I have to start a new character in order to plat this?
  9. One stupid question: does using V-Jolt void this trophy?
  10. I got the plat of re rev2 several weeks ago, but sadly it's almost impossible to find someone on the board in raid mode. Rev2 has fewer ppl doing raid mode maybe because it has much fewer trophies related to the raid mode. How's the the server here? Is it easy to find some partners doing raid mode together?
  11. Thanks guys. The Croft edition is already on sale in the PS store, so the only thing that I am wondering is that if there will be more DLCs in the future (already 7 DLC packs right now). I might have trust crisis on SE right now tbh.😶
  12. I'm looking forward to having 100% on SOTTR, but I am confused right now cuz I've heard that some of DLCs are exclusive to SP. Should I wait for a Gold Edition (if there will be such a release🤒) or buy the Croft Edition?
  13. Not to be practical, but since I spent 59.99 on those games, it is always a good habit to complete the trophy list 😎 Maybe it's kinda my personal way to show respect to those game developers lol
  14. Wait...cannot sneak behind? Then how am i supposed to kill enemies? 🤔 This is a sneak & assassin game right?
  15. Thanks for the advice. It helps a lot!