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  2. All 50.
  3. We shouldn't tread over the topic or plot of the original video.
  4. Somewhat, but involuntarily so.
  5. Earning at least one trophy is considered a worthy achievement in my book.
  6. 4 achievers and 0.01% ultra rare.
  7. Minecraft for the PS3, PS4, and PSVita are a fun and easy three platinum trophies.
  8. 1,231 and counting.
  9. This one.
  10. Anything over a 4/10 difficulty, lol. I'm bad at this stuff.
  11. I don't really play with them anymore, but in my "heyday" of playing online multiplayer games, I would start a lobby of several of them, shoot the breeze, and catch up on stuff. I mostly play single player games now, due to the fact that I am online less and don't have as much time.
  12. This one, earned way back on December 13, 2011.
  13. This one-
  14. Planned Milestones: -Level 15/20 -1,000 trophies - 10 platinums -1337 trophies Should be simple enough, at the rate I'm going anyways.