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  1. I don't understand why people get so agitated by those repeated questions as if they thought that others automatically gain the same amount of knowledge as they do as some kind of birthright or something like that. The fact that you know the answer to the question does not mean that every other person on the planet Earth know it too. World does not revolve around you, you know. Isn't it normal that some people will ask the same questions? Did you know everything from the start, or did you have to ask for the answer first?
  2. 3 hours for me. I just breezed through the NG+ to get to the Antechamber Idol. There was this Warrior wearing purple with easy deathblow. In NG+ he drops 2104xp per kill.
  3. Okay, so I managed to plough through Emma/Isshin and while I was at it, I also obliterated Owl 1.0 so I'd be able to proceed to the Fountainhead Palace to gather 4 remaining Lapis Lazuli pieces needed for Prosthetics. Cannot tell which fight was harder. What I can tell, though, is how awfully NG+ nerfs Sekiro's Posture build-up ratio. The rate at which Isshin/Owl 1.0 were building up my Posture with simple swipes was ridiculous. This was literally the first time that I needed to make use of the practice of holding block while waiting for boss to attack. Turned out it was absolutely crucial not to get staggered and OHK'd. Especially Owl's heavy slash (that for some reason he totally loves to spam while on NG+) reduces my health bar by 90%. 90%! After couple of tries I have mastered his moveset. So, Owl basically has three moves that open him for some serious slashing. First one will be the one-two combo which he starts from his right followed by a quick sweep upwards from the left - this second sweep you want to dodge to the right. If done right, you will end up directly behind Owl's back and will be able to land two attacks, three tops. Second attack will be when he drops debuffing orb on the floor - you want to quickly run behind him (do not dodge as it is way harder to control and you may end up dodging straight into debuffing cloud) and land another one, two blows at best. The third one is when Owl throws two shurikens at you and follows that with a sommersault with ground slam. You want to wait at the last moment before he lands and then dodge diagonally to the right/left, so you will end up directly behind his back. I also found out that it is way easier to circle him to the right, as most of the attacks he does beginning from his left (so when dodged to the right, you end up in the area from which the attacks are being initiated). It is also possible to roll through his heavy sweep, however I found it rather unclear and sometimes it wasn't entirely possible to do so (for example, when he cornered me by poison and I couldn't get the camera angle right in time to dodge that). Strategy for phase two will be basically the same. There are couple of differences in his attacks, though. When he throws two shurikens at you, he won't always follow that with a front sommersault with ground slam. He will most of the time throw poison bags in your direction, so you want to quickly dodge to the back after deflecting both of the shurikens. Another good strategy is to abort deflecting shurikens and then running around instead. Note, however, that it may be tricky when there is already one poison spilled on the floor. Sometimes he will actually follow shurikens with a sommersault and that is the window for you to get up close and personal with him and bash him as hard as you can. When he vanishes into cloud of smoke, IT IS ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL TO KEEP TABS ON HIM AT ALL TIMES! He loves to follow that with debuffing orb or heavy slash, which may result in you losing the battle. Either escape or dodge directly into Owl. In case he throws the orb, you will manage to get behind him by that dodge and slash him couple of times while smoke is still all around you. I found that it works every time when the smokescreen is being thrown by him near the border of the arena or in the corner. As far as Emma/Isshin Ashina are concerned, those fights are total opposites of each other. In order to beat Emma, you want to be as aggresive as possible - the tactic here is to build up her Posture gauge as quick as possible. Do not bother with actually depleting her health bar - it is way easier to fill Posture instead. Emma has a couple of windows for dealing damage. One is after the long-ass combo, which she ends with something that looks like her trying to snatch the blade out of Sekiro's hand. That leaves her trembling on her feet and if dodged into her, you can land two blows tops. Second one would be her grab attack - she will have her blade sheathed, so that's the indication that she is going for grab. You want to jump to the back or to the left and then quickly dodge into her and deal some damage - she recovers from missed grab quite slowly. She also have couple of MIkiri chances - one is when she is close to you, and the second one is when she is away (the second tends to be triggered by you actually using your item while away, so you cannot end your healing sequence before she lands it). There is also one Red-marked sweep that you can simply jump over and double jump on her head, dealing in Posture damage. She also have Isshin-like attacks where she sheathes her blade and follows that with two