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  1. I'm getting the impression a "gaming room" isn't the unique idea I thought it was.
  2. I'm trying to figure out how to get my gaming mojo going again, and there's no denying that the couch in the living room (where I usually game) is pretty darn uncomfortable. Well, maybe uncomfortable is harsh... but it's much better for laying down and/or lazily watching a movie or television, than sitting hunched-forward focused for extended periods of time. The back support just isn't there. So I'm trying to think how to fix that. Short of buying another couch. One idea I had when I originally moved into my house, was dedicate a room to gaming. Call it a "mini theater" if you will. A super comfy chair/recliner, a big TV, and my gaming systems. I usually play solo or online, so there isn't a ton of need for lots of seating. Like a little gaming pod to fully immerse into the games. I makeshifted something kinda like that where I lived before and I found myself to be more productive gaming than I have been recently. So I'm thinking what if I move things around and try something like that, turn my little office into a gaming room. It'd require me to get another television though. I've been in the market for a 4K TV anyways, and Black Friday is coming up... so... The only thing is, I already have a television in the living room. And one in my bedroom. I'd like to have one in the basement once I get around to furnishing it. Now I'm considering adding another television via a "gaming room" to this relatively small space. That'd be 3-4 televisions when all is said and done. Seems like a lot. I'm just here wondering, how many televisions do gamers usually have in their homes? See how common this first world problem of mine is. EDIT: Granted my situation is a little different, since I'm the only one living here at the moment. How many televisions does one man need? ūüėÖ
  3. Gonna throw this out there again, since you guys are the best resource I have for Switch info. How do eShop holiday sales typically work? Is it like Steam, where 90% of games have some sort of sale price... or is it really hit and miss which games end up being on sale? Eyeing up Celeste lately since that's on the short list of "probably not getting a physical release anytime soon" and I'd like to play it again (on console) in the near future. Would be cool if I could get a break on the price... dunno if I feel like waiting around for Black Friday/Christmas sales if the odds are low that Celeste specifically will be cheaper.
  4. I've been beating this drum since the whole crossplay thing started. Back in the Xbox 360 generation, Microsoft was just as adverse to it, with reports aplenty of Microsoft wanting to keep their Xbox Live ecosystem locked down... leading to little nice things like "Steam on PS3" and PC crossplay with Portal 2 absent from the Xbox release. Coincidentally, the 360 had all the momentum that generation for having released sooner and cheaper than the PS3. Now that Sony and the PS4 have the lead, it's happened again going the other way. It sucks for the consumers who want to play with their friends no matter what they have (trust me I'd love Destiny 2 crossplay)... but from a business perspective it makes sense for the leading console to avoid crossplay. They'd basically be saying "Go ahead, buy those other consoles and give them your money instead of us. Don't worry, you can still play here." Microsoft is already losing, so trading sales for good PR makes more sense long term... and Nintendo is on their own level so they're just watching Sony/Microsoft go at it and joining in for funsies and a little good PR of their own at this point. Sony wouldn't/shouldn't want to actively try to give away their lead. Since people have these selective short-term memories, or weren't actively gaming back then, or just cared less back then... they seem to think Sony now being adverse to crossplay with the lead is something new. And of course, everything is considered the next big outrage/insult these days, so people can't just shrug these things off like they used to.
  5. They bailed on PSX 2018 due to lack of new stuff to show, right? With all of their biggest upcoming exclusives (Day's Gone, The Last of Us Part II, Ghost of Tsushima, Death Stranding) already having gotten numerous announcements and presentations at the last few E3's... the lack of new stuff may be the cause yet again. I don't see that as necessarily being a bad thing. I'm sure Sony can find ways to market and publicize without E3. And if somehow all four of those games launch in 2019, that's another HUGE year for Sony and a great way to cap off the PS4's twilight years as Sony prepares for the PS5 announcement... at E3 2020 or otherwise. EDIT: Though admittedly, I did love watching E3 the last few years. It'll be less exciting in 2019 without Sony... but considering I own all of the consoles at this point, there's plenty of gaming goodness still for me to feast on. Enough to get me to tune in at least, probably.
  6. I've been kinda holding off picking up certain games on the off chance they end up getting a physical release... but for the ones I really want to play (or re-play) I may just bite the bullet and go digital in the meantime. Kinda looking at Celeste. I loved it on PC, have an itch to play it again but would prefer on console this time (lugging my laptop into the living room to play on the TV is far from a perfect science). I've never gone through a holiday season with the Switch. At least not actively looking at the eShop. What're the odds that Celeste goes on sale in the next month or two? Do most games go on sale during the holiday seasons (ala Steam where you can say for certain 99% of not-brand-new games will have some sort of sale price)... or is it really selective which games are included in sales?
  7. Just wanted to say I appreciate whomever gifted me a premium membership.  Such generosity, I probably don't deserve... but accept gladly.


    Thank you mysterious generous gifter person!

    1. IntroPhenom


      Quite a bit of this going around lately, it seems.

