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  1. How about a sandwich duel? Just joking, two zombie masters would be great
  2. Not so many but most of my habits are general A Surface Pro for guide check A mobile phone with PS App for message sending & reading so that I could focus on PS4 gaming For PS3 and Vita, sync trophies once a day before turning them off Clean my controller at least once a week
  3. Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is 40% off in the NA store ($36), should I get it? 🤔

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. MikeCheck--


      I'm debating this too!! Maybe once my backlog is cleared

    3. MarcusPunisher


      It's not a bad game for DBZ fans. It's not hing spectacular like FighterZ, but it's a fun time.

    4. ExHaseo


      It's not a bad game, but i wouldn't say it's especially good either. I found it to be very middle of the road. 40% off is a decent price for iy. Just don't expect a whole lot. 

  4. I'll skip those two and stick to my backlog... not a fan of shooter games, though those two games sounds great to some shooter lovers
  5. IIRC his problem is that there were questionable timestamps caused by late sync between different PS3 consoles, not just the late sync itself, isn't it?
  6. I've heard rumors about Demon's Souls Remake, so no more Soulsborne games? 🙄
  7. Level 29 Game: LEGO Ninjago Movie: The Videogame Trophy: Master of Poultry - Complete Training Dojo
  8. Plat #123 - VA-11 Hall-A

    Difficulty: 2/10


    As a visual novel, it is fantastic, although I did expect more lol

    Maybe I need to become more weeboo to enjoy this game more?


    + The bartender minigame makes the whole gameplay much more fun instead of pressing :cross: and progress all texts like some old Japanese visual novels. You can look up drinks' information in the computer and pick up the best drink, and sometimes there are more than 1 best choice. (I do hope that there's a challenge mode that only includes the bartender minigame)

    + Great music with synthwave vibes

    + Great illustrations, although character designs are more like some 90s and 00s anime girls instead of pure 80s character designs

    - Lack of main story. The whole story only involves daily talks in a cyberpunk "Glitch" city in which people's minds are controlled by virus. Everyone has his/her separated storylines and some of them may connect to others'. However, the story seems too separated and may need a main theme (like a murder or accident or something similar) to connect all characters at once

  9. Time to... save some money! 😆
  10. When the user syncs late, creating some abnormal time-stamps, especially for some online games, it would be hard to differentiate if he/she used CFW or he/she forgot to sync. In short, for the flag I would say yes, but the user could always show his/her innocence by submitting evidences and remove the flag, so this might not be an issue. In order to avoid such situation, I would suggest sync your PS3/vita trophies everyday before turn them off
  11. Crossplay between consoles? - Fine Crossplay between consoles and PC? - Nope
  12. Same problem here. Never changed username or trophy privacy
  13. 2 days sounds legit, since the minimum time I think for this game is around 35hrs. BTW all those people in the fastest top10 of the Japanese version seems suspect
  14. Does this game support cross-save?
  15. The HK store still has some vita games on sale, but way less frequent than before. IIRC some JRPG games and the Ridge Racer got a price off this year so far.