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  1. Yes it is, Rockstar had the brilliant idea to make it a one time transfering possibility, so once you have transfered you can't ever transfer again so it is unfortunatly not possible
  2. You are in the same position that I am into, I had a first slot character with "transfered" on her sign, and trophy popped when I used her on a job mission, but when I saw I didnt unlock the rest of the trophies I tought "huh let's delete her and make another one, maybe the rest will pop" but it seems only characters marked as "transfered" get the trophies so it seems we're f*cked until Rokstar works on this, I sent them an email yesterday explaining them the whole thing, that's pretty much my only option so I will definitly let you know.And And yeah the smart thing Rockstar did is you can only import your character once, so since we did it already it's too late for us.
  3. Maybe I explained wrong but what GTAJJ meant by " the character on the left must be a transfered character " is that you need to create a new character on the first slot (left side) and go play with it online, the " transfered character " part will only be seen if you go to character selection and then you will see you two characters, the new one on the left side, and your main one on the right, and basicly to get the trophy working your left character needs to have " transfered character " written on the sign he is holding, like your main character wich stands to his right, its not gonna switch and make your main character go to the left, it's just that what is supposed to be a new created character is gonna be considered a " transfered character " by the game instead of a fresh PS4 character, is it more clear now maybe ?
  4. When you create a character to the left it automaticly is a transferred character if the one on the right was a transferred one BUT if you delete it (like I did) no matter how much characters you create they won't be marked as " transferred ", its a weird system but its how it goes and so far it seems that only characters with the " transferred " written on the mugshot board gets trophies
  5. It says I don't have any character to transfer, I think it may be because you can only transfer once I think, well, I'll have to wait for Rockstar to fix this I guess, congrats on your trophies man
  6. Didnt work for me unfortunatly, I'm gonna try to go on GTA V on PS3, create a new character in slot one, import it to PS4 and see if trophies pops, I'll let you guys know
  7. I'm wondering if maybe I messed up because when I created a character on slot one, it was written that it was an imported character, even tho I created it on PS4, and I got a few trophies, and then when I couldnt get any more I decided to delete it and create another one in case it might unlock some new trophies, but this time it doesnt say that it's an imported character so I'm wondering if the whole " imported character " is making a difference..
  8. I'll give this a try in a bit, I'll let you guys know EDIT : Didn't work for me, still missing a few trophies, god that sucks....
  9. That's what happenned to me and I went through my phone and selected joining and ongoing contact mission and everything popped, give it a try, actually except my level 100 trophy and two others, wich sucks because I'm 146 so it's pretty tricky to gain a level see if I'm going to unlock the trophy..
  10. I did the same and trophy popped ! Basicly I just created a new character then I got the introduction trophy, then joined an ongoing mission and got most of the trophies including the stunts! but missing level 100 trophy, robbing the 20 store and winning 5 races with an upgraded vehicule I think, I will let you know if I unlock them and how I did so
  11. By the way I was wondering if it might be because my character is on slot two, slot one is empty tho but dunno if that might be why my trophies wont pop?...
  12. Same problem as you GTAJJ, got exactly the same trophies as you and did the same actions as you and no trophies pops what so ever, we're in this together bro