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  1. It makes me VERY ANGRY 😡 that Resistance as more trophies then RE3!!! WTF?! 33? %2 for RE Resistance. Multiplayer only games trophies are always frustrating to do! 😡
  2. I'm very interested in the game, but simply because it is in EA's hands, that bothers and concern me especially now knowing then seem afraid of reviews for selling the game so embargo lifts practically at the last minute. Because of allt his, I will wait to see many reviews and a score on Metacritic before I ask myself if its worth buying!
  3. For Fuck sake, Capcom ALWAYS doing trophy lists less then the normal 50 trophies a game!
  4. With all the bugs of the game, hard to know what is possible. I just move in the game & surprise! I get the Holy Keeper trophy, couple of minutes later, I find another Angelic Artifact and the same happened for getting the Demon Keeper Trophy. I am at the end, Vulgrim NOW as new Angelic & Demonic Artifacts to sell (3 of each). I miss 7 Angel & 5 Demon for doing the 5 balanced enchantments trophy (Balance in all things), so I cant trust the game that I found all the artifacts even if I got the trophies...??? Did something like this happen to other players? If so please tell me your story.
  5. I am sorry, but do you UNDERSTAND Japanese language??? I may offend some people, but IMO, if you dont know the language, IT MAKES NO SENSE watching anime or a videogame in Japanese, so I ONLY talk about the great English voice acting. I know English & French so the only language I will ear on TV. Media (videogames, TV, movies are for watching and earring, not for reading)!
  6. I STRONGLY disagree! I shows its been 10 years since VC1 and how voice acting is so much better is most videogame, especially a game like Valkyria 4 that as much dialogue. I replayed VC1 and laugh how weird and cheesy lines were sometimes, but VC4 is great, like watching a high quality Anime! Sometimes cheesy lines for humor reasons, but overall (I am passed 50% of the story), it as a FAR BETTER story in dialogue!!!
  7. I have the same problems, 100% the maps, got all collectibles, still not at 100%. Seeing some comments here, I checked in my game and like others, some artifacts that I KNOW I got like at the end a artifact you receive in the story DID NOT register in the artifact section, cant go back looking at them. With SO MANY COMMENTS here, I simply put a message of advice to other gamers: PLEASE do like I did, send a twitter to Square-Enix, Eidos-Montréal, the official twitter of the game so the developers will see this problem and hopefully will soon fix it! With some polite, not "over the top anger" backlash, it may help to them to make a patch to fix these problems! I send them this Twitter, PLEASE go see: https://twitter.com/charlesqc79/status/1043932275744931840 @tombraider @SquareEnixUSA @CrystalDynamics #ShadowOfTheTombRaider After finishing SofTR, I work to GET ALLPS4, but SOME ARE GLITGHED! I did EVERYTHING in the game 100%, still my save says 99.4% done so CANT GET "Dr. Croft" Please PATCH THESE ERRORS to REALLY enjoy it!
  8. Hey to everyone looking at my question. Maybe I seem like a rookie here compared to gamers on PSN profiles playing Dead Cells. I did not finish 1 time the game. Looking at the trophies I have that big question: WHAT ARE Boss Stem Cell ??? When you beat a boss, it simply gives you much money, many cells, maybe great weapons and blueprints, NO (What the Hell) Stem Cell...? If anyone would like to inform me, thank you in advance!
  9. THANK YOU FOR EVERYONE that gave me more info, answers! FINALLY I just got that irritating trophy!!!!!!!!!!! Hope my topic here I created could help other trophy hunters for the BEST GAME OF THIS GENERATION, THE WITCHER 3: WILD HUNT!!!
  10. THANK YOU for ALL the information many of you have given me in a short time. I did not expect this fast result because even Witcher 3, its a 3 year old game lol. If I understand correctly from many info of my question, the guide on PSN profiles is very thin on info for the Card collector trophy (besides info on side quest missable cards). I fought at first simply play the same NPC to get the random cards I dont have, but that did not work. I need to play with NPC's I never played with (Qwent option is still white written, grey written means you played them), THEY should give me my missing cards or a card I already have. I would appreciate if some people could tell me if I NOW understand correctly how to get them. Am I right ????? Thank you to Killbomb that gave me this great site that REALLY shows well where the cards players are (and everything else in the game lol).
  11. Perhaps I did not explain well. I followed to the letter this site: http://gwentcards.com/ . They even made a download Excel version of the list, I ALWAYS had it besides me, putting a red color on the cards I obtained. MY ONLY CARDS MISSING are in the list below from the site, there Excel card list. I checked on http://witcher.wikia.com/wiki/Crone:_Weavess_(gwent_card) as well and ALL THIS cards are said on that site to be randomly urned... BUT EARNED BY WHO??? NPC who play give me craft items. A VERY frustrating trophy!!! Deck Territory Card ATK Combat Type Card Abilities Type Location Location Character Monsters Random Arachas Behemoth 6 Siege Muster Basic Win from NPC Randomly earned Monsters Random Forktail 5 Melee None Basic Win from NPC Randomly earned Monsters Random Frightener 5 Melee None Basic Win from NPC Randomly earned Monsters Random Wyvern 2 Range None Basic Win from NPC Randomly earned Nilfgaard Random Rotten Mangonel 3 Siege None Basic Win from NPC Randomly Earned Scoia'tael Random Elven Skirmisher (2 of 3) 2 Range Muster Basic Win from NPC Randomly earned
  12. HOW CAN WE GET IT? I am re-playing Witcher 3, re-doing the trophies in Complete Edition. I followed in detailed a Excel table of ALL cards! Now after the end of the game, I play the expansions. When I play Gwent with someone (ALL MAPS BESIDES TOUSSAINT) for randomly earned cards (4 I dont have according to the info in the guide http://gwentcards.com/), I ALWAYS GET CRAFTING ITEMS from winning Gwent instead of a card. I only get new cards in Toussaint since there is the new Skellige Deck in that region. IS THERE A BUG ON THIS TROPHY? IS IT LIKE A LOTTERY, just hoping to be VERY lucky for the random winnings???? If someone knows more info, please tell me.
  13. A good list for a Dishonored game of decent price, just could have been all 50 trophies just these days many download games have many trophies. I AM SO HAPPY IT DOES NOT HAVE THE STUPID "Do the game with power" trophy and just a "1 mission no kill", not a ALL the game no kill, those type of trophies ruins the fun of playing the Dishonored 1 & 2. Cant wait to get it!
  14. I can't find a release date in a Google search, but I saw that it will be free ONLY for the people who PAID the Kickstarter for the game.
  15. I made some errors doing both characters trophies. I missed the Souvenirs & Flesh and Steel Trophies. What I ask info of anyone is: Playing NG+, does that keep your souvenirs from your first playthrough ??? With the new choose mission option, can you jump back in a old mission, get a souvenir, save and go back to the menu without finishing the mission? For Flesh & Steel, is it necessary to choose "no powers" from the Outsider (guides dont answer that) and with no power, is it OK to use the bonecharms to help get the trophies??? Thank you advance for helping!