slashes leaving marks in the air. As soon as you see that, you want to start running to the left and when she goes forward, start running behind her back. If done right, she will miss both of those attacks and you will end up right behind her, being able to land another two blows. Do everything like that and always attack her to provoke her combos. Also, remember about holding block when she is walking around. You always want to start deflecting her attacks with Posture gauge at 0. Isshin's a way different beast to tackle. Being aggressive, as in Emma's phase, will no work here at all. You want to slash him once to provoke him into doing something. Also, do not get distracted by his long-ass strolling around the arena. He loves to appear just in front of you and deal massive damage. Also, his combos are really hard to deflect, as they are totally out of usual tempo. He loves to delay his slashes as much as possible, so be aware of that. He has couple of attacks that leave him defenseless. One will be a Mikiri-compatible thrust. There is also an attack similar to Emma's where he sheathes his blade and follows that with forward leap ending in two slashes that leave marks in the air. This can also be evaded to the left, the same as in Emma's phase. He also tends to do Ichimonji from time to time. Sometimes he gets into Ichimonji stance right after his combo, but will not follow up on that until you get close to that. Do not get close to it as it is hard to dodge. You rather want to wait for his normal Ichimonji - he will stand with his blade above his head, and follow that with two hardcore slashes. Get to the left and dodge into him after first slash. This way you will end up just behind his back. In this fight you want to deplete his health, as being aggressive is pointless here. Second phase is way harder than the first one, unfortunately. He will add three flame-infused attacks. One will be where he stomps on the floor, and follows that with upward slash that leaves a big-ass trail of fire on the floor. You can either run behind him (only if he is away from the corners!) and slash at him, or wait just before the slash and jump in the direction of your movement. The second one will be one stomp, followed by a horizontal slash, engulfing his surrounding in flames. You want to jump over that behind his back. Sometimes you will land close enough to be able to get to him and slash him while he still does the animation, sometimes it is better to dodge away from that. Third attack (and the most dangerous) will be when he starts growling. As soon as you hear him growl, run up to him and throw Firecrackers at him. Follow that with couple of slashes. DO NOT let him do the growling attack, as he will cover the arena in flames and thrust at you with counltess fast sweeps from every direction, which will fill your Postue gauge (if you even managed to evade the flames before that). So, for this fight, you want to be extra patient and slow. Wait for windows ONLY. Do not attack him at your own, as it will result in him damaging you, not the other way around.
  4. Definitely Serial Apeist and Serial Apeist 2.0 for me. The thing I loved the most about those fights is the second phase, when Mr Ape starts going apeshit (pun intended) and desperately tries to skewer me with this big odachi that was stuck in his neck for God knows how long!
  5. Umbrellas are extremely effective when deflecting Ashina Elite's attacks. Building up posture gauge on NG+ took me two uses of Umbrella when he was doing his rapid slash combinations. Most of the time I used Axe and Firecrackers, however Axe was only useful when breaking shields/hats of Enemies. During boss fights there's little time to think about using those in some well-thought manner.
  6. Precisely that. I also was quite confident while going for Ape 2.0. I thought - yeah, whatever, I will blast both of you to pieces like I did on my first playthrough. I quickly reconsidered my mindset when noticed that Lady Ape's Posture gauge does not want to fill itself that quick. I also made a mistake ending as a middleman to the sandwich, which apparently triggers Mr Ape's attack patterns instantly. On the second try, though, I immediately ran for Lady Ape and spammed the heck out of her with my firecrackers, while keeping her between me and Mr Ape (which, as it turned out, made him hesitant in starting his attacks). I have made it with Deathblow just in time, so I had invincible frames while Mr Ape was screaming through his fancy trombone. If it wasn't for the Deathblow, I would have got Terror instakill, as I had him totally out of view while he was prepping to scream again. Right now studying Emma and Isshin's movesets for Shura ending. Will probably write some quick guide when I will manage to beat them. Also there is a very nice cheesing method as far as all of the Lone Shadow Warriors are concerned. The one in Hirata Estate 2.0 can be easily lured out of the property and (like in every other FROMSOFTWARE game) he will slowly retreat to his initially programmed arena. He is totally vulnerable at this point and is not hostile. He will just retreat and won't attack even if you literally start bumping into his body. The same technique applies to the one appearing near Great Serpent Valley Idol in endgame. Just lure him out into the tall grass and he will start to slowly retreat back into the building. Bash 'em as hard as you can during that.
