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  1. I wouldn't be shocked to see the heavy hitters (Elder Scrolls, Fallout) as exclusives or at least timed exclusives... that stuff will move consoles and bring a lot of people over to Xbox. The comparatively smaller franchises (Doom, The Evil Within, Wolfenstein) will probably stay multi-platform just to make a few extra bucks. Just my 2 cents. This doesn't really make a dent for me, I've kinda lost interest in the whole open world RPG thing since 2011 and was never a huge fan of Bethesda's take on Fallout. Hopefully this gets Sony moving though since they basically took the generation off with the PS4 outside of their exclusives selling gangbusters.
  2. Sigh... I think I may just start FFXIV again.  I finished Heavensward and let my subscription go thinking it'd be a good time to play through the backlog and I'm just not doing it.


    The daily roulettes in that game were just so perfect to fit in the evenings after work... and the story content fit pretty well on the weekends.  I had a pretty good, albeit unproductive backlog-wise, rhythm going with it.  Which is unusual for me.


    I'm having a heck of a time finding the motivation to fit other games into those time slots... either because games don't fit well into hour or two segments at night, or don't fit well ONLY being played on the weekends.


    It also helps the social element of an MMORPG has been rather healthy for me the last 6 months or so, and would probably continue to be so.

    1. Glowbugg


      I've been playing it again lately too, nicest mmo community I've ever been a part of by far! May you walk in the light of the crystal  😋

  3. First it was the Control Ultimate Edition not giving existing PS4 owners free upgrades, now it's Spider-Man Remastered bundled with Miles Morales that seem to have people in a tizzy.


    Can someone explain to me what the problem is?  Because it looks to me like a bunch of people that got free stuff from a few companies, that now expect free stuff from everyone.  And if you don't give them that free stuff, they're gonna burn your house down.  Does that seem close?

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    2. Dreakon13


      It's the same for both IMO.  People see other people getting free shit, they want free shit too.  Which is fine if you call a spade a spade and just say you want free shit.  Who doesn't.  But the indignities that people act like they're suffering over it is ridiculous.  Save the crying wolf for when they actually do something bad.


      I have no hard feelings that a company isn't giving me a PS5 copy of a PS4 game I bought.  Same way I didn't lose my shit when they announced the literal hundreds of PS3>PS4 remasters last gen.  It's wonderful some companies are doing it, given how expensive certifying patches/updates alone are I'm guessing new releases on new platforms cost that much more and not everyone can/wants to swing it... but how bad is it to do nice things for such a genuinely ungrateful community.

    3. Stan Lee

      Stan Lee

      Being ungrateful is the name of the game, see my cover picture. 99% of the shit gamers get mad about is trivial or utter nonsense, whereas some of the most egregious shit is let slide because... reasons?

    4. ihadalifeb4this


      I didn't get game yet, but I think anyone who bought  Season Pass should not pay twice to get what in theory should be the best version of game. Fans who already spent money on the game should be rewarded instead of being treated like cash cows. They are targeting hardcore fan base in hope to make even bigger profit. That kind of attitude honestly makes me doubt that upgrade will actually worth the money they ask for it... again. 

  4. First of all, obviously. It's a highly sought after item that's difficult to find right now (even if all you can find are preorders). Of course people are going to be listing it for ridiculous prices on eBay. It's not even worth discussing at this point, no less making some sensationalized YouTube video/forum topic. Second of all, almost any upcoming release you can find for above retail somewhere on eBay. Case in point... you can order Far Cry 6 Collectors Edition today from Ubisoft's store for $200, or you can pay some random guy on eBay $600. If you're lucky, you can order Spider-Man Miles Morales for $100+ on eBay... instead of, you know, paying $50 anywhere else. They're just hoping to find somebody who thinks eBay is the only place to get this stuff, or see's the high price and the word "rare", and panics/pulls the trigger on it. It only takes one. PS5 is the hottest ticket item in a while, so you'll find more ridiculous listings than usual... but it happens with almost everything.
  5. So fun fact: If you hear people talking about Super Mario 64 in the new All Stars collection crashing on exit and using it to rag on the collection... they pirated it. While it's tough to defend Nintendo's odd decision to make the collection a digitally limited release, it's almost more embarrassing that the people most vocally against Nintendo and their decisions stole the game... and probably steal a lot of other games. Though these are the same people saying $60 is a ripoff when you can just emulate them for free so I shouldn't be surprised. Trust me, I've pirated my share of content in my day, but the thought of taking my pirated games and bitching the devs out online/further hurting their sales never once occurred to me. What an entitled gaming world we live in. I love the Ori games, and getting physical copies of both on Switch would be one more nail in the coffin for my Xbox. That CE looks beautiful and I'm really considering it, but FYI iam8bit confirmed standard retail Switch copies of both games would be coming later this year as well. It's also confirmed the games run at 60fps on the Switch, which is a relief because Will of the Wisps ran like crap on the Xbox. They must've done a great job optimizing it since release.
  6. I'm not particularly upset that I missed the non-existent preorder window... but I'm on board with preordering if the opportunity presents itself and I'm looking forward to a PS5. I have no doubt the PS5 will be the better experience for all of these games.
  7. Not sure what makes people think pre-orders would've gone smoother if it happened at a different time? It would've been the same people jumping on it, and same outages. This happens with almost every major console release/preorder. I don't think there's really a great way of doing it. Just have to roll with the punches.
  8. Shoot, making me decide quick on if I want to pre-order or not. I probably will if a retailer near me is one with open preorders and they don't sell out too quick. I'll likely double dip on a "slim" halfway through the gen again, so no reason to wait too long getting my first one.
  9. I don't typically engage in the "console wars" but I have a few subreddits feeding into me and see the occasional post along the lines of "look at all these amazing games coming to the Xbox, Playstation fans"... to which I'll occasionally respond with something along the lines of "it's a nice list but Xbox exclusives always look better before release than after, how will they stack up to Playstations titles?".


