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  1. After around ten tries I gave up and moved on to other games for now.
  2. I was under the impression they were buggy as well, but from what I can tell, the last patch that released fixed all of these, but it DID reset the counters. So if you had done 98 trees for example then the game patched, it would go back to 0 and you would have to do them all over. Same for kills, and other counters. I counted the trees, stepping on bugs, potions from breakable items, every single item selling trophy, thousand kills, and floors, and everything appears to be working fine with the single exception being the number of runs for the golem dungeon. Which did trigger as well, but well after ten. I could be wrong, but I have triggered almost everything without issue after the patch. The only one so far that I still see a problem with is Janitor, but I am guessing its the same bull crap reset that broke it for me. I killed every single boss with the broom, but I did it across multiple different game versions so I think it dumped my earlier kills.
  3. After running the golem dungeon for another hour and a half it finally triggered. Onto the second dungeon.
  4. Got this tonight without an issue. My problem was I was expecting this to trigger after 100 coins but it ended up triggering after I obtained coins from trees 100 times. as Chidori mentions above.
  5. Just having no luck on this at all. I did at least thirty golem runs in a row without a pause and nothing. I did trigger Rage Against the Golems at least, but not the Enthusiast.
  6. I am also having that problem. I cleared the first two dungeons and wanted to take care of the kill golem enemies and reach the 3rd floor 10 times before moving on, but I have spent at least 6 hours running the Golem dungeon and have reached the final boss room more than 20 times. I have also killed between 150 to 200 enemies every run, so I should be at nearly 2000 golem enemies by now and still nothing. I do see that two people have received the trophies so there must be some way to trigger them, but I am not sure how. I have made sure to 100% every floor every run as well.
  7. At this point I do not think anyone has obtained the trophy yet to find out the answer to that. I am hoping it just means discover every thing, but not fill out all the exact details for each item. Otherwise as you said for certain items it will become tricky. Will have to heavily work on the demand of those items to get the value to allow for it.
  8. Have not reached that point, but from what I have gathered from others comments you have to start a second play-through to do the bosses again. I am not sure if it is a new game scenario where your gear carries over, or fresh each time either. Currently working on the perfect for the second boss, and it is significantly more difficult than the first one.
  9. For anyone who is struggling to get this trophy, its fairly simple by making use of charge attack immunity frames. Before attempting it just create a portal back to town so you can choose to return to the menu and retry as needed.
  10. I accidentally fell down a hole, and instead of taking damage it had a secret room underneath it with an altar with a book on it, and a rope ladder climbing back up. Not really sure if that is the type of secret you are talking about, but there was no indication anywhere in the game that there were secret rooms like that until I accidentally ended up in one. Now I roll down every hole, but have yet to find another.
  11. I am having no luck on this at all. I finished the game initially with no guide, then I did a second run off memory counting the presses of X I did and was under 500 and still did not trigger. Then I followed the plat video but did not do the built in error, no go, then I followed this video slowly and exactly and once again, it still did not trigger.. Have everything but Dexterity.
  12. It is not possible to get it on the PS4 at all. I was going through trying to clear up my trophies and got stuck on this one. I have been able to obtain 29 recipes no problem many times but never the last one. Had obtained 29 by the start of the 7th floor, and opened countless chickens after before finishing the game off and never saw the final recipe. Looking into it I found a tweet right from the developers saying they broke it and will never fix it. This was in reference to the Xbox version, but it is broken on all platforms. PC, Xbox, and Playstation. Though even though the developers seem incapable of fixing it, a PC player easily fixed it for the steam version. That is a "quality" developer right there.
  13. I have submitted a guide that will go up shortly hopefully with details for all trophies, including this one. There are quite a few things that can cause this trophy to be missed if not careful. As long as you always close the gate, make sure there are no bees bother the picnic, and fully complete the potion with the feather and frog, then as soon as you complete the game this should trigger.