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  1. Just to confirm everything that's written above : That's a new glitch that has been occuring since the last update, only way to get the trophies without waiting for a patch fixing this is to do the areas in one sitting without installing updates when asked ingame in the pause menu... I've been re-doing all the areas for hours, it's painful but it works. Good luck guys 😅
  2. Hey guys, After not playing the game a few years I decided to give it another go to try and finish my last missing trophies about the missions. I don't remember how many missions in I was at back at the time I was playing it but I remember I started grinding it for a bit of a long time and after not getting any trophies I just gave up. And after doing some missions every now and then for the past month I got the " Hitting .500 trophy " for the 500 missions while never having unlocked the " Mission 214 " for the 214 missions one. Has this happenned to anyone else ? I've been looking online but couldn't find anything about a fix or something else. Could appreciate if someone has a lead 🤔
  3. Thank you very much for your fast and clear answers !
  4. Hey guys, just have a little question regarding this honor mission to which I can't find any answer anywhere online. I have done the part one which I believe is when you give her money or food in front of the church in Saint-Denis (I personally gave her money, don't think that was an issue) but can't seem to find how to trigger part II. Has anyone any clue how to do so ? Or was part I the encounter, and part II when you give money/food and it's all done ? Thank you in advance and have fun on the game ! 😁
  5. Well we'll see how this unfolds but thanks a lot for taking part in this issue 😅
  6. Dafuq ? There's platinum saves for PS4 ? Right.. now I understand why this whole thing looks fishy. Well I told my part of the story, nothing much can be added now really? As I said I have been playing this game forever, checking my PS3 trophies dates and everything could back this up, hell I can even screenshot my PC and show you I'm also Infamy 25 and show you my ps3 level aswell. I've been playing this game forever and therefore, there would be no point in me cheating on those trophies. I hope I can get unflagged for this.
  7. Thank you very much for your help to clear up this whole situation, is your save from before the trophy update ? If it is, it should probably work. Please keep us posted.
  8. I'm confused at what is happening right now... My bad for forgetting to post the reason why I was flagged but was is there more to say ? That's how it happenned and infamy 25 was not on Payday 2 1.00 patch but it was there way before the trophies, and I had it done way back when we first had the 10 infamy levels and then had the 15 other ones. I've played this game for the past 4 years now on both PS3 and then PS4, and there was a 1 year gap between the infamy level 25 update and the trophy update which was way more than enough for me to grind all the way up without cheating. And when you say : By " they ", do you mean me ?
  9. dee-lan Payday 2: Crimewave Edition The reason why I got the trophies seconds apart AFTER having the others trophies first is because I was at University for the whole year, where I had no PlayStation (which can be backed up by the fact I almost didn't do any trophies this whole year as you can see in my activity log) and therefore, no need for PS+. I had made friends with someone who owned a PlayStation and who bought Payday 2 so we could play there, since trophies had been added I asked if it was possible to play it on my account in order for me to have the trophies on it, which wasn't a problem for him, however, since I didn't have a PS+ membership anymore (which is still the case and can be checked) I couldn't recover my save which was Infamy 25, so we just played with a new caracter and did the trophies with some friends. <br /> <br /> After coming back home, I came back to my PS4 which had my Infamy 25 save on it and I just launched the game and got my trophy, as it would normaly do since I was Infamy 25, previous to the trophy update. So the trophy is legit, and I don't even see how you could cheat those trophies? <br /> <br /> So if I could get unflagged for this, it would be greatly appeciated. Thanks.
  10. Any chance you could explain to the rest of us what the trick is? Because I can't make any sense of what he's saying haha 😂
  11. Haha yes it is, happy to help !
  12. Hey guys! Just got the trophy and saw everyone is having problem with it as it's quite difficult to flash an enemy when the grenade takes about 5 seconds to explode, so I was a little bit curious to find out if Blitz shield flash would work even tho the trophy specifiys that it needs to be a stun GRENADE , well it does work, just got the trophy! So go with Blitz and flash with R1 and melee the ennemy to kill him and it'll be way easier! + Ennemies killed while flashed with grenades are cumulated with the ones killed flashed with the shield ! So hopefully this will help a lot of people! Good luck!
  13. Thanks Cooke! Will look at this!
  14. Thanks a lot Naoto! Will take a look at that after work!
  15. Well actually I managed to do Tabula Rasa on my own with 2 bots along with me, I really didnt find it hard at all, but the deathwish Hoxton breakout day 2 is making me cry, can't even imagine about bomb heist and hotline miami in deathwish, especially in pro!