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  1. Yeah, looks like Sony caught up to the exchange rate. My thoughts: Likely gonna buy the Vita version. No worries about graphics here.
  2. If I remember correctly, Uncharted 3 was free to all PS Plus subscribers at one time, and the multi-player portion was free to everyone also (regardless of Plus). Could be why there are a lot of game owners.
  3. I wonder if the Charmin bear is a secret driver. Hmmm....
  4. Having just used PS Now, I can confirm that trophy lists will stay the same with the PS3 version. So if you played Borderlands on PS3 Disc, the trophy list would be the same on PS Now. Cloud saving is also correct but I have yet to confirm myself if you can swap a save from PS3 to the server on PS Now. I assume yes.
  5. I believe you can't. The only way back into the castle was that bridge behind the waterfall and after you confront Julius, he knocks you all the way back into the desert near Ish. I'm almost positive it was a one time dungeon in the Gameboy original, so I got to believe it's the same in the re-make.
  6. Yeah it's been pretty much said, but make sure you have a nice big hard drive in your PS3 and download all the content you want to keep on it and never remove it. Maybe get a 2nd PS3 if it's necessary. That way if the plug ever gets pulled, you'll still have something left (barring any unfortunate mishaps like disk corruption happening). Then it's just a matter of preserving the system until it dies itself.
  7. Wow, figured this would happen as I was just about to start FF XII up on the PS2. Most likely it'll be a Remaster like they did with FF X and FF X-II, but that's all right. I got too many RPG's to tackle right now. Maybe I'll hold off on the PS2 version...
  8. By a shopping point of view, last year I was busy buying games like 3-4 at a time (for a month). This year, not so much as I've been trying to focus more on completion. With that said, I still got about 10 discs that haven't even touched the inside of a PS3 yet lol and are not on my trophy list. I don't want to even get started on the PS+ games, but I will likely tackle the ones that interest me more.
  9. I got goosebumps. Maybe it was the Fallout 3 vibe from the music or something. I also agree. I like the comparison to Pre-War/Follow-up comparisons like they did. And.. a Blimp! Maybe flying will be used as a new way to travel?
  10. *Grabs a Fat Man nuke launcher* Let's do this!
  11. I know a lot of people have been wanting/hoping for a Fallout 4 release, but I got a feeling we're gonna see more of the DOOM reboot that was teased in 2014. Too much false hope/rumours/hoaxes to be thinking this could be real...
  12. Yeah the Vita version runs a lot smoother and is better to play the game on. I've had glitches happen many times on the PS3 version, but Vita only froze once while loading the game up. I just had to quit the game (not the system) and started the game again to fix. It's better for multiplayer too, I had my kill count reset to zero on the PS3 version while going for 500 kills. I've also heard it glitches kill counts to insane amounts too which auto pops the trophies fast. My luck wasn't that good LOL.
  13. For those interested, 6 bronze (or equivalent) usually moves the percentage up 1% from Level 12 onward. Also note that a level-up technically starts you at 0%, even though it will automatically say 1% at first. To move to 2%, you will need 12 bronze (or equivalent). Hope this helps.
  14. Having that many trophies without a single platinum is like... having a decades old sports franchise with an overall winning record percentage, and never winning a championship ring.
  15. I've done this too with the online boosting and have to admit it works well. Now the above glitch... I can't explain it but I had something opposite happen on my PS3 copy: it reset my numbers to 0 for all the online kills. My Vita numbers were correct and I didn't experience any glitches at all (trophies popped normal) so I used that as my main kill system. Now I was logged in as my PSN on both systems (I never tried with a back-up PSN ID), so the glitches COULD occur if you double up on the same account.