    2. ee28max


      Congratulations! A lot's been going on, wow :) 

  8. There have been tons of moments that had me in stitches. One I remember well for some reason... I was walking up to this random house and this couple was arguing. Afterward, the hotheaded guy was walking down the steps of his house and I kinda sorta got in his way. I didn't say or do anything, but within a second he was throwing punches. Needless to say this didn't end well for him, but I got a good laugh out of the whole situation. Most games have these little scripted moments, and then the NPC's just become NPC's again. It's almost like this NPC remembered the altercation with his wife, was still fuming, and ended up (trying) to take it out on me. It's impressive how smart the game is, and the overall attention to detail. EDIT: And honestly, anything involving me torpedoing my horse and myself headfirst into evil-doers I find on the open trails makes me laugh too. My horses have really taken a beating in the name of justice.
  9. I think I figured out what bugs me about RDR2.  It spends like half the games story missions just as excuses to introduce the metric shit-ton of different side activities and game mechanics that there are... that I'll probably personally never do, at least no more than feels necessary.


    Granted, while doing so, they also introduce characters and offer up plenty of well-written dialog and tidbits of character development/background... but the meaningful story advancing missions are just too few and far between IMO.


    That aside, it's still a remarkable game.¬†ūüėĀūüĎć

    1. PooPooBlast


      I suppose those things can be a hit and miss with some people. Haven't played it yet but once I do I'm going to dedicate a loooong time to it just to experience everything.

  10. Hollow Knight physical release cancelled. :(  One of my favorite games and probably my favorite metroidvania.  Was really hoping to have it physical in my collection (despite already owning it on PC and Switch digitially).




    Guess there's still hope in the form of a "smaller quantity" release someday, probably along the lines of Limited Run Games.  Crossing my fingers.

    1. knoef_NL


      ah i was waiting for the physical release :(

  11. I felt a lot better about the episode once I learned about the films. The idea that they'd leave Ricks future open-ended in the way that it looked like they did didn't sit well with me at all. Works out nicely for everyone... Andrew Lincoln gets to spend more time with his family like he reportedly wanted (since it's probably easier to allocate time for a few movies than it is to be available for 9-10 years of a perpertually evolving television show), AMC gets more Walking Dead to push, and fans hopefully get a more adequate resolution to Ricks story.
  12. So they cancelled three of the remaining four DLC coming for Final Fantasy XV.

    What're the odds that this is the last of the post-release content?  And I can finally do my "complete" playthrough(s) of the main game and DLC episodes?

    1. Show previous comments  13 more
    2. NetEntity


      So just usual doomsday dust with no confirmation, good to know. I was planning to wait till March when the final DLC drops. 

    3. Angel


      As much as I love FFXV and had my enjoyment, I'm glad to see these news. It took them a decade to release and now it was feeling that they needed another decade to "complete" it.

    4. starcrunch061


      @NetEntity To be honest, even if one of the Square folks said, point blank, that there would be server shutdowns, I would take it with a grain of salt. After all, how many times has a developer/publisher from Japan said something, only to retract it with the, "The translation was wrong" or "My English didn't convey my meaning", etc.?

  13. I'm addicted to pressing L3 when riding on a horse in RDR2.  It's basically just to pet/calm the horse down... but the things he says and the tone has me laughing.  So I do it over and over and over again.


    "Heh... yur alraught bwaah."

    "That's a gud bwah."

    "Yeah, yur a gud bwaah."

    "Yew alraught bwah?"

    (Bwah = Boy)


    It's kinda tickling the same funny bone as God of War's incessant "BOY!"-ing... except with an uncomfortable southern drawl. xD

    1. Phil


      In my head bwah = ball. Imma kick you in the bwahs. Which is more appropriate since the game has earned the subtitle: Horse Testicle Simulator 2

    2. DaisyVilla102


      So... I've not watched any videos (with sound, at least) so I imagined it in an Elmer Fudd voice, with him saying "brah".   Like, "You alwight, bwah?" :facepalm: 

  14. Dark makes things on screen easier to see, and since gaming is very much so about following movements on screen closely... dark tends to be better. Not to mention it adds to the movie-like atmosphere of cinematic games, and the spooky atmosphere of horror games. That being said, I game in the living room and have the lights on most of the time. Unless I feel I should for atmospheric/immersive reasons. My eyes/head thanks me.
  15. Maybe 1/3 through the story and I'm starting to come down from the RDR2 high.


    Nothing personal with it really.  It's a great game.  Beautiful graphics, always lots of little stuff to do and see while exploring, the game has had me in stitches more times than I can remember a game doing since probably GTA V.  Every mission so far has been interesting and well written.  I imagine the story would probably be worth it but ugh... I'm not sure I have the stomach for such a loooooong open-ended game right now.  As much as I don't want to bail in the middle of it.


    With as little as I get around to playing the PS4 these days, I need games that push forward a little more steadily and wrap up in a timely fashion.