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  1. I imagine it would be pretty high on the list regardless. Great graphics, solid story, underappreciated setting, visceral combat. The only wrinkles against it is that it's a little on the short side and the combat isn't very deep, but for what it was, solid all the way around IMO. I enjoyed it a lot. EDIT: Most of the unfinished games have a solid amount of time in them, either on the Playstation or elsewhere (where applicable). As much as people love games like The Witcher III, Persona 5 and Bloodborne... I have some problems that dropped them, and they'll probably stay lower even when I do finish them.
  2. It appears there's a "Hong Kong" physical release of it with English text. I don't see a US release around. So... something like this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Digimon-Story-Cybersleuth-Hackers-Memory-Sony-PS-Vita-English-version-Brand-New/263803822083 https://www.ebay.com/itm/PSV-PS-Vita-Digimon-Story-Cyber-Sleuth-Hackers-Memory-Asian-ENGLISH-Physical/322939510081 I dunno if those are trustworthy sellers, or if they are the best price. Just saying it appears to exist. I'd recommend shopping around.
  3. Of the games that I've completed or played long enough to craft an opinion (just the single player portions): 1. Hollow Knight (PC/Switch) 2. Ori and the Blind Forest (PC/Xbox One) 3. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End 4. Final Fantasy XV 5. Resident Evil 7 6. Life Is Strange (not Before The Storm) 7. Horizon Zero Dawn 8. INSIDE 9. Firewatch 10. Detroit: Become Human 11. Axiom Verge 12. Grand Theft Auto V 13. God of War 14. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy 15. The Evil Within 16. Hyper Light Drifter 17. Ryse: Son of Rome (PC/Xbox One) 18. Owlboy 19. Dying Light 20. Until Dawn 21. Persona 5 - UF 22. Wolfenstein The New Order - UF 23. Dark Souls III - UF 24. The Witcher III - UF 25. Unravel 26. LittleBigPlanet 3 27. Quantum Break (PC/Xbox One) - UF 28. The Evil Within 2 29. NieR: Automata - UF 30. What Remains of Edith Finch 31. The Order 1886 32. Titanfall 2 33. Little Nightmares 34. Bloodborne - UF 35. No Man's Sky - UF 36. Mafia III - UF This isn't my only account, so be weary if you look at my PSN profile to dispute anything. (EDIT: Forgot about games I played on other systems/platforms.) (EDIT 2: For my own curiosity, I marked games I haven't played through entirely yet with a " - UF" for "unfinished")
  4. But the OP said it's been months since they last seriously played anything, since they've been traveling. I'd call that a "break", wouldn't you? From experience, I don't think the answer is to take a break. That's not going to make the feeling of starting some 50-100 hour epic less overwhelming (if anything it'll be more overwhelming since few other hobbies can prepare you for that kind of overt and fleeting dedication). I think the answer is to just be a little stubborn, pick a game that seems good and stick it out to the end. No matter what. Even if you feel yourself getting tired of it or bored. Maybe something shorter (ie. 10-15 hours?) but not too easy. Granted I never was great at the trophy hunting thing, but that's what I did when I found myself losing interest too quickly when I first tried getting into it. Driving home from work one day I just said "fuck it, I'm going to platinum Uncharted 1... no matter what". And I did, and I really got into it. Wasn't a difficult game or anything, but I just didn't have the motivation to do it before that day. And that's all it took. ... That's kinda the nice thing about trophies. Games today are so open ended... even the mostly linear single player games have 100 endings to unlock. You never quite know when to say you're done, because if you stop when the credits roll, you may still be missing half the game (or more)... and without some sort of roadmap you may not even realize it. It's kinda nuts if you think about it. The platinum at least gives you that sense of completion, where you can take a deep breath, smile and put the game back on the shelf finally. I really think I miss that, since I bailed on trophies in general a while ago.
  5. Never understood this suggestion, in response to someone who clearly wants to continue gaming. Be like someone saying, "I'm tired of the same old boring food... how can I have a little more fun cooking and making food?" and responding that there's other things to do besides eating/cooking! Who does that help.
  6. I'll probably pass, but I appreciate it! I typically don't have too much trouble skulking those same sites and finding deals if I really want to... the problem is that I should probably just be saving that money instead, even if it is cheaper.
  7. Part of it for me, is the thrill of getting these limited releases while they are available. I was on the fence with Flinthook, Mercenary Kings and Slime-san... but ultimately pulled the trigger. Best case scenario, I like them. Worst case scenario, I support a group (LRG) doing something I care about (producing physical games)... and maybe I flip the game for a profit to someone who would appreciate it more. I played a demo of Slime-san since, at least, and it's pretty cool! Kind of a poor mans Super Meat Boy. So that's one I'm glad I picked up.
