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  1. It's certainly possible these would all be considered the tests, though if the cost of porting and marketing Horizon PC was a loss for them they wouldn't hesitate to pull the plug on these next steps. It's not like anyone knew or cared about Days Gone on PC until the Steam page went up.
  2. Doesn't change your point, but I'm pretty sure RE7 VR is a PSVR exclusive forever. EDIT: Can't speak for whatever agreements may or may not be out there... but it isn't available on PC at this point and if not out of contractual obligation, then out of sheer indifference, Capcom may never bring it over.
  3. Why are you assuming Sony isn't making a profit? The fact they tested the waters with Horizon and continue doing it with Days Gone and possibly others, would imply it's working.
  4. In fairness, it could potentially apply to all PC gamers... not just the ones seeking out 8K. Though I agree if people on PC are waiting years for exclusives to maybe port over, they were likely never interested in those games enough to buy those consoles and buy those games on launch anyways. In all likelihood, they wrote those games off as something they'll just never play, and any ports are just a pleasant surprise.
  5. A part of me misses playing games on the hardest difficulties like I used to for trophies/achievements.
    And a part of me hates the part of me thinking about playing on those mostly broken difficulties again. xD
  6. Playing RE8 and I'm sure most people will say "more options is always a good thing"... but I dislike that they're letting me decide if I want to turn ray tracing on.


    I spent probably an hour yesterday backing out to the main menu, turning ray tracing on and off, and re-loading save games to try and decide if the benefits of ray tracing were worth the noticeable hitches in framerate.


    I'm still not entirely sure which I prefer... but that's kind of my point.  If I wanted to forever tinker indecisively with graphical settings to find the lesser of all evils, I'd be gaming on PC.  On console I always liked the developer deciding exactly how they want their game to look/feel/be played (since they have the standardized hardware specs to do so)... and then I play it.  I have little interest in tailor fitting an experience to what I want.

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    2. Dreakon13


      @DaivRules Developers can be competitive, and some people have an unhealthy idolization of internet personalities.  Both are things I'm not really going to entertain.

    3. Dreakon13


      It's one thing to say "oh, you haven't heard of him, check out this video it's pretty fun/informative".  It's another to question my abilities at my job because I don't follow him.  It admittedly rubbed me the wrong way.  Thankfully I don't really follow internet personalities anyways, so no big loss.

    4. DaivRules


      Well, I wouldn’t say LMG is about an Internet personality as much as it is tech centered educational channels. Your co-worker seems to have painted a rather poor representation of the content of the channels if they portrayed it’s about Linus (him) rather than the reviews and show. But I get how competitiveness can turn you off from ever even checking out something they would ever suggest they like.

      Oh well, you already reached the same conclusion they came to after A/B comparing the same content with and without RTX, then covering what RTX is as a technology and the different workarounds developers have implemented that mimic most of the aspects RTX provides with less overhead. No reason to check it out now.


  7. Is it bad that I kind of miss the loading times on the PS5? 😄


    Because I have focus issues and it was a good excuse to get up and do other stuff, grab a drink, go to the bathroom, check something on the PC, etc lol

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    2. Deluziion90


      Sometimes the loading times were a quick smoke or grabbing a drink now I'm glued to my screen 😂

    3. AihaLoveleaf


      If you like loading times, check out Sonic 2006 on PS3. You can get a lot done during those loading screens.

    4. Deluziion90


      @AihaLoveleaf GT5 online says Hi 😝

  8. Reading through some posts on Reddit about how the Xbox version of RE Village was basically downloading the entire game instead of installing from the disc... and it dawned on me.


    They're all saying "this is the future of gaming, discs are coasters" and damn... it's just the Xbox.  RE8 installed entirely from the disc on the PS5, I didn't even see a day one update.  They release one disc for both generations... the Xbox One version is on the disc, and the Xbox Series X just downloads the upgrade.  Without the internet, it'd just play the Xbox One version on disc in backwards compatibility.


    Microsoft made the entire next gen digital with most people not even realizing it. 😵 That sucks.  What a horrible platform for collectors lol.

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    2. Stan Lee

      Stan Lee

      Are you forgetting the original Xbox? Came up way short against the PS2, although to be fair it launched way later

    3. Dreakon13


      Yeah, I guess I did forget about it... but to be honest I don't really know the history behind who won that gen.

    4. Stan Lee

      Stan Lee

      With 150 million plus units sold it was definitely the PS2 that won out anyway. It put the final nail in the coffin of Sega hardware and the Gamecube and Xbox that came thereafter couldn't catch up. However, it was a different time, consoles of the same gen launched years apart, unlike today where they seem to have a gentleman's agreement to share a launch week.

  9. Having spent entirely too much time reading Xbox fans on Twitter and Reddit taunting PS5 owners over the "up to 120fps" advantage with this... the Xbox Series X seems to be a more powerful machine than the PS5. Unless I'm missing something, it seems like as a platform it'll probably get the edge in performance wherever possible. However marginal it may be. That being said, until the Xbox starts getting some exclusives that take advantage of that power... it's just playing the same games as we are. Having uncapped PC games framerates before, the difference between 60fps and 120fps (unlike 30fps and 60fps) is unnoticeable. Considering it's very unlikely to maintain a consistent 120fps and jumpy framerates are very annoying... it's one of the least appealing advantages I've seen gain this much traction. Like my PC games, I'd probably cap it at a stable 60fps anyways if given the option.
  10. Taking drugs isn't a good thing because it avoided time spent murdering people. Even if there's some truth to it, and murder is the worse of both evils, they're both still bad things... or at the very least, it's not a great point.
  11. I believe the PS5 edition will be free to PS4 owners, which probably means it won't be sold separately. You'd just buy/activate the PS4 version to access the PS5 one. Probably just call it one big happy Playstation version eventually.
  12. I think he's saying that the bad will generated by porting their exclusives with online content to a platform with free online would hurt the brand and create dissension among the userbase. Thereby... fore... exclusives are good. It's not a great point.
  13. Interesting thing to surprise drop. Remember this being pretty sweet back in the day, curious how it's aged. I'm guessing if it's a direct port, probably no online play? Just local? Did the original have online?
  14. It was a conversation about viability of gaming without PSN and how physical compares to digital. I'm not sure why people started talking about every little bug or missing DLC character a game might have, or "how companies handle themselves when their products get blasted by critics". I'm not arguing that games aren't buggy or sometimes incomplete on launch, I'm arguing that "some little bug" doesn't matter if the alternative is no game at all, and that physical is still viable. Of course re-printing is relevant.