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  1. For the last week or so, I've been pretty high on Dragon Quest XI as the game to break me out of this MMO/online game kick I've been on... and back into single player games for a little while (before ultimately going back to FFXIV when Endwalker comes out).


    I'm sitting here this morning like... if I'm just going to go from FFXIV to another JRPG, I should probably just pretend FFXIV is a single player game and focus on all the story content I've been shamefully neglecting.  Right?


    But I think this is the perversion of my mind that I need a break from. xD


    Every time I try to focus on FFXIV's story, I get tired, think of new jobs to level, and then just go back to grinding daily roulettes every night after work.  The opposite of doing something productive gaming-wise.  Which I guess is the exact loop MMO's try to get you into, and the exact thing I need to avoid for a little while lol.

  2. Damn, I was hoping for a Dead Space battle royale mobile game. I'd say a remake of the game is a huge commitment vs a quick cash grab like a remaster would've been. If this is successful it's going to be a big flashing signal to EA to think about a Dead Space 4... or remake/reimagine the others, then Dead Space 4. In essence the spirit of a Dead Space 4 is more alive than ever with an announcement like this.
  3. I mean, the phrase in itself is mostly a goof... but you don't have to look far to find a PC gamer that has a list of reasons why PC is better than console ready at a moments notice and 100 YouTube videos corroborating that point. It wouldn't shock me if some people who otherwise might prefer console, stick with PC due to the misguided notion of superiority that rings through some circles. And the fact that a lot of said points aren't directly debatable like raw power of high end PC components, Steam sales, versatility of the platform with mods and accessories, etc (though I can argue that some of these are indirectly detrimental to the experience)... makes more pungent the smell of their own farts they love so much.
  4. For what it's worth, from what I was reading, it seems anti-cheat related. For some of those games anyways. If not most/all of them since they're all online games (the article just mentioned a few of those). Optimistically but not unrealistically, all it could take is one update to those anti-cheat engines and/or one update Proton to send all of them to a playable state.
  5. Started playing Dragon Quest XI on the Switch the other day... and gosh it's just so pleasant, and pretty.  I'm playing the demo but its progress will carry over to the full game when it arrives in the next few days.


    Have had such a hard time just finding a game to get excited about over the last year or two (besides the brand new ones, the hype helps keep me focused lol)... that DQ11 is a breath of fresh air.  Not sure what's changed in me, but I'm going to use this as an opportunity to cut out all the MMO's and online games that I've been killing so much time with... and make a really solid effort to get some quality single player-ing in.


    Maybe the start of a new, non-MMO chapter of my gaming life. ;)  My backlog rejoices.

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    2. Dreakon13


      I feel like it harkens back to a day where RPG's weren't so "mature", monotone, and brooding... with some modern look and feel to it.  I haven't gotten very far yet obviously, I'm still in the demo, but it's just... nice, so far.  Maybe nice is super boring and bland?  It's a welcome change of pace for me at the moment.  See where the journey takes me.

    3. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      Yeah i unno. I feel its combat is slow thus making it seem like a super long game 80-120hrs... Maybe thats what it is. I think i only got as far as getting every party member and then stopped. But don't get me wrong i love jrpgs. I just find most jrpgs  now are 30-45hrs and story picks up quick. I will eventually one day 100% it. One day.

    4. MidnightDragon


      I like how Dragon Quest still has its old school feel.

  6. EDIT: It's probably best if I don't keep it going. I apologize for my attitude in this thread.
  7. There is no nice way of telling someone you can do their jobs better than them, especially when you genuinely have no idea how things look/work on their end. No one made you include that part in your OP, whether it was your point or not. If that was going on for months, again, I'm not shocked at all they banned you. And I'm really not concerned about looking like an asshole, so feel free to "not bother replying" yourself if you want it to stop. Not sure why it's okay to harass developers exactly. These guys probably don't need to be on Discord fielding questions, lord knows with most companies you don't have that kind of access. The OP took advantage, stroked his own ego a bit, and got himself banned. Boo fucking hoo for him.
  8. I reserved a 64GB with every intent to use the microSD card slot to it's fullest. If I can install Windows on the internal storage, that'll be pretty awesome... but maybe see how well SteamOS and Proton handles things out of the box first. If everything works pretty well... I'm looking forward to being able to run FFXIV roulettes comfortably in the living room, and maybe being able to play Diablo 4 someday with PC friends while treating this thing like a console, hooked up to my TV, in my recliner, without having HDMI cables strung all over the house and my jet engine PC fans blazing. Inbetween my other hundreds of backlogged Steam library games of course.
  9. I find the idea of people complaining over the price of games interesting.


    Am I wrong that the market should be able to drive itself?  If a game is too expensive, people won't buy it.  If people don't buy it, it'll either go on sale quickly or be a lesson for the publisher next time around to shoot for a lower price point.  If people are buying it, then you can't really argue that the game is inappropriately priced.


    It seems to me that complaining these days are less about true problems (since these things have a way of balancing out with or without a PR hellstorm)... and more just to hell with logic, people want X game at $Y price right now and can't fathom why it's not everyone's personal mission in life to get games as cheap as humanly possible at all times lol.

