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  1. Arkham City (PS3) at 5.11% followed by MGS2 at 5.25%
  2. Thanks! Due to there not being a new F-Zero in years, this will definitely scratch the itch!
  3. Hi everyone! I used to play F-Zero GX all the time on my GameCube back when I only had Nintendo systems. This collection reminds me of the F-Zero series and was wondering if this series is as difficult to play as the F-Zero games. It doesn't seem as fast paced as F-Zero but that's based on gameplay footage. Thanks for any input!
  4. Hi I just downloaded the app to my phone. How do I find a group that is boosting GTA4 or how do I start a discussion to boost GTA4?
  5. Yes that is the case.
  6. It does not. I deleted my old save that was glitches at 220% so I could get the 240% skin and my leaderboard (gotham's greatest) stats were still there. All the challenges don't have a record of you completing them before though so you have to redo the challenges to have a fastest time on the file but my gotham's greatest points stayed
  7. Do the pull method. I was connected to the servers using singularity and krogan hammer and it wouldn't pop. Used the pull method with the Omni blade and it popped.
  8. Does the trench raider elite class kills trophy have to be in one match or is it cumulative? I got swarmed after my first kill and can't seem to get the pickup often.
  9. Horizon Zero Dawn: Finished everything but the story. I've been like a dog that sees something shiny and gets distracted from the main story. Fantastic game overall! GTA5 (PS4): Transferred MP character from 100% PS3 file before they closed the service so I have all the MP trophies, but haven't started SP. GTA Vice City (PS4): Stopped playing cuz of HZD. Just killed Diaz to unlock his house as a safe house. Not looking forward to the grind to Godfather criminal rating. Will be getting Mass Effect Day 1 so that'll be added to the mixture very soon.
  10. If you are looking for something old in your list, do GoW1 or 2. Those challenges really aren't that bad and GoW1 5 hr run is super easy with unlimited magic skin. If you want something new, finish FF15. I never played FF but it sounds like all that's left for you to do is beat a big ass turtle to get that plat. Finishing HZD very soon and then gonna do ME: Andromeda when it comes out. Please suggest one of these: Dishonored 1 (PS4), DBZ Xenoverse 1(PS4), DMC 1, 2, 3, or Tomb Raider (PS3)
  11. Got the Arkham Knight version. Love the steel gray color and seeing Batman on my PS4.
  12. Hi have 100% completed Asylum, City, Knight, Origins, Blackgate, Lego Batman 2 and 3. I believe that's Beyond Gotham and Legend of the Dark Knight
  13. Batman Arkham Origins Dynamic theme. Not the theme with the assassins but the one with multiple shots of Batman. It's was free by beating the game
  14. As of 1.03, it seems you still need to have the timer reach zero As of 1.03, it seems you still need to have the timer reach zero
  15. It popped for me when I beat the millennium falcon the 2nd time with the slave 1 and I didn't crash into it