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  1. Little Big Planet! Advise me the PS4 game to plat
  2. Personally , I enjoyed SP trophies , now I need to find some patience for MP..
  3. Kane and Lynch 2 : Dog Days. I am so glad that I'm done with this crap lol..
  4. I'm down for iPhone if you ask me. Had Galaxy Note 2. They said it was a mobile powerhouse. Yeah it was , but it was with android too. So after about 4-5 months of using the phone , the messages , screen unlock , even calling got laggy as shit.. Then I sold it , bought iPhone 5 , I'm using it for about an year. Had ZERO lags. I think if you need PHONE , not a power (which doesn't seem to help loading messages) then buy the iPhone..
  5. Kingdom Hearts.
  6. Ok , thanks for info
  7. Hey , I'm wondering what's the status of PSN servers now? I heard there was a maintenance on March 10th, but I'm trying to connect now and my internet connection is great , I'm getting IP , but test fails at PSN connection.. I'm on UK servers if that matters.
  8. Hello , so I've a problem with Gaming Sessions. Old Sessions , that have passed 2 days ago , is still posted in Your Sessions section. How should I get rid of sessions that are over?
  9. Borderland of course Borderland of course
  10. You should go with revelations or brotherhood definetely!
  11. Hello , so I decided to play the game called MAG. I heard that it's getting server shut at 2014 . So before leaving this game I wanted to experience some of DLC content. But as I understand , SONY discontinued friendship with MAG devs , because none of MAG dlc's are available at the store. So my question would be : If I connect to my friend psn account (he has MAG dlc's) , download MAG dlc (I think you can redownload content 5 times) , sign out of his acc , sign into mine , and then install dlc. Would it work?
  12. Dishonored Madden Uncharted 1 Tomb Raider GTA 5 Uncharted 2 Bioshock Infinite Batman (dem challenges.. )
  13. Recently Finished my NFS:Undercover platinum , So : PS3 100% for AC:B (Already have platinum ) PS Vita COD:Black Ops and Mortal Kombat