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  1. I know I will prob get [email protected]#t for this but scores don't really matter any more thanks to games like Destiny with its high score across the board and in reality an average game at best. I think if Tomb Raider is a great game then people will buy it. Word of mouth and Reviews have always been better than Critic and others scores.
  2. I would also like to add try group them up if you can and lead them to things like stairs so you are slightly above them.
  3. Before there were trophies I use to play games I loved over and over again just to unlock things I had never seen before and the like. I played FF 7 about 20 times on the ps1 I also played games like P.G.A golf on the master system with friends till 3am in the morning at the weekend of course. So now I still do the same thing but I get trophies so I guess that's why I go for them.
  4. I don't want to remove my trophies as someone else stated they show a lot about you as a gamer. Best example is Medal of Honour took me 3 years to platinum but I finally did it, To some that shows no matter how many games I don't have 100% or platinum on that could and will change. But there are game on there that I will never get there with. No I would prefer an option to sort my trophies better like putting all 0% at the bottom of my list working with 100% at the top or even a manual sort that way I could put and game I will never play again at the bottom and those I would around the middle you know that sort of thing.
  5. Can you sign me up for Squishy as I have 6 games plat. Or am I too late? R&C R&C 2 R&C 3 R&C Crack in time R&C All 4 One R&C Into the Nexus
  6. Wish I knew about this before I wiped everything lol live and learn well back to blowing shit up again.
  7. Hi sorry I haven't posted anything for a bit. Some times life is just busy. So quick update for me still here lol still check every so often and games I am working on are Bloodborne, Dying light, BL2 but to be honest I just need 2 or 3 trophies on each of those game to platinum. Also working on Magika 2, Dead Nation ,Just Cause 3 and Darksiders 2. but I am open to any game until Dead Island 2 and The Division comes out as I will be lost in those games. If anyone know's a work around for Just Cause 3 trophy Bragging Rights that would be a big help I have tried everything I can think of anything else and nothing works.
  8. All I need now is Jade cocoon 2 and Die Hard trilogy and I will be happy.
  9. Rub it in why don't you JK grats I wanted this so bad but every time I tried to set up a run for bhamut there was always something would get in the way from people dropping out to others only going to do it if I paid them 50mil gold. Never mind the 1000 dam fish Anyway grats that one is well deservered. I will one day have this
  10. Lol I used a name from them cards for my alt character in FF 11 it was Hyozanryu.
  11. Yeh we tried all that but it just keeps coming up linked to another PS4 please un-sync system. So we connect it to my PS4 follow the instructions but it makes no difference but thanks anyway. We can at least try some of the other things. No not tried that we will give that a go thanks. Thank you will keep this in mind if nothing else works. Thank you will try that. Don't know much about this kind of thing but you an others have giving me a few things to try. That's ok we don't mind about the trophies we just want to sync his Vita up to his PS4 so that everything is his and not shared with mine. And thanks for the help that has giving us a couple of things to try.
  12. So my son bought a PSV but didn't have any other system to sync with at the time so I synced it to my PS4. The problem is now my son has his own PS4 I cant seem to unsync the dam PSV from my system to sync it with his we have tried everything we can think of. Can anyone go through a step by step instruction thanks in advance for anyone that can help.
  13. A lot of people think I got my name from a game and other such things but truth be told I liked it after playing FF8 in disk 3 if I remember when in space you see a ship Called Ragnarock but alas the name was taking so I had to add something to it then it came to me CK at the end was my wife's initials so I thought just add my last initial so Ragnarock became Ragnarockw (CKW) what I didn't know was putting a W at the end of your name means your are laughing at yourself at least that is what I was told from a player from japan when I use to play FF XI back in the day. I thought It odd how I used to get lots of invite from japan players turns out they thought it was funny. Anyway just stuck with it ever since.
  14. I am not sure how to show the trophies so I will just tell you the platinum trophy I am most proud of is Medal of Honor Frontline. That game took me almost 2 years to get the platinum all because of one trophy Beat the game on hard. Unlike Cod classic if you died anywhere in the level you had to do the whole level again there was no check points. I remember getting near the end of a few levels only to die to the last enemy. I would say Demon souls was a walk in the park for me compared to this. My second most proud was FFX. I remember beating this 100% back in the day of ps2 and forgot how annoying the thunder plains challenge and the chocobo race challenge was.
  15. Yeh I uninstalled each one separate then altogether each time I would try the game again. So I would say uninstall game data but leave the patch and try the game then I would uninstall the patch but leave the game data same with the game save. I even tried everything from scratch took everything out and tried reinstall with and without the patch and I still get the same result that it freezes at the same two places. I would understand if it froze different places or if I had not got another game from the store I have no idea if it is the game or my system. Even though all my other games are fine it still could be my system I just don't want to spend £200 and find out its not that.