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    2. KingGuy420


      Because they've managed to cause a few knee-jerk reactions out of companies over the years... gamers are a bit power drunk now thinking if they complain about everything and nothing is ever good enough, things can only get better.  It's like the boy who cried wolf, with no consequences.”


      I swear, I’ve said damn near that same quote before lol. Give them an inch, they want a mile. Destiny is a HUGE offender of this. They caved to the community so many times that the community thinks they run the game now. And the biggest issue with that is that the community can’t even agree on what they want. One group rails for a change, then another group gets mad and rails for it to get changed back. It’s a freakin mess.


      I heard a great quote once of like “you can’t let people on a cruise ship drive the ship and expect it not to sink”. The quote was actually in reference to WWE letting fan outrage control storylines but I think it applies here too.

    3. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      Only way wwe could get better is back to 14+, having long term stories,  better matches, letting talent who can, cut their own promos. Kevin Owens could be a bigger star if WWE let him be off script like he was in ROH. Nakamura if he could wrestle NJPW style.


      But i think its a never ending battle. Companies are afraid to stand their ground on decisions, in fear of backlash. Cave in easily. Then fans no matter what will never be happy. i like leaving some things up to the consumers, but generally speaking no matter what, i think gamers are mostly glorified bitches who whine about everything and are never happy. Then when change comes, they still whine. 

    4. AihaLoveleaf


      "Complaining" about game prices in the sense of going on a forum campaign to make it known does seem like a fruitless waste of energy. 


      I guess I'm more in the "just don't buy it" group. 99% of games release outside of my price point, and it's usually 6-12 months after release before I'm even considering the purchase of a newly released game. That is to say, even though I don't "like" the price increase to $70 on new games, it doesn't actually matter because even $60 was too expensive for me, so I will be waiting for discounts either way.

  10. Look, if you came in here and said "these assholes have said for a year they were going to fix this and now they're backing off on it"... I'd say yeah, I agree that's pretty shitty. There may be reasons for it, but it's still shitty. But half of your OP is how you're a software developer and these incompetent developers didn't apply your pseudocode and you even offered to help make the fix for them? Somehow finding time between all of your other big "software developer" projects I'm sure. And they have the gall to turn you down!? That's some of the most pompous, arrogant trash I've ever seen. It's one thing to dick around on here talking about how easy a fix to something might be, but you went a step further to harass the team on Discord trying to force your way in as some sort of self-proclaimed consultant... to the point of getting banned.
  11. The main problem with PC is the lack of standards. If Valve can strike some deals with developers to make their SteamDeck the target performance-wise, like the consoles do, that's the only way it works IMO. Otherwise it won't take long, especially as the PS5 and XSX start to impact the ceiling of multiplatform games more, for the recommended specs in games to overshadow this thing. Not even getting into the fact it's SteamOS/Linux so compatibility with Windows games and those without native *nix ports will be spotty, I hear good things about Proton but it's far from perfect. That all said, I may end up getting one. It's probably as close as I'll get to a PC I can conveniently hook up to my TV alongside my consoles... without building a whole big, expensive, loud thing dedicated to it... and without having to tinker for days to clear up the inevitable screen tearing and jittery framerate/refresh rate issues. And I have a ton of older Steam games collecting dust, and a Steam controller that I wouldn't mind getting more acquainted with. It's pretty simple if all you do is play a handful of well supported games on a very basic setup. Break away from that mold a little and it can get painful, especially if you just don't know what you're doing. Most games require extensive tinkering to work without crazy screen tearing and jittery framerates if I try to plug into a TV. Not even getting into spotty peripheral support. Some games don't really support mouse and keyboard anymore, some games don't really support gamepads. The Steam controller tries to bridge the gap and has a massive learning curve. I've gone through two Xbox One controller dongles breaking for no particular reason before I gave up and just got something with bluetooth (not all PC's support bluetooth out of the box). All the random crap that might lead to a game not starting up, loading to endless black screens and errors, etc... PC games run the gamut of optimization issues and QA.
  12. There's literally nothing worse than wannabe developers harassing you with abstract fixes for things they don't know/can't see/won't accept. I don't blame them whatsoever for cutting you off after a while. In all likelihood whether it's easy or not, it's probably not up to them what they spend their time working on. Any amount of time or money spent may be too much if management has moved on from a product. Boycott the company, stop harassing the developers.
  13. Not talking about any one or two individuals or accounts... one look at the dispute subforum, toxic as it is, shows people in the community care about the integrity of the trophies and the leaderboards. The fact there's a cheater removal team period shows the staff cares about the integrity of the leaderboards. People in this thread are saying they care. You can cover your ears and la-la-la-la-la over everything anyone says and make these strawman arguments about Roughdawg and Hakoom like I'm worried about them (not even totally sure who they are) but point being, people care about the competitive element of trophy hunting. You don't have to be on the top to care about it, people just want to know their place in it, wherever it is, is earned. Legit games getting participation trophy lists changes that. I won't argue whether it's for the better or worse, but it's something to consider. Besides, people with actual disabilities are in this thread saying invincibility isn't true accessibility anyways, as opposed to finely tuning features... so who are you arguing for exactly? Other than just general high roading and waiting for someone to slip up and say something that sounds like disabled-bashing?
  14. I play devil's advocate more often than I probably should, tends to paint me in a bad light. Don't blame you for getting on me a little.