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  1. IIRC the Z version is still slightly censored, and all versions should contain English subs and voices.
  2. The Z version is only for JP. In Japan there are two versions: the censored version and Z version. (although Z version is also slightly censored compared to NA version) You can find some videos on YouTube that show the difference.
  3. The NA version is Gamestop exclusive, and for the JP version you can get it on Amazon, EBgames also has the preorder. Definitely not recommended to get on eBay, those sellers are just reselling the box with a much higher price.
  4. Is this in Leon's story or in Kendo's DLC story?
  5. Can't wait to install and play RE2 again (#`Д´)
  6. Capcom brought us so many good games these years, the RE Engine is so badass so I won't be surprise if Capcom remake Code Veronica, RE0 or even a remake of REmake. Revelations 3 or some sequels of Onimusha is what I prefer most, especially the Onimusha. I wonder how the engine will change this game.
  7. Plz keep that one cuz that's my favorite puzzle in RE3 oh and the music box one
  8. RE3 one interesting finding:

    The face of Jill in RE3 looks pretty similar to the cover (not the in-game face render!) of RE Rev. Am I the only person who find them similar? :huh:


    1. Nighcisama


      Kinda salty they sell the original outfits as pre order dlc, esoecially given how generic the new ones look. That decision alone is enough for me to wait until the game is below 20€ or something, hell maybe I even wait until all 3 are in a dirt cheap bundle together.

  9. I think they should have separate trophy lists, Resistance is like the buy-one-get-one-free thing you will get from RE3. --Update After I checked Capcom's official page (, I feel like these two games are in the same bundle since they have the same release date and Resistance seems not being sold separately, not sure about the trophy lists in details, but I hope there's no mp trophies in RE3
  10. The pre-order link is out
  11. If you are looking for easy-plats, then Resident Evil series is a must I think. Silent Hill, MGS, and Yakuza series are pretty hard but Yakuza series are fun to play. I also recommend Dynasty Warrior series and Samurai Warrior series, although they are time-consuming, they are also easy to plat.
  12. In REmake I cannot use the OPTION button to pause the timer and the only part that does not count is the main menu. Does RE0 have a same timer system as REmake? Or I could pause the game using the OPTION button?
  13. I saw some vita games having price off on Asia PS store, so maybe not that often but still possible Anyway vita is already dead and rip, for a better price I highly recommend buying used cartridges instead of visiting the PS store
  14. Must buy this because of Bayonetta Pretty miss her and Jeanne but I don't wanna buy a Switch
  15. I have been interested in this game since it's first trailer released and I'm wondering how does the gameplay look like in the final released version. For those who has already played this game, how do you feel about its gameplay? (Plz no spoiler😊)
  16. Welcome😀 Please feel free to discuss game walkthrough, characters, music or other topics even if you are not a trophy hunter
  17. Somehow I found it looks like Claire... not sure if this is the WIP version...
  18. Thanks, but I've heard that it's included in the pre-order edition as a bonus. Is this true?
  19. One short question, if I buy it right now, am I able to get all DLC packs?
  20. Finally! Although RE2's gameplay is not that attractive, especially the high overlapping in two stories, it's still a good game. 😆 Actually I'm wondering that if Project Resistance will be a part of RE 3 remake, like a multiplayer mode or something similar.
  21. I found the stage design challenging but fun to play as assassin or shadow, but the stick issue frustrates me a lot, especially when I try to get the max score as shadow without killing any one except those gold guards. Maybe years later I could try this one more time lol.
  22. Welcome to my trophy shelf ヽ(・∀・)ノ Last month I found that my 60th platinum trophy disappeared in my milestone so I created this thread to track my progress. Most of the games in my to-do list are already on my bookshelf / PS4 library and I will try my best to finish them. I mainly focus on PS4 and PS vita since there are some fan problems on my PS3 and I think it's time for my PS3 to rest in peace. The game highlighted is the game that I'm currently working on. Feel free to ask me questions regarding trophies and games, I could help as much as I can 😆 And if you have any advice please leave a comment below, I appreciate your advice (´。• ω •。`) ♡ TO-DO LIST PS4 Kingdom Hearts 3 Batman Arkham Knight (with DLC) The Evil Within Night Trap Okami FF 10 World of FF Onimusha Infamous Second Son Dragon Age Inquisition Red Dead Redemption 2 AC 3 Watch Dogs 2 AC Chronicles Heavy Rain Beyond Two Souls PS Vita Metal Gear Solid 2 Metal Gear Solid 3 One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 Oboro Muramasa (DLC only) Platinum 71 - Current Platinum 61 - 70 Platinum 51 - 60 Platinum 41 - 50 Platinum 31 - 40 Platinum 21 - 30 Platinum 11 - 20 Platinum 1 - 10
  23. I've finished first 4 sequences of AC Chronicles China and I decided not to take my time on this trilogy. TBH when talk about gameplay, I don't even think AC series are good and fun to play, especially due to their camera angles, weird platforming jumps/drops and "straightforward" 100% sync conditions. I personally think that AC Odyssey has the best gameplay because Ubisoft had removed plenty of platforming since Origins (finally Ubisoft realized that they just can't design a platforming system that players can control their characters without difficulty), and Odyssey has a better assassination indicator than Origins. AC Chronicles has a much better gameplay than most other AC games, since there is no stupid camera angles (BECAUSE IT IS 2D!) and it's simple, but it's not flawless and the control issue could bother you for a long time. This is how those developers assign the buttons: Left and Right stick will move your character (of course); Up is for both climbing and doing actions like saving slaves, opening doors or hiding in a haystack; Down is for climbing down; dpad is for sub-weapons such as knifes and whistles. You cannot re-assign buttons. See? Here comes the problem: 1) If you want to interact with some objects while there are ladders (or a bridge leading to other platforms), you have to aim carefully because a wrong button input could ruin your score. 2) Sometimes you want to slide to the left but you mistakenly push the stick a lil bit to the up, so the character will climb up (and sometimes being caught by guards). Although this is a common issue for most 2D games, if I could re-assign buttons this could be totally solved, but this could be solved at the beginning if developers could design this game wisely. I could remember some old 2D Tomb Raider games on GBC and NDS, in which when Lara is grabbing the ledge, you press the B button to climb up and get on the platform. This could remove a lot of mis-input on the left analog stick. I've watched lots of AVGN videos, and Mr. Nerd does criticize lots of stupid game designs in those 2D games decades ago. It is 2010s right now and we are almost hitting 2020, so there should be no more sh**ty controls in 2D games, right? Until I played this game. 😑
  24. TBH I don't hate the winter, but I DO hate the old-steam-banging heater in my apartment (`皿´#) Seems like some old apartments here don't have air conditioners, and I've already suffered from those banging sound for several years. UGH!
  25. One trophy a day keeps the doctor away

    1. starcrunch061


      If only. I've gotten at least one a day for over 1500 consecutive days now. Alas, I've still been to the doctor. 😞

    2. lordguwa


      ditto, though the last visit to the doctor was around july of last year i think. dehydration does some bad things.

    3. BlazikieronUS


      My profile says otherwise