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  1. I got the trophy a few hours ago solo I used the level 28 and 29 method shown above but modified it to make more use of the 2nd controller on level 29, this means you get less attempts per hour as it takes longer however it makes it easier and more consistent to make it to the final two stages of level 29 after the teleporter with the Baron of Hell with 200% health and armour. I will include a video of my run, I had to mute the audio as my dam 2nd controller was a PS5 controller and it picked up audio from my room lol. I recommend playing level 28 then leaving your main guy with all the good stuff up top and use your second controller to fight your way to the platform with the switch and 6 cacodemons and pressing that switch while leaving the blue health in the centre, then lure the cacodemons over to the right of where you spawn and kill most of the demons lurking around the ledges near spawn, then make the run with your main account it should be a lot easier now, the bridge will already be fully raised to the three rooms and no cacodemons (maybe one or two appear at some point) again leave the blue health and you also must leave the blue armour, do the two rooms connected to the bridge as in the other videos then grab the two blue powerups, if done correctly it should be quite easy to get to the teleporter room with the Barron of Hell with 200% Health and Armour or very close to it anyway. Let the door close and pull out your BFG but do not go through the teleporter yet, now lure the Cacodemons over to the left of spawn (not the right as seen in the other videos this gives them more time to get to you once you take the teleporter) with your 2nd controller again killing the demons near spawn, be careful the Baron of Hell can open the teleporter room door and damage you this does not happen too often though but he will most likely end up coming through the teleporter after you and ruining the run if this happens, so try to use your 2nd account quickly here. My run was not great tbh I finished on 1 Health because I messed up the last bit running up the stairs slowly and forgot to use the BFG as I was nervous haha but still it shows this method works and even without a perfect run you can finish the level. Also hitting the switch with the 6 Cacodemons on the 1st attempt makes this a lot quicker and easier I failed to do this on this attempt. If you die on the platform the 1st time without getting the switch but release the Cacodemons you can lure them to the right of spawn and make a run on your 2nd account and still get the switch. Finally I only had around 150% Health after the blue sphere because I grabbed the med kit before the blue sphere too early with almost full health, try to leave that until just before you sprint for the blue sphere. I think this is the best method so far to get level 29 done on nightmare solo split screen once I thought of trying this I got it done within 45 minutes, especially if you do the following things below as well as follow the video, good luck and let me know if this video and method helped you guys. 4:10 To see what I do after pressing the switch on my 2nd controller. 5:50 with the old method I found I get shot in the back by a Cacodemon way too often here, this should not happen with this method. 7:00 Pull out the Plasma Gun here instead, blast the Hell Knight and and Cacodemons then grab the med kit then run for the Blue Sphere. 7:30 To see what I do when getting to the teleporter with the Baron of Hell. 9:05 Always shoot here even if you see no enemies, if they are right under you they will block you and you will fall in lava ending the run. 9:53 If either revenant respawns whilst you are dealing with these 2 Barons of Hell he will very likely kill you this part is just RNG as you will not be able to turn around to check. 10:00 Pull out your BFG and keep firing here, I forgot and it almost cost me. I also could of navigated the stairs a lot quicker too.
  2. Me and my brother did all the levels apart from 29 split screen on Nightmare back in 2019, we got right near the end of 29 and the game crashed after 100s of deaths each, apparently nightmare is even harder now after a patch. My brother now lives 350 miles away so we arnt playing split screen anytime soon. I know share play can be used to do it 2 player but what about 3 or 4 player? if possible I cant imagine it will be too difficult for 3 people to do this on share play, although it will most likely need to be done 3 times? Can anyone confirm this?
  3. Billie Jean is not in the soundtrack for the definitive edition so I guess not haha, you can checkout which tracks are missing here:
  4. Lets defiantly not mention the terrible iOS version ported to the PS3 literally just before the PS4 trilogy in 2015 when the PS4 was already 2 years old.
  5. You know what really makes me feel old? The fact this is not the 1st time these 3 games got bundled together and re released, they did it for PS4 what feels not too long ago but turns out it was way back in December 2015 it's crazy it has been almost 6 years we all getting old over here 😂 Back on the PS4 I played the order I remember liking them as a kid, San Andreas, Vice City then III but I remember enjoying Vice City the best so this time that's what I'm going for 1st then III leaving San Andreas to last. Did you Platinum them back on PS4? What order are you gonna play them in?
  6. Go to the multiplayer, go to custom games, make sure you don't have the Tactical Mask selected as perk 1 for ANY of your classes, this will fix the glitch.
  7. When I click add to cart on the PS3 store it says sorry this product cannot be purchased at this time, is it no longer possible to buy this game at all? I am using the UK version of the PSN Store
  8. Kinda random, likes variety of games, just puts whatever platinum he feels like in his cabinet.
  9. Marvel's Spider-Man
  10. NINJA GAIDEN 3 😂
  11. I platinumed this game at 20 FPS on the PS3 and still had fun, I will do it again on PS4 if I have to!
  12. Call of Duty: WWII Don't bottle it and quit on the zombies like most people do, get them done!
  13. That he is not quite good enough to platinum Super Meat Boy, 3 trophies to go since 2017, Get it done bro!
  14. Assassin's Creed Odyssey Picked up on on sale a few weeks ago with all DLC Looks like a very long, gotta do Origins too... I will have them both 100% within the next few months though.
  15. Assassin's Creed III Remastered Grinder than I remember but also more fun than I remembered.