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  1. Well, two things... 1. People tend to confuse not liking a game with it being overrated. You can subjectively dislike something, while objectively acknowledging a games quality and influence. 2. Admitting something is underrated, means you have to actually like something. And where's the fun in that? /s
  2. I don't think there are many DLC out there that have really wow'd me. By the time I finish most games, which is rare in and of itself, I'm done with them and ready to move on... so even quality DLC tends to feel excessive. No less the way DLC's often feel unsatisfyingly short, forced and less interesting/significant than the base game. I guess if I had to pick one, I'll just say Final Fantasy XIV's expansions. If they count. I have more patience with the longevity of online games and story/content-wise the expansions in FFXIV have been good to great. On par with, if not better than, the single player Final Fantasy's.
  3. Imagine being fortunate enough to be able to find/afford a PS5 AND a Xbox Series X... and care enough about a completely playable, backwards compatible indie game not getting proper next-gen support yet to find it "unacceptable".
  4. Started playing the game Valheim on Steam.  I've never really played a survival game before, and this one seems like a gem.  Having fun just beating up trees and enemies for resources at the moment, and putting together some basic places to crash at night and through nasty weather.


    Looking forward to gearing up and going on some adventures.

  5. I don't think it was announced or available for pre-order back in November 2020? Though I'm unsure if I'll be getting the Legendary Edition on launch anyways.
  6. Personally, I don't understand people who don't trust a vaccine and would rather "take their chances" with the unpredictable virus... but if that's the choice they want to make, I can't say I feel too bad if something happens to them. Those vaccinated will have some form of protection from them, and for that I'm thankful. That being said, the strain they could needlessly put on the health care systems if still getting sick in large enough numbers, and the possible mutations stemming from spread among the unvaccinated rendering the current vaccines less effective... would be a god damn shame.
  7. When it comes to competitive multiplayer, a game should not be making assumptions for anyone. For or against them. I don't play first person shooters, but it's the most enraging thing in NHL 21 because the game is probably 70% skill and 30% "EA physics" bending over backwards trying to help or hurt you (by helping the other person). Competitive online should be 100% skill. No exceptions. Or make accessibility features a filterable option in matchmaking.
  8. Which option would I pick if I have a massive backlog of games I don't feel like playing 90% of the time, and continue to add to it... and still buy most big, new releases day one, but actually play the new games (usually)?
  9. Say what you want about Epic and their client, but there are some games/franchises that I don't think would've considered PC releases if not for them throwing their money around. More gamers being able to play the games they want to is a good thing. EDIT: As an ex-PC gamer that used to cry about all of the different clients and trying to keep everything on Steam... best thing you can do is not worry about it. Just pin them all to the Windows 10 start menu and organize it a little, keep a little note of all your logins, and life is good.
  10. I think I make this status every so often, but I'm here to make it again.


    I don't really understand single player games anymore. xD  I have a few games I could be playing this Sunday morning, yet I always gravitate to NHL 21 and thinking of re-activating my subscription to FFXIV.


    Pushing my limits of patience and skill against AI enemies/bosses for the sole purpose of clearing chore lists and seeing credits roll... doesn't really compare anymore to the thrill of dominating a game online against actual players, or having a really good run healing/tanking a dungeon in FFXIV that makes people walk away thinking "holy crap that guy made it look easy" or helping other players with less experience.


    I think the only single player games I can do are shorter ones that are either easy enough to not frustrate me, or have such a fascinating story or world (just being pretty doesn't count) that I can't give up until I see how it ends.  And the well is pretty dry on games that meet those criteria after 20-30 years of gaming.

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    2. Copanele


      Never thought I could ever find a total opposite of mine in videogames 😂 I can't understand how people can handle all kind of players online, speaking , raiding, all the multiplayer MMO stuff (and especially chatting with others, together with all the "good" stuff that is thrown at you) . After let's say 15 years of gaming, I love single player games more than ever while avoiding multiplayer games like the plague. They are my little intimate haven. And that is because I played a MMO for a long while, some time ago. Never again. 


      Note - this ain't a "judging you" reply. Just saying hi from the other side of the border xD really fun to see a completely mirrored view on games :D

    3. starcrunch061


      Wow. For someone who doesn't understand SP games, you sure do buy a shitload of them. 🤔

    4. Dreakon13


      @Copanele Oddly enough, I kinda dislike people.  Especially these days.  Thankfully I don't come across too many (vocally) toxic people in the games I play, it helps I'm actually a pretty nice guy until someone gets on my bad side lol.  In the context of involving them in the kinds of games I like to play... it's more tolerable if they're involved in something I actually want to do, and having the option of kicking them around a little bit isn't so bad. ;)


      @starcrunch061 I call it the unemployment/retirement pile for a reason. xD  I've played single player games before, I still do, and I eventually will in greater numbers again.  But I'll be damned if it's not a difficult thing to motivate myself to do versus the alternatives lately.


      EDIT: In all honesty I could use a bit of a "little intimate haven" away from the world lately, so like @Copanele it'd probably be in my best interest to try and get into it a bit more. 🤔

  11. I think there are people out there who would be ok with the industry collapsing tomorrow. Less money they feel obligated to spend, and they can live forever memeing and complaining about how bad Cyberpunk runs. Sounds like a win-win for the internet age.
  12. Someone needs a chill pill.
  13. I'm not saying anyone is doing anything wrong. Just that this is a site dedicated to trophy hunting, which systematically revolves around recording, comparing and critiquing our accomplishments. Don't be surprised or offended if/when people do just that as you willfully bring your trophy case into the public eye.
  14. It depends. This site is like a gaming achievement convention. Everyone gets together to talk about their accomplishments and trophy cases, and ultimately critique every element of it. If this were a real world event, and people set up stands to show off their trophies, I guarantee you the people with real accomplishments would be annoyed by the people with twice as many trophies as them that mean almost nothing... and in that context, I think people would understand it better.