  7. As far as Genichiro phase is concerned you want to buil his Posture gauge as quick as possible. Read is moveset - when he does perilous attack while you are next to him, then it will always be the sweep, to which you should double jump on his head, dealing in Posture. When he does perilous attack while away from you, it will always be a thrust, so you want to Mikiri counter it. Always slash at Genichiro until he manages to perfectly deflect your attack, then block/jump on him or move away. Do not let hm use the bow - if he does shoot at you, quickly deflect and rush at him - he always does a ginormous slash with Mortal Blade after shooting the bow. You can easily stagger him jurt before he releases his arrow, which will open him for couple of your slashes. Phase two you want to constantly slash at Isshin and evade/deflect when he deflects your attack perfectly. Always wait for openings after attacks I mentioned in earlier posts. Sometimes he will thrust, which you can Mikiri, however it was too fast for my liking and I caught myself running to the right during that attack and blasting at him right after the thrust when vulnerable. Take it easy, learn his moveset and you will breeze through that fight as I did. If not into phase 3 with more than 8/10 gourds and 3/4 of health, simply quit the game. After reloading you will be standing just before the boss fight - rest at Idol outside and try again. This way you will save yourself dying. Do not resurrect during phases 1 and 2. If you have to, quit the game. After reloading you will end up dead outside boss arena and after resurrecting will be able to safely return to idol and rest. That way you won't loose your resurrective powers at all. Be aggressive, but know when to back out and you'll make it!
  8. Yep, gave it a try when suddenly ran out of items during Corrupted Monk fight on NG+. He was absolutely brutal. Also please note - do not go for the Ape first. Go for the Monk first, as killing Ape and getting the flower changes the game world a little bit. To get to Mibu Village, you will have to plough throuh one of Snake-Eyes miniboss and then obliterate the Ape 2.0, whereas when going for Monk first you would breeze through those areas (before Ape, Snake-Eyes is surrounded by way weaker enemies). Also good thing would be to beat Monk and Ape and NOT get the items, just activate Idols near them. Then you want to get both items and get back to Abandoned Dungeon Entrance (other Shirata Castle idols are inactive now). This way you will save yourself trouble of traversing through areas with new apparition-type enemies which are mighty strong and can be a pain if handled wrong.
  9. Nope, wasn't needed. The only thing I did with rice throughout my playthrough was eat it so Divine Child could give me more. I never actually found use for it during normal game, let alone battling.
  10. Actually you want to deal with Demon of Hatred and Shichimen Warrior in Fountainhead Palace - you get three out of total six Lapis Lazuli obtainable per playthrough. It is crucial to get those two on the first playthrough, as Demon of Hatred is excruciatingly difficult. You need 10 Lapis Lazuli to fully upgrade last tier of your Prosthetic tools. After securing all 6 Lapis Lazuli from first playthrough, you will only need four from the second one - one being from pretty easy Shichimen Warrior in Fountainhead Palace and three from Pot Noble in Hirata Estate after completing his questline (which involves killing Great Coloured Carp in Fountainhead Palace).
