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  1. Plat #183 - It Takes Two

    Difficulty: 2/10


    Although I could feel the creativity of this game, it still makes me wonder that how did this game win the GOTY award, since it is not even perfect (or almost perfect) because of the lack of gameplay and I would only rate this game around 8~8.5/10.

    + Innovative experience delivered as a collaboration-focused game;

    + Appropriate amount of comedy atmosphere and memes;

    - The puzzle-solving and platforming gameplay are not as impressive as its cinematic cutscenes. Most stages are linear and could be beaten just by running through without thinking about the strategy. The only time I and my friend got stuck was in the winter village stage; 

    - Camera angles. It is sometimes difficult to locate my character since he/she is too small. Besides, the camera angle sometimes also ruined my platforming experience. For example, since the camera is too far from my character while playing the Hell Tower, trees near the bottom of the tower would often block my view;

    - Story ending. 


    There's only one "happy" ending, that Cody and May repaired their broken relationship and continued living as a family. It seems somehow "cliche" for me but it's just my personal view.