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  1. I never understood why people seem to HATE E3. I get thinking it's outdated or preferring a different avenue of game announcements, but the colorful ways people come up with to talk about how shitty and awful it is just childish. It's a fun event for gamers. Lots of cool announcements, lots of games on display. A bit heavy handed at times, but what isn't nowadays. It's like 2-3 days a year. I mean, c'mon people. Relax. As long as there are still conferences (I wouldn't mind seeing Sony come back)... I don't really care what they do for attendee's. I've really enjoyed watching the last few years.
  2. Never seen a multiplayer game where the wheels can come off quicker than these NHL games.


    It's such an even split between the game fucking everything up, then you getting frustrated by it and start fucking everything else up.


    Like passes clearly not going where you press, usually clean onto the stick of an opponent in a horrible spot (thanks aim assist?)... like phantom penalties that the game usually would never call you on, suddenly you're called 2-3 times a game... like body checks that barely even slow a guy down no much how flush it lands.  To name just a few.


    Then, after all of that happens over the course of one shift, the MASSIVE lag spike comes in at the worst possible time(s) to ruin a good scoring opportunity or leave you helpless trying to defend one.


    I think it's the inconsistency that annoys me the most.  I can shape my game around poorly designed mechanics... but not when they're systemically designed to be poor at random times because "hockey is random, so random is realistic" and "physics".  Absolutely infuriating.  No other competitive multiplayer game is built around so much completely random shit deciding almost everything.

  3. Just watched that Venom movie with Tom Hardy.  Enjoyed it more than I was expecting. 👍

    1. ee28max


      Glad you enjoyed it. I think it was awesome as well. :) 

  4. I can't say I've had much interest in the mystery that has been unveiling Death Stranding over the last few years... and I wasn't really planning on getting the game.


    But, I will say, if the game gets across the board acclaim, users and critics alike, 9/10 and 10/10's, etc... I may just pick it up.


    I feel like I'm pretty good at calling how I feel the consensus will be on a games reviews before release... but I can't really make heads or tails of Death Stranding.  It's either going to be a clunky confusing mess or a masterpiece. xD  Maybe both, depending on who's looking at it.

  5. That awkward moment when a game store employee suggests I pick up an Xbox Live wallet/gift card to add more game time to FFXIV.  Lots of things wrong with that idea... 😅

  6. Anything is possible, they certainly could release a compilation/collection once this VII remake series is complete (I doubt the entirety of several multi-disc releases would fit onto one though regardless of what media PS5 uses)... but that's still just a bunch of separate games packaged together and wouldn't really be considered episodic. That's like buying Dark Souls 1, 2 and 3 together or in a "trilogy" pack. We don't call those episodes.
  7. It's not episodic in that sense. It's more like XIII, XIII-2 and Lightning Returns. You probably won't see a "full version" unless you mean buying three separate full length games, just at the same time.
  8. Having bailed on trophies/achievements a year or two ago... I'll be honest, it's tougher to go back than I expected. I was hoping it'd be a breath of fresh air being able to go through games free from guides and roadmaps, no hardest difficulties or speedruns... but I'm quickly finