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  1. Here's an updated list of preorders: New Releases Control - PS4 - 8/27/2019 NHL 20 - Xbox One - 9/13/2019 Shenmue III - PS4 - 11/19/2019 Final Fantasy VII Remake - PS4 - 3/3/2020 Cyberpunk 2077 - PS4 - 4/16/2020 Dying Light 2 - PS4 - 2020 Physical Re-releases Guacamelee One-Two Punch Collection - PS4 - 8/6/2019 Enter The Gungeon Deluxe - Switch - 8/6/2019 The Walking Dead Telltale Definitive Series - PS4 - 9/10/2019 Trine Ultimate Collection - PS4 - 9/30/2019 Shovel Knight Treasure Trove - Switch - N/A Considering cancelling NHL 20 just because I think I can live with NHL 19 until '20 gets a little cheaper... but at the same time, I play the NHL games almost more than anything else so I'd get my moneys worth if I kept it. The thing that gets lost in all this is the fact that launch sales are critical to the success of a game/franchise/dev studio. By never buying games day one, you're punishing good developers too. They don't live on the money made 3-6 months (or longer) after a games release, or a year or two later on deep discount or in a bundle somewhere. Looking at it from a purely "whats best for me" perspective, sure... I get why you'd wait and see no reason to pre-order a game. The game is cheaper and you're getting the best version of it. Win-win. But keep in mind that in a world where everyone did what you do, those patched and feature complete games you're playing may not be there. Not without someone else fronting the bill. There's no guarantee that nickle and dime-ing these companies will make them invest more resources in releasing better games (infact that doesn't sound like logic based in reality at all)... in all likelihood they'll just invest as little resources into it as possible because there's no faith in their consumer base to buy the games, or they'll just stop making games altogether. I don't think things are so bad at the moment that we need to "scorched earth" the industry and hope a newer, better one rises from the ashes. You do you. Personally, I don't mind my role in the industry. And while I don't think waiting until the last possible moment to buy a game IS a role in the industry... I understand why you guys do it. I'll just keep preordering games I'm interested in and buying day one as long as it's financially feasible for me to do so.
  2. How is Final Fantasy XIV for someone like me who probably wouldn't have a regular group of chums to play with?  Considering getting into it, but at the moment it'd probably be just me and the rando's.


    Is there any kind of modern conveniences along the lines of matchmaking/group finding?  I'm pretty casual so I wouldn't be too torn up with not being able to do the "hardcore" stuff that requires big groups and tactics and coordination for a looong time (whatever that stuff may be)... but just for playing, leveling and participating in the majority of the game?

    1. Dreakon13


      Oh, and I should note, I don't care about trophies.  Just looking to play for funsies.

    2. Dav9834


      Its a great game! And yup you can totally go solo and just use the "Party Finder" and "Duty Finder" for dungeons and everything that requires a group! (I do all the time despite being in a close knit FC made by streamer KateCanGame.


      They made it to be able to be done by yourself with those features.


      Be prepared to be overwelmed though, the amount of sidequests and just generally random things to do in the world is a crazy amount(which is awesome)


      If you choose the server "Exodus" feel free to add me as a friend ^^ in game name "Mikoto Misiki" :)

    3. damon8r351


      The only time you'll be required to match up with other people is during Duties, which are the dungeon and raid playthroughs. You won't have trouble matching up with random people that way, since everyone is reasonably competent at their role. The storyline and sidequests can be run through solo with any role you choose to use otherwise. Also, when people see that you aren't part of any Free Company, you'll constantly get a flood of invites from people wanting to join their group, so it's not hard to find people to play with.

  3. I should probably be more interested in Link's Awakening than I am, maybe that'll change as it gets closer to release. I remember playing that on my Gameboy as a kid, it was a staple of my late night gaming one summer break... plus it's the only Zelda title that I seriously started and finished, all the way up until Breath of the Wild recently. Great game.
  4. I don't think it's intended to be a replacement for the base Switch (unlike say the PS4 Slim or Xbox One S), so the dropped TV/docked functionality makes some kinda sense. It's just a pure handheld that can play the Switch library for those who don't use the dock, which is probably more common than people like me who don't use it as a handheld. If you want the option, there's nothing stopping anyone from buying a normal Switch. It'd actually probably be moreso (internal) competition for the 3DS. Maybe even outright replacing it if/when support for the DS family ceases.
  5. What do you guys think of the Nintendo Switch Lite? I almost never use it in handheld mode so it isn't really intended for me, but I see no harm in having a cheaper ($199) alternative for those who don't use it docked.
  6. For a few reasons. One, I'm not using it very much. Two, it kinda makes me feel sick. Three, if I go the VR route... I find the Oculus Quest (no wires, no PC/console, etc) a far more interesting direction. Frankly I have 4 consoles and I think PSVR alone takes up more real estate as far as ugly wiring up around and behind the television goes. It's a very, very cool toy but I think it's nearing time to find it a new home... ... but I'm not here to get into the pros and cons of it really. Why I'm here... I have no idea how I would get from point A (having the PSVR) to point B (having money instead). Usually I'd turn to eBay, but there are so many parts to this that I'm not comfortable that I'd be able to ship it without damaging anything, nor that whomever gets it would set it up correctly and not blame me (the seller). I called Gamestop and they literally said they'd give me like $25 for all of it or some ridiculous number. Just curious if anyone has any thoughts on avenues to sell this that's as painless as possible. The easiest answer is to sell it to someone I know in person but truthfully I don't really know anyone else with a PS4 (or the one or two I do already have a PSVR). Maybe other stores I could try that may take it off my hands? Maybe swap some stories of instances where other PSNP users here that have sold theirs successfully to give me some ideas? I don't really care about maximizing returns as long as its reasonable.
  7. If i had to pick only one, which of these two games would you recommend I play next?


    - Assassin's Creed Odyssey

    - Shadow of the Tomb Raider


    (I don't do trophies so don't worry about platinum length/difficulty.)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Elvick_


      I've heard more positives about Odyssey than Shadow. But I haven't played either myself.

    3. Copanele


      Oddysey. Way better content than shadow of the tomb raider (although you might catch the end of the world by the time you finish that one, its that big) 

    4. DamagingRob


      When in doubt, the answer should always be Lara. ;)

  8. So in the last week I picked up Kingdom Come Deliverance (Royal Edition) and Bloodstained Ritual of the Night.


    Man, talk about two games that feel very clunky and unpolished.  Not that I expect either game to change dramatically with time (especially KCD)... but I think I may need to set both aside for another day.  A day where I'm more patient and tolerant of that sort of thing. xD

  9. Happy 4th of July to anyone that celebrates.


    I am American and I'm feeling pretty prideful these days... but my family never really did anything on these holidays and I guess I'm keeping up the tradition.  Celebrate today my own way, I guess. 😁

    1. wildwildwest





    2. Dreakon13


      Yep!  I like to say if a schmuck like me can carve out a life here, it's pretty damn great in my book.  I can only sit here and appreciate everything this country has given me, and the people who fought, who fight, and who gave up everything for that.

  10. My Twitter feed. I just follow the usual suspects... IGN, Game Informer, Dualshockers, etc. Along with some specific ones for limited print publishers like Limited Run Games, Special Reserve Games, Super Rare Games, etc. Cheap Ass Gamer for following sales. It's basically just a rolling news feed and as long as I don't click on any links or walk into the comments... things stay reasonable, the news keeps coming, tweets are concise and to the point, and everything works out pretty nicely. And then follow some accounts that post random adorable animal videos to round everything out.
  11. I feel like I should clarify that re-selling isn't the *only* reason to keep a game sealed. Like I said... these are collector's items, by design, due to their brief availability periods and small print batches. Being one of the few people to have the game is one thing, but one of the even fewer to still have a sealed copy is enticing to someone with a collector's mentality. The more valuable something is, the better condition you want to keep it in and the more cache/weight you feel it gives the collection.
  12. This is a poll/question mostly aimed at people who follow Limited Run Games, Special Reserve Games, Super Rare Games and other limited print publishers that have been springing up lately. As their names suggest, these publishers make limited print releases of (usually) download-only titles that otherwise wouldn't have gotten physical representation. Oftentimes, given their shorter ordering periods or smaller print runs... this makes these releases somewhat more rare or valuable than your typical retail release, and kinda collectors items in their own right. Kindly refrain from answering if you don't buy physical copies of games and don't participate in these limited print releases. I'm not talking walking into Gamestop, buying Uncharted 4 and deciding whether or not to open it. I'm talking about these releases that are only available for 5 minutes as all 2000 copies sell out in that time, or have an ordering window of two weeks before you can never buy it again (scalpers aside), etc. Personally, I probably have a few dozen games across all of these groups between the PS4 and the Switch and I haven't opened a single one yet... even going as far as to get some cheaper additional plastic protective cases for a number of them. Opting to find other cheaper or free ways to play the games and compliment my sealed collection. Kinda thinking I may change my own rules though and start opening/playing them, and maybe just keep a few of my absolute favorites or the truly rare/most valuable ones sealed and protected. So I'm a little curious how other people approach it, for anyone who would like to share. I understand that some people will probably look at this like I'm crazy (why spend the money on these games to not open/play them)... but just chill. EDIT: If anyone wants to grandstand about investment portfolios out of nowhere instead of talking about whether or not you open limited print/collectible games, feel free to PM me or better yet, just start a new thread. Can't believe I have to clarify that.