    To which their response is typically, "YEAH BUT HORIZON AND DETROIT AND DEATH STRANDING ARE ON PC"


    Where I'm going with this... I don't understand why people think Playstation games being ported to PC is a plus for the Xbox?  You still can't play them on the Xbox.  And if it's simply a negative for Sony, literally every Xbox exclusive is/will be on PC too going forward I believe so it's not like the Xbox fares any better.  It's kind of a weird point/argument, right?

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    2. Spaz


      Xbox went down the shitter after their fiasco with Xbox One in around the year 2013. Ever since then they've mostly hung onto the label, and there are still a few vocal Xbox fanboys out there who will defend it, regardless if the new console is outsold 10 to 1.


      The years 2005 - 2011 was the time of the Xbox 360. The May 2011 PSN shutdown just convinced more people to jump ship to Xbox, because Microsoft had the numbers and profit mostly due to their Xbox Live Gold memberships, which were decent.


      Now look at them. They're struggling to keep afloat, and Phil Spencer is just a fucking business executive proving that he has no idea what he's really doing, which is helping kill off the Xbox label because the PC is obviously a much more viable option.


      They had Halo, Gears of War, Forza and other franchises. What do they have now?

    3. Dreakon13


      For what it's worth, I don't really have anything against the Xbox.  Honestly the Xbox One and Xbox Live are better built systems/networks than Playstation and PSN.  Game Pass is a great value (even if it and the extra cheap disc-less Xbox Series S are likely the final nails in the coffin of physical media).  I'm staying with Playstation mostly because my brother is here and the exclusives are better.  Sony hasn't exactly been the most customer friendly group either.


      But I mostly posted this just because it's weird that Xbox fans are somehow twisting Playstation ports on PC being a "plus" for Xbox... when they still can't play those games and most of their games are on PC too. xD  It's weird.

    4. Spaz


      Xbox Live was a better online experience than the PS3, which was rather inferior in comparison. 

      Sony hasn’t been all too consumer friendly because they have no real competition anymore. If Xbox had an edge in something, I think that would help. But a lot of their former playerbase jumped ship to Sony early in the PS4 generation. Xbox has never made a full recovery. They have just a selection of people hanging on to them, compared to what they had 10 - 15 years ago. 

      And because most of everything they have I can grab on the PC anyway, I see no reason to go out and pay their overpriced new console at this point. 

      A decade ago Sony was offering deals to try to keep gamers to stick with them, most notably with the PSN shutdown because they were backed into a corner. Nowadays they can literally increase the price of PS Now and PS Plus because they have the playerbase and the numbers. 

      Because where else are they going to go besides Steam on the PC?

  10. On it's own, I don't feel bad for starting games and not finishing them... But I do feel bad for the number of games I have backlogged now that I now don't feel it necessary to go back to, because I've gotten far enough in most of them to feel like the magic is gone a little bit and any time spent starting over and re-trying to get back into them will be somewhere between redundant, boring, and a lengthy reminder of why I stopped before.
  11. Your definition of "support" didn't include the highly realistic possibility of an update larger than the occasional security fix... so... ? EDIT: I don't mean to put words in your mouth but it feels like you're leaving things out to downplay the potential of PSN going anywhere on older devices and generally not acknowledging the possibilities of it. If your point was "an event could occur that would cause PSN use to be discontinued, but it isn't likely anytime soon"... ok, but what you say and what you mean appear to be different (which is generally poor practice if people drawing incorrect conclusions bothers you). And the question was also not about today or tomorrow, but 5-20 years from now. So I'm just going with what we have.
  12. I'd guess the PS3 probably has a larger install base and a more active userbase in general than the Vita, plus it's still currently only one generation behind, so I dunno if that's a great determining factor for "PSN is never going anywhere on any Playstation device". Once Vita support drops, it could drop hard compared to a mainline/numbered console entry. And the idea that PSN or the storefront will never get a bigger update than "patching some security flaws" seems really shortsighted.
  13. I mean there's every reason to believe it will eventually. Resources are finite and eventually Sony will want to overhaul the backend (if the name change stuff was any indication it was originally put together with glue and duct tape)... and they'll have to decide what consoles/devices are worth supporting. To answer the OP's questions though... No one knows, Sony doesn't even know. As new consoles/devices come out, PSN and the storefront gets updated, it'll be a fluid process of deciding what is worth continuing to support and what isn't. Your options are to either support digital storefronts like PSN and learn to live with not knowing when it might go away, or support physical copies of games that at least can't be taken away from you once you have them.
  14. I mean, if people are reporting that the new Mac OS causes issues with it, and two different devices (one brand new) aren't working... it sounds like an issue with your MacBook and the Elgato device. The only thing I'd recommend is trying it on a Windows laptop before you buy one (maybe borrow from a friend/family, or from school or work, asking them first of course lol). EDIT: Or try Bootcamp like Daiv says.
  15. I mean, my setup is basically a movie theater (complete with big screen and sound system) without the obnoxious people or the crazy prices. What's not to like?