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  1. How could you want to see her death again? :<
  2. You should have put 3900 yen without tax for the price, or else it didn't make sense . Anyway, pre-order completed for me .
  3. I know you'll have to wait for 4-5 months more .
  4. Detail: - Title: 初音ミク -Project DIVA- X HD - Price: 7990 yen before tax - Released date: 25 Aug 2016 - Miku snow pack (2010-2015) is available for free download from 25 Aug to 25 Sep (both ps4 & psvita) - Live data in live edit mode is compatible with Playstation VR ( :blink: :blink: ) Aside from this, Racing Miku 2016 is released today for vita First-day purchase
  5. Seems like you need 8-10 hours and it will be close to mine .
  6. Congrats on getting the game and glad to see you are enjoying it Don't worry about the grind, because all you need to do is playing songs over and over .
  7. Wow... Grats in getting PDX plat....

    1. NotAFoxAnymore


      You got the plat before I even got the game >.>

    2. slash


      [luka no koe] youuuuuu're amazing! congrats!

    3. hanamihana0112


      Thank everyone. Gook luck in getting yours xD.

  8. I need a Miku pack for DOA and a Marie Rose module for PD X. Is this possible?
  9. Does this count? .
  10. Congrats on finding that out . But I gave you the same tip before and you liked it, how can you forget it :<
  11. 90 hours and still 4 friendship levels left. I really regret not giving them present sooner and now every item counts .
  12. Some tips for farming: -Present drop rate seems to be based on song, so playing each song 2-3 times will be better than focusing on- one song only. -Songs with the same element has higher chance dropping normal modules. Special lives has higher chance dropping rare modules. New modules UP skill shines here. Anyway the grinding for friendship points are long enough for you to get everything eventually, unless you have terrible bad luck .
  13. It's actually complete. 294 modules in total and they can be found in the official site http://miku.sega.jp/x/vita/module.html. Btw I got all of them . I think you should use rare+ for new modules since we know which song will drop them. When you go for the post-game grinding, use new+.
  14. That's all types of swimsuit you can get for Kaito.