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  1. Jak 2 on the PS4, I have it on PS3 and Vita but the fact you can Platinum it in minutes kinda killed my drive to play it a 3rd time, I bought the game in 2017 and haven't touched it.
  2. Paladin was hard, but other 3 were not that bad. For Paladin use Medic and run 3 armour crates, Smoke Grenades and C4s use the M4A1 with extended mags and single shot mode to save ammo, then pick up a PKM as secondary when you find one. Use Armour crates and medic ability if needed when protecting 2nd and 3rd crates, If they plant the bomb quickly get full armour then throw a C4 at the bomb then a smoke grenade and run into it and defuse the bomb this works well. Have at least one person with a riot shield to distract Juggernauts with.
  3. Ignore me I am talking about Alpha Omega lmao, I wish you could delete comments on here.
  4. I have never been less hyped about a new COD game than MW and that was before I looked at this joke of a trophy list, Platinum it in a few days then move onto another game...
  5. Can someone confirm the free guns added into the game since release count towards the 25 needed for Prestigious Award trophy?
  6. Update: I completed the map and got put onto Map 26 The Abandoned Mines which is the correct map. Once I completed the final map 30 I got both trophies so it didn't glitch either of them, so if this happens to you just play the map out as normal.
  7. I am going for the speedrun trophy and once getting to Map 25 it is loading up as Map 25 Black Tower from The Master Levels, has this happened to anybody else? I am going to complete it and see what happens next, I am hoping this does not glitch either the speedrun trophy or the Hell trophy, (if the hell trophy glitches and the speedrun trophy does not its gonna cause me to earn these trophies in an order that should essentially be impossible so I am hoping this won't get me flagged or anything. I will update here what happens when I complete it.
  8. Bunch of weirdos posting here, why would you care if someone else plays a game on a different account lmao, Personally I have only ever done this with Fifa 19 cause I got it free when I bought a PS4 Pro last year and my mates wanted me to play with them, I hate fifa so I hopped onto my other account played for an hour then traded that trash in. Apart from fifa 19 you can see every Playstation game I have played since 2008 by looking at my list on here. But like I said if you're judging someone for playing on a second account you are a weirdo.
  9. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy I need to get back on the Uncharted grind although my chance at 100% all uncharted games went last week when U3 PS3 online shutdown.
  10. This thread is so toxic lmao, but I love it so im gonna add my rating: 10/10 boring as hell I was super disappointed with this game, I wanted some good action and lots of shooting this game might as well be called Horse Riding simulator 2. No fast travel (well kinda), need to sleep, eat and drink, can't ride your horse fast for very long even with a good horse same with running on foot, need to pull your weapons from your horse all of this stuff was just unnecessary and extremely tedious, RDR 2 doesn't have a smidge on other open world games rockstar made like RDR 1, GTA 4 / 5, also none rockstar games like Fallout and Skyrim, I would put all those games at a 1/10 for reference. The trophy list is awful too, missable trophies in games like this
  11. You need 220k xp to get to level 44 to unlock all runes, I came on today being rank 1 (they reset everyone's rank back in 2017 which is lame because I was a lot higher than level 1 before) and managed to get to rank 44 playing legit in one sitting, it took me about 3.5 hours. You will need to play in the Team Play mode as its the only active mode. This is just a mixture of all other modes. You need to be good though or it will take a lot longer, one game where I got slayer medal I earned 22k xp which is 10% of the xp needed in just one game. I recommend you use the super shotgun as your primary and the heavy assault rifle as your secondary and the revenant demon. Meleeing or quickly changing weapons after firing the super shotgun seems to let you fire it again quicker than actually reloading this gives you a huge advantage over other players who don't know about this.
  12. I just hopped on today at level one (I think they reset levels back in 2017 cause I used to be a lot higher) I got to level 44 in about 3.5 hours playing legit and got my trophies and finished up my 100% finally. Now I have seen multiple people who have the 100% saying you need 8th prestige for some dlc trophies, which was clearly not the case for me, however I did have all other dlc trophies apart from the final update 6.66 ones before the multiplayer update that reset your stats to level 1 and changed some things. So my question is did I get lucky and get these trophies before they changed the requirements to need 8th prestige or are those people just stupid? I mean they have 100% on this game so surely they would know what they are talking about, I can't possibly fathom how someone could grind to 8th prestige without realising they only need to get to level 44, either way im very thankful I don't need to get 8th prestige.
  13. Update: I just tried this mission on a different PSN account and it worked no problem at all so it's only glitched for my PSN account, any idea how to fix this? I have a 2nd PS4 that im gonna try it on but i'm currently doing a 50GB update for BO4 because I aint used it in months. Update 2: I just tried this on my other PS4 and it was exactly the same, now I am getting worried and annoyed here is a video of what im talking about, these mission are stored online so I cant delete my data, seriously is this stupid mission gonna stop me from getting the platinum? anybody got any idea I can try to fix this? My EKIA is -1 on the scoreboard is this normal for other people on this mission? https://youtu.be/fbMRoPZ_Jjc
  14. When you have to disarm the enemy seeker mine, if you press square or not you pull out the wire either way but the objective does not complete, you are then just tapped in the area with no way past it or to get another seeker mine to spawn, I have tried this 5 times and it wont work, I have tried pressing square and not to just let it do it automatically, I cannot find anyway to get past this. Am I just being stupid and missing something obvious or is this actually broken atm? can someone else try it out and let me know please.