  8. Sounds like me. Gaming is by far the coolest, most appealing hobby in my repertoire... plenty of games I'm interested in, I have time to play them. I don't really get it. People would say "take a break and you'll want to play more when you come back"... but I'm not playing games now. This has been nothing but one big break. There are a few things hanging me up I believe... 1. Games are too damn long. I have time to play games, but not hours upon hours every single day. Starting even a 25-50 hour game is overwhelming, and nowadays you can't seem to go anywhere without a single player game being some repetitive open world (or semi-open world) time waster. Occasionally you get a cool one like God of War or Hollow Knight. By and large though, pretty meh. 2. I collect physical copies of games. Especially in the case of limited/collectors copies of games, I'm very hesitant about opening them and losing value. Plus for whatever reason taking discs in and out feels much more conclusive than digital was (when I played on PC). I don't want to swap discs every other hour as I start a game, give up, start a new game, give up, rinse and repeat until I find one that sticks or that I'm in the mood for. The finality of opening a game and putting it into the console is also a little overwhelming... as weird and unrelate-able as that probably is. 3. I personally have trouble dealing with stress, generally speaking gaming isn't "easy" enough for me to just sit and relax with it. And the easy games run a serious risk of crossing the border into boring. Rightfully or not, I've been feeling the stress lately. Work, family, life. Big stress or small stress. I can only seem to game if things are "just right".
  9. Heck yeah! Already have their physical Switch releases of Flinthook, Mercenary Kings, Saturday Morning RPG, Slime-san and Oceanhorn (not an official LRG release but ordered through their shop) preordered. I'll definitely be picking up Yooka Laylee too. Golf Story and Dust An Elysian Tail are also definitely happening. West of Loathing is in the 'probably' pile. Not particularly interested in Cosmic Star Heroine (or whatever it is) and Layers of Fear I would prefer to get on the PS4 if its an option (to go along with my preordered PS4 copy of Observer!). EDIT: Yooka Laylee is probably the one that I find the most exciting. Always wanted to play it and the game should fit like a glove on the Switch and in my collection, being an unabashedly old-school 3D platformer.
  10. I still like the idea of video games better than other hobbies. Television is just easier.
  11. I hate it... but I drop games I start all the time. Problem is that I'm just not in the mood or have work to do most evenings, so there are large gaps between my gaming sessions, and what I am in the mood for changes by the day it feels like. So I'll start something, say "this game is pretty cool", turn it off, a week passes, and I never turn it back on. Rinse and repeat. So bad I barely even bother starting games anymore. Even 8-10 hour games are just grueling for me to get through for some reason... no less some 150 hour epic. Best bet is to find some 2-3 hour indie game and binge it on a Saturday morning. Game has to be utterly fascinating to keep my attention longer than that... though it's hard to blame the games at this point. Seems like I find new releases more interesting than dipping into my backlog though. Tough to go backwards, feels like I've played all these games 100 times before even if I haven't touched them yet.
  12. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PlayStation_Portable For reference, the platform was discontinued in 2014. So it took roughly two years to bail on the storefront after officially ending support. The PS3 is a much bigger entity than the PSP and likely won't go anywhere anytime soon... but just saying. Who knows where they go 5-10 years from now.
  13. I mean, we don't know for sure. By simple database design, our PSN profiles should be unique by something other than our usernames... yet we can't change them, because the way Sony designed it made the PSN ID's what the entire thing hinges instead of something no one would ever care about, like an arbitrary auto-incrementing number. We don't know how the infrastructure is built, especially since the digital shop only really came into prominence at the end of the PS3 generation. I'm sure they patched things together pretty haphazardly to try and meet demand (see: problems digitally distributing games like GTAV on the PS3 at launch) and who knows how that may play into the PS3's network viability long-term. Especially as PSN is forced to evolve to keep up with the Joneses. Besides, I'm sure as time goes on, Sony will be tempted to turn off older consoles (and handhelds) access purely to save on whatever server resources they can. I mean, they've closed down various apps and services over the years that people may or may not have been using, so much for the idea of "well it doesn't hurt anything to keep it going". Whether that means cutting access to the store and your purchased games outright... who knows, and maybe most people wouldn't care by the time that comes... but the idea that you'd ever "own" something forever (or at least as long as you personally want to) when you're effectively borrowing it and access is 100% at the discretion of someone/something else is a fallacy. It's funny that just as gaming reaches a point of mainstream acceptance, and games are at their most visually and thematically creative... that the digital, throwaway culture starts to gain traction. To each their own, but gaming as an artform deserves better IMO. To that point, in scenario #2, I'd have to assume those downloaded games are tied to a certain account... and there's probably a myriad of ways to lose sync between your console, your account, and your downloaded games that you may not be able to get back should the network ever be taken offline. Like say, something as simple as having to reformat the Switch's internal memory and not being able to log in again... ie. I doubt you'd be able to walk over to your buddy's house, pop in your microSD on their Switch, and just start playing. Again, however cathartic and problem solving copying games off of the system may feel, the idea that you "own" them anymore by doing so is a fallacy.
  14. I think they specifically said at one point in the Switch's R&D that it was intended to coexist with the 3DS. That being said, with the way the Switch has gained so much popularity and momentum since it launched, and the obvious fact that it's a handheld itself... I could see their tune changing. Seems like a much stronger business plan to have one console that does everything versus potentially competing with themselves.