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  1. Plat #139 - MS Gundam Seed Battle Destiny

    Difficulty: 4/10


    It's not that difficult since I've played older Gundam VS series before. Besides the story mode looks more like an ARPG instead of a pure 4-player shooter. I'm not a fan of the Seed main series but this game did a good job to advertise their Gunpla models and Anime series


    + Varieties of MS-es and MA-s (and others) to play with

    + Varieties of passive skills for customization

    - Some problems on the lock-on priority. Gundam Breaker series did much better than this because I won't mistakenly lock on the supply container while switching between enemies

    - Supply containers must be opened while being locked on

    - Not many "stories" in the story mode

  2. PS1: Castlevania Symphony of the Night PS2: (Too many favorites... can't quite rank them up) PS3: Final Fantasy 13-2 PS4: God of War PSP: Ridge Racers 2 PS Vita: Muramasa Rebirth
  3. That's why I still keep my Nintendo consoles like 3ds and gameboy. When I feel like it's time to take a break, I turn them on and play some other games. Thank you Nintendo for not having trophies or achievements.
  4. Sadly there's no live chat in HK/AS region. Hope the email won't take too long to solve the problem.
  5. Title. Is there any numerical updates/fixes or new mode/system in this PS4 version?
  6. I currently have the 500m edition one. Honestly I could see lots of them on Amazon so I'm wondering if it's rare since it could also be purchased separately besides the 500m console bundle
  7. Plat #137 - Hakuouki Kyoka Roku & Plat #138 Soukai Buccaneers

    Difficulty: 1/10


    Didn't have much time last month so I focused on two visual novels. Hakuouki is more history based while Soukai Buccaneers is more like a fantasy rpg. Honestly I've only watched the anime of Hakuouki, and of course the game explains more than the 12-episode anime. Highly recommend this. For Soukai Buccaneers, the storyline is much less fun to read, and some characters with a "nice-guy" personality somehow seems surreal, making me "uncomfortable". At least this game has a story tracking system so I don't have to re-read all previous texts :facepalm:

    1. ihadalifeb4this
    2. ShonenCat


      Congratz! 🎂

  8. I would say that it has a complicated storyline, with every character's story being told not only in their own storylines, but also secretly implied in others' storyline, but once you get into it, the whole setting and story are fascinating. The battle mode is not challenging if you choose easy or normal, and the UI looks minimal and confusing. Vanillaware might not have enough budget to finish the whole game, but if you focus on the story, it is a masterpiece.
  9. The only thing I'm wondering is, if the f2p/gacha feature will ruin the gameplay. Other looks fine.
  10. Too busy last month so I only got some plats from visual novels. For Hakuouki, I am not familiar with Japanese history thing or the story background since I've only watched the anime before, but the original game on vita looks pretty nice 0 - Psycho-Pass Mandatory Happiness (5280) 1 - 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim (10041) 2 - Okami HD 3 - Erica (9513) 4 - Nier Automata 5 - Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night (8195) 6 - Guacamelee 2 7 - Gundam Breaker 3 (4387) 8 - Midnight Deluxe (Vita) (7318) 9 - Hakuouki Kyouka Roku (2349)
  11. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
  12. Plat #136 - Romancing Saga 2

    Difficulty: 4/10


    Such an amazing JRPG game that all those RNG features give a boost to the gameplay instead of making it a grinding hell. Without a guide there could be lots of troubles but surprisingly there aren't so many missables.

    + Upgraded 2D graphics

    + Great music

    + Varieties of classes

    - Loading time

    - Unbalanced formation system

  13. I've only played SG0 on my PS4, and I'll definitely try SG someday Danganronpa V3 is the only title I've never played, but I heard that the story is kinda shitty. Is this true?
  14. Sounds great
  15. Greetings! And hope you enjoy your trophy milestone building~ Just wondering what kind of JRPG would you play besides PM and DQ? FF? SMT? Persona? Etrian Odyssey? Or something else?