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  1. Last of us 2 car on fire theme. Love hearing the crackle of the fire and the sound of it raining. I find it to be a calming image
  2. Balanced and Guardian. I like to do a bit of everything attack wise but I wanted the Once More/second chance abilities ASAP. Flew through first world on proud difficulty so I have no regrets about my choices.
  3. Sign me up for Champion of the Gods!
  4. Just a heads up, the premier tower next week (Jan 15) looks to be MK3. Plan accordingly
  5. Hey all, Finished the game the other day and I’m upset that Rampage was killed and you never get a chance to ride him. As a fan of the first two games, I really enjoyed riding around on my horse whenever possible. I understand that Rampage’s death allows us to see Fury’s true...fury (sorry I had to) but the “Horse with No Name” trailer had me excited to ride around in a desert area. Maybe in the DLC we’ll get a chance back before the events of the main game? What are your thoughts? I can’t be the only one!
  6. 11:35 am EST iPhone Boston Safari
  7. Hi, I'm sorry if there is a thread out there already for this. I recently ran into an issue logging into the site on my iPhone. I had the correct password entered but it would always get "Error 400". I changed my password after getting this repeatedly and i still cannot log in from my phone. I primarily use the site through my phone so this is somewhat inconvenient. Edit: I'm not sure what happened but I just logged in now. Carry on!
  8. I prefer the Arkham series. To me the combat was way more rewarding because you had to think more about what you are doing in combat. Spidey’s combat, I pretty much launched everyone in the air and stayed up there. No challenge. Even dodging in Spidey was easier than in Arkham. I also enjoyed how easily it was to integrate gadgets in Batman’s combat than Spidey’s. Spidey’s was too slow and clunky. Overworld traversal was way more fun in Spidey though. Can’t beat the feeling of swinging across the city than gliding over the city. Overall, Batman over Spidey. Both great franchises though!
  9. This just blew me away! I thought this honestly was gonna be a port with the inklings added. The amount of content is just stupid. December 7th can’t come soon enough!
  10. Oh never thought about that. Hopefully that’s the fix!
  11. You have to buy the final upgrade “chaos flame” or whatever it’s called from the shop after you’ve completed the trial then you can do the final upgrade for the blades. Same goes for the axe when you open the 5000 mist echoes chest in Niflheim.
  12. Hi all! Just wanted to let those going for the lumberjack trophy know that you do not need a kill with each melee weapon. You only need a kill with each melee weapon type. The trophy popped for me when I got a wusling kill with the smugglers bat, shovel, dancers dagger, Nazi axe, and blade. I did not have to get a kill with the regular bat, knife, or axe. Hope this helps someone out there!
  13. I did the majority of my xp grind trough war so I’d recommend that mode.
  14. Ya I was surprised they split the trophies into two sets but I’m very happy to see there will be loads to do in the expansion.
  15. Does anyone know if we need kills with the melee weapons too? I hope not cuz you have to RNG the puzzle pieces. I don't think so if people have the trophy already.