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  1. That he is not quite good enough to platinum Super Meat Boy, 3 trophies to go since 2017, Get it done bro!
  2. Assassin's Creed Odyssey Picked up on on sale a few weeks ago with all DLC Looks like a very long, gotta do Origins too... I will have them both 100% within the next few months though.
  3. Assassin's Creed III Remastered Grinder than I remember but also more fun than I remembered.
  4. Grand Theft Auto V Been putting those dam DLC trophies off for almost 5 years now...
  5. I hope the trophy list does not cater to the noobs but I have no doubt it will. Some trophies I would like to see that take time and skill to achieve: Winning 100 Games Winning a game with 15+ kills Win a Trio match without teammates Win back to back games
  6. That it is about time this man invested in a goddamn PS4 its 2020 and he still grinding the PS3
  7. Red Dead Redemption 2 I am not looking forward to finishing this game
  8. Jak 2 on the PS4, I have it on PS3 and Vita but the fact you can Platinum it in minutes kinda killed my drive to play it a 3rd time, I bought the game in 2017 and haven't touched it.
  9. Paladin was hard, but other 3 were not that bad. For Paladin use Medic and run 3 armour crates, Smoke Grenades and C4s use the M4A1 with extended mags and single shot mode to save ammo, then pick up a PKM as secondary when you find one. Use Armour crates and medic ability if needed when protecting 2nd and 3rd crates, If they plant the bomb quickly get full armour then throw a C4 at the bomb then a smoke grenade and run into it and defuse the bomb this works well. Have at least one person with a riot shield to distract Juggernauts with.
  10. Ignore me I am talking about Alpha Omega lmao, I wish you could delete comments on here.
  11. I have never been less hyped about a new COD game than MW and that was before I looked at this joke of a trophy list, Platinum it in a few days then move onto another game...
  12. Can someone confirm the free guns added into the game since release count towards the 25 needed for Prestigious Award trophy?
  13. Update: I completed the map and got put onto Map 26 The Abandoned Mines which is the correct map. Once I completed the final map 30 I got both trophies so it didn't glitch either of them, so if this happens to you just play the map out as normal.