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  1. This just blew me away! I thought this honestly was gonna be a port with the inklings added. The amount of content is just stupid. December 7th can’t come soon enough!
  2. Oh never thought about that. Hopefully that’s the fix!
  3. You have to buy the final upgrade “chaos flame” or whatever it’s called from the shop after you’ve completed the trial then you can do the final upgrade for the blades. Same goes for the axe when you open the 5000 mist echoes chest in Niflheim.
  4. Hi all! Just wanted to let those going for the lumberjack trophy know that you do not need a kill with each melee weapon. You only need a kill with each melee weapon type. The trophy popped for me when I got a wusling kill with the smugglers bat, shovel, dancers dagger, Nazi axe, and blade. I did not have to get a kill with the regular bat, knife, or axe. Hope this helps someone out there!
  5. I did the majority of my xp grind trough war so I’d recommend that mode.
  6. Ya I was surprised they split the trophies into two sets but I’m very happy to see there will be loads to do in the expansion.
  7. Does anyone know if we need kills with the melee weapons too? I hope not cuz you have to RNG the puzzle pieces. I don't think so if people have the trophy already.
  8. Could it possibly count if you use a gun mounted on a plane? I haven't played since They shall not pass and rarely use planes so idk what those kills are referred as.
  9. The weapon one seems worse than the "they shall not pass" dlc weapon trophy. If I understand the description correctly, we need every weapon unlike last time when it was just the class
  10. Ya I loved this game when it first game out and I hate soccer! Unfortunately as time went by, the harassment by other players just got to be too much for me. I had someone literally say to me if you can't get aerial goals don't bother playing and my depth perception of my car in relation to the ball is terrible so I mainly stay on the ground. I just come back for the trophies when a new dlc comes out now and that's it.
  11. Hey everyone! I just platted the collection and wanted to say thanks for your opinions. Overall I enjoyed the experience (eff you Zico HD). In comparing the racing in this vs F-Zero GX, I personally thought F-Zero was faster and I enjoy the experience you have with that franchise more, probably since I had played F-Zero for years. However, I enjoyed the Mario Kart-esque gameplay with the weapons in Wipeout. I just felt the tracks were super thin in Wipeout and you got pushed around too much and couldn't retaliate where in F-Zero you can side shift attack other vehicles so you weren't pushed around. Both are good, fun franchises (and have excellent soundtracks) but I'd have to give the nod to F-Zero. This definitely "scratched the itch" though!
  12. Arkham City (PS3) at 5.11% followed by MGS2 at 5.25%
  13. Thanks! Due to there not being a new F-Zero in years, this will definitely scratch the itch!
  14. Hi everyone! I used to play F-Zero GX all the time on my GameCube back when I only had Nintendo systems. This collection reminds me of the F-Zero series and was wondering if this series is as difficult to play as the F-Zero games. It doesn't seem as fast paced as F-Zero but that's based on gameplay footage. Thanks for any input!
  15. Yes that is the case.