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  1. there was an updated 2 hours ago I think its for the save file corruption bug.
  2. Hello squire enix 2020 and this poor graphic !
  3. What I canceled one of those missions because I know I wouldn't have finished them by time
  4. Are these game available on mobile?
  5. did you make sure the store you bought orbs from is the same region as your game?
  6. I would love to play this now as I am big fan of the franchise but I still find the price way too much right now gonna wait a bit for a price drop.
  7. I am only missing 2 eggs from the race on lost fleet this race is just unfair
  8. (this before I knew about the gem finder L3 lol I was going nuts for trying to find the gems in spyro1&2) anyway I was trying to find the last gem I needed for 100% on the level obviously it was one red gem = 1 since I was 399 gems I searched every where but just could not find it no matter what I repeated the level then gem = 9 dropped form one of the guys on the bombs thing but this gem wasn't the one actually, I found the real one later under the water using L3 the level did not give me 100% completion at all and I have 410 gems and 101% on the level I thought this would ruin my trophies somehow but there is no trophy for 100% as I read in this forum so is this bug just happened for me did someone else experience something like this? I perfectly 100% spyro1&2 I would definitely 100% spyro3 too
  9. well in middle east stores they always sell before the time release I got spider man before release with the same price , some sell popular games with really absurd high price like cod & fifa but other games sell with the same price or less depending on the seller .
  10. do trophy hunters game anymore! its absurd guys you wont be playing Hitman2 just for that reason anyway for no platinum trophy list its still really huge trophy list I have not finished Hitamn1 simply I got bored waiting for episodes to come out at the time
  11. nice I wanted to play all-star rumble but damn the game got bad reviews and now is delisted from psn
  12. hopefully I can use my old save on this new maxima thing I actually dont mind playing it again it was more fun to me than ffxv but I dont want to level up my mirages again I dont know if there is a ng+ I dont remember but if so it will be good to start ng+ with all my mirages and try to get the new ones, if not I am not even bothering with it
  13. I have the platinum for all the 3 digimon games on ps4
  14. I have not enjoyed any good jrpgs since persona 5 so I am so hyped for this
  15. I dont know why this game is in my profile