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  1. I just got one in lake Isabella (top left snowy pond). Actually it's better to not caught any legendary. Wait till you activate survivalist 10 and then caught 13 legendaries and just 2 normal. If only I had known this before. Hmm
  2. I think this is the best trophy guide, but some of the info is wrong because the patch is update to new version now, so you might just read the guide then consult another site below for accurate list. This is the best, most accurate. For looking specific information. Also the list for crafting, fishing, cooking- print the checklist from here. Actually the game has all checklist for you (even tell you how many times crops have been shipped, useful for ship 15 of each crop trophy). Except crafting trophy, need to keep track this by yourself. This is for year one beginner guide. It's great for people just starting out. The guide is written for beginner, so every goal here is easy to achieve. Things to beware -Watch TV every wednesday(re-run) and sunday for cooking recipes, don't miss. -You can complete Every bundle for community centre route except 1. I complete everything except turning one fish needed for one mini-bundle of fishing tank bundles. Then backup save, and go for joja route using money, then reload the backup save and continue turning that last fish for the other prefer route(imo). Then you just have the Fector's challenge to get the platinum (hardest trophy in my life right now)
  3. I have no problem playing it(physical ed.) on ps4 pro. But I've never used rest mode.