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  1. There is a lot we don't know about this, so any information can be valuable. Especially if it offers peace of mind to people. But I'm firmly in the "everyone should be wearing masks in public" camp until this thing passes. Just on the off chance asymptomatic transmission is possible, since we don't know 100%. It's the considerate thing to do given the circumstances. (Not that I'm saying you disagree with masks, but the idea of trying to disprove asymptomatic transmission with one case study and limited data can give people the impression masks aren't necessary.)
  2. Maybe the article gets into it, but I think there's more to consider than simply symptomatic or asymptomatic. Just being in the room with someone that has it doesn't mean you get it, somehow it has to get from the person to you. If they are asymptomatic, they may not be sneezing or coughing very often. Talking introduces droplets into the air but they're larger than the mist sneezing creates and lacks the velocity of coughing or yelling... and don't travel as far, in as much quantity, or hang in the air as long. Someone like me with an unrelated chronic cough though, or someone with bad seasonal allergies for example, is probably a bit more dangerous to be around if they were an asymptomatic carrier than others.
  3. https://itch.io/b/520/bundle-for-racial-justice-and-equality For anyone interested... this bundle contains 700+ games for a minimum $5 donation. Proceeds go to good causes. I ordered it and thumbed through and man, there are some good games in this mix. A Short Hike, Oxenfree, Night in the Woods, Semblance, Luna, Quadrilateral Cowboy, to name a few. Maybe 10-20 games total worth the minimum donation individually IMO, then a lot of other little indie projects ranging from shovelware to kinda interesting to probably better than I expect. Not Steam keys or anything... it's itch.io / DRM-free.
  4. FFXIV isn't even active/supported on PS3 anymore, is it? Dunno how last gen it is when you can't even play it there anymore, and most of the content came this gen. I'll vote for that just because it's by far my favorite and it's kinda silly to exclude it. Second would be FFXV. Where FFVII Remake is probably a better built game, FFXV is a (mostly) complete experience and not 1/16th of the story. And while I was initially impressed with the combat in FFVII Remake, the further I get, the more I realize it inherited a lot of FFXV's sloppiness in a more complicated/frustrating package. EDIT: And the Pitioss Ruins post-game is more interesting and creative than anything FFVII Remake could do by a mile. Took FFXV from "pretty good" to "masterpiece" for me.
  5. In Sony's defense, Microsoft was more against crossplay last gen with their early lead and the PS3's slow start. The leading platform any given gen would be inherently against it, since if all your friends play on PS4, Sony wants you buying a PS4 too... not an Xbox One or a PC. Why open the door and help the competition? Where the platforms that are falling behind may have smaller userbases and less control over that, and probably need the good PR of consumer friendly features more anyways. The good will that Microsoft earned this generation advocating for cross-play and backwards compatibility and Game Pass being such a good value will pay dividends next gen IMO. Where Sony's stinginess may work against them. EDIT: To answer the OP, I am 100% for crossplay. All I want is to be able to play with my friends, and I don't really play any twitch heavy shooters, so yeah. PC and PS4 crossplay in FF14 works great.
  6. Almost in the mood to re-play Death Stranding.  It's a game I said wouldn't be as interesting in a second playthrough, but I think I'm in the mood for something like that to compliment FFXIV.


    I need a game search engine where I can type in "nails the atmosphere" and get a list of games... because I think those are the ones i want to play right now.  Then filter on "weird" and "eerie" and "beautiful"...

    I'd basically get Death Stranding and Hollow Knight.

  7. That's ok, I'm not necessarily looking for solutions to the quests. Just venting because I think the vagueness and mystery surrounding what you need to do and where you need to go with the side quests in general is a bit unnecessary. And leaving map markers on useless NPC's doubly so.
  8. The Church? That's fine if that's where I need to go, but either put the map marker there or take it off IMO. The compass is a cluttered mess of map markers trying to direct me to NPC's with nothing left to offer me.
  9. Thank you, I guess I was checking the wrong map. Didn't even know there was a Chocobo map since I've never really bothered to use it before. How about this... Woman tells me to talk to Kyrie, but the map marker continues to point to the woman. She has nothing new to tell me if I talk to her again... just talk to Kyrie. In this case, maybe I'm just supposed to wander aimlessly until I find her. I doubt there's a special map for every quest. Keep in mind, I'm not necessarily looking for answers to these quests (though knowing about the Chocobo map is handy). I'm just saying I think the system is kinda messed up.
  10. Maybe you could help me out then... this is the only marker I have for Chocobo Search. It's the NPC who gave me the quest. There's nothing more I can get from him, and nothing on any part of the map is indicating where I need to go. I've checked every inch of it, and every map on the list.
  11. So I'm in Chapter 14... after getting a little fed up with the game, I took a break and now with the long weekend I'm thinking I may pick it back up and at least try to finish the story one time through. One of my biggest frustrations with the game is the side quests. The quest markers/compass typically don't point to where you need to go, it points to the NPC who gave you the quest. What's the point of that exactly? I see the marker, I talk to them again, they give me the same "this is what you gotta do" spiel, and nothing of value is accomplished. Right now I'm doing this search for chocobos and from what I can tell the game has no indication of where these chocobo's are. So I've been running around like an idiot between a few different slum's and have come up empty handed. I don't like to Google search stuff that shouldn't be so complicated, but even the guides I've tried looking up are less than clear where exactly the chocobo's are (rather going into detail about what happens after you find them). I don't need to know where to find them, eventually I'll piece this totally unnecessary puzzle together and complete this one minor side quest... or just plow through the main story without them as long as it lets me. But am I missing something really obvious about the side quest markers? This isn't the first time I've run into this. Or is it intentionally misleading/non-existent to add to the sense of "exploration"?
  12. Disclaimer: I'm not really sure. Can't remember the exact steps when I set mine up (but I bought a physical copy which probably came with a code). But presumably you'll have to create a Square/Mogstation account and/or link your PSN account to it somewhere along the way. When that happens is likely when the timer starts.
  13. Awesome game, probably the most enjoyable MMORPG I've played in a long time. Took a long break but started it back up a week or two ago. Story drags like hell in the base game (literally just finished it last night), but it ends on a high note and the expansions are supposed to be great. The combat is some of the smoothest and most enjoyable I've played in an MMORPG, and may be one of the best Final Fantasy games combat-wise (and in general). If you're looking for an MMORPG, especially now with the quarantines and social distancing and blah blah blah, you could do a lot worse. Sounds like the platinum is a bit of a nightmare though.
  14. I dunno, might just be me, but a story locked into the endgame doesn't seem like much of a story. At least not compared to say... FFXIV.
  15. In my limited time dabbling in both games, WoW seems like its great if you want a lot of random things to do. There's no story really, not one that feels important anyways, so from the beginning you learn quick that the point of the game is to just run around, go through the menus, and do whatever is available whenever you feel like. In that sense, it kinda lasts forever since you never run out of stuff to do or reasons to do it. It's a great chill game, you can put on some music and just grind for hours. Where FFXIV is more targeted, you have less to do in the end and it leads to a bit of a lull once you finish the story and accomplish what you wanted to accomplish... but whats there is either tangibly more substantial (like the story) or just feels/looks bigger and more epic than other games. It's less chill, but that's because there's more you actually want to focus on intently, because it's really good. It's also possibly the best combat system I've played in a Final Fantasy, no less an MMO. All of that aside, WoW with controller support period would be awesome. Mods have almost accomplished that on PC, I feel like Blizzard could figure it out.