  11. Managed to beat Isshin, Sword Saint today. It has been a blast. It's most likely the only time in the history, where the usual cheese strategy found on the web didn't work for me. Powerpyx recommends running around during phases 3 and 4 and baiting the leaping yari attack, then stabbing once and quickly getting out of the way. I could never get it right. Either I was getting obliterated soon after stabbing Isshin, or he was able to hit me while I was running around him with a rocket-speed yari attack that for some reason was not happening to Powerpyx on his recording. I decided that I will master his moveset and beat him fair and square. So, for you to have biggest chances of actually surviving those phases would be to blast through phases 1 and 2 without using healing items and getting hit. It may sound bonkers, but it's totally doable. Actually on my winning run, I had respectively 8 out of 10 gourds in phase 3 and about 4 or 5 in phase 4. I also equipped myself with divine grass and usual pellets, so I had just enough items that when dealing final Deathblow I was out of items and with full health. During phases 3 and 4 there is one AOE attack where Isshin is 'loading up' his yari and then sweeps large portion of area around him. You can either move a little bit to the right and jump (the way he slashes the air with yari leaves the area on the right pretty much untouched) or use firecrackers to stagger him during this attack. There is also a sweeping combo ending with red-marked thrust, which you want to Mikiri counter. This attack is your main thing for building up Isshin's posture gauge. The main thing - do not run away from the boss. Only do that when you are in desperate need for healing. He is brutally lethal when kept on distance. Instead of trying to drain his health bar, keep close, evade/deflect all of his attacks and gradually fill his Posture gauge. During phase 4 you want to wait for usual Mikiri thrust and also wait for the thunder attack, which you want to deflect at Isshin, dealing ginormous Posture build-up. Isshin is also prone to do Ichimonji combat art from time to time but the build-up to that is so slow that you can easily see that and evade either to his left or right (I preferred left, as most of his attacks can be evaded by strafing to the left - most notably the one where he is sheating his uchigatana and leaping forward with two sweeps that leave a mark in the air - this one is great for dealing additional Posture build-up.You want to sprint to the left while he has his blade sheated and then, soon after he leaps forward, you want to dodge towards his left side, narrowly missing the second slash of that attack, and then cut him up badly. After changing my gameplan from running around and baiting his leaping attack to getting up close and personal with him I managed to easily whack him on my second try. This definitely was not the hardest boss battle in the game. While pretty much straightforward, Demon of Hatred boss battle was way harder than Isshin one. Mainly due to the fact, that it took so damn long to drain his three health bars while knowing that you are basically one hit away from dying. Totally excruciating.
  12. What worked for me was to grapple between the trees in a very fast succession. If I was slow enough, Monk was able to track my movement and I was unable to land a Deathblow on him. I was kind of tricky, but totally doable.
  13. Actually you can deal two Deathblows in this fight, leaving you to melee only the last health bar. You need to be very quick, though. Grapple from one tree to the other and try jumping at the Monk. At the second phase, try aiming at the centre of the bridge - there will be a red dot even though you cannot see he Monk there.
  14. Some engame cheesin' for you! Shigekichi of the Red Guard - take care of some of the Ministry in the area (just to be able to sneak without detection). Aggro the boss, quickly get away (ideally through the door on the right (with tall grass next to them). Wait until boss looses track of you and retreats to spawn position. Go behind him, sneak Deathblow him. Then aggro him again and lure him to the same door as before. He is too big to be able to get through these and you will be able to spam R1 thrust (hold R1) to drop him second time. Be aggressive enough so he won't move away from the door. If he does, go through the door for a brief second, thrust him and quickly run inside again. Seven Ashina Spears – Shume Masaji Oniwa - there are two enemies in the area besides of the boss - first one is standing next to him and is a powerful foe, and the second one is to the left of them, sitting by the wall. You want to pupeteer the first one (so he will help you deal with boss' first health bar) and, if boss manages to kill your help, you want to lure the boss away from where he was originally standing and quickly run to pupeteer the guy next to the wall. It is a musket-wielding enemy and will be a big help in stunlocking the boss by shooting at it. When boss goes to kill him, get in between them and keep him occupied. It is actually also possible to keep the first pupeteered enemy alive through the whole fight, but you need to be extremely aggresive and with little luck the boss should not deal too much damage to your helper. In my case helper was totally destroying the boss to the extent that the boss was down pretty much most of the fight. Easy. Today I also kind of cheesed Demon of Hatred by running around him in circles. Also a big help is to create a save backup just as you get to the boss area (so Ministry enemies will also spawn with the boss). Ministry enemies make first phase somewhat easier because they keep the Demon occupied for a brief moment and it lets you to cut off up to half of health bar without actually worrying about dodging his attacks. Second phase is all about dodging attacks, third phase is all about using Malcontent prosthetic tool (you should invest in that stuff as soon as it is possible - item needed to forge this tool drops from Shichimen Warrior in Guardian Ape's Burrow (after killing Guardian Ape Undying).
  15. First time it's a piece of cake. It kind of gets brutal on Journey 3, where I am at the moment. Yes, it would not be a problem to summon someone if I would actually have any summon signs available near the boss battle. For some reason I have no other players available near this boss battle. That is why I am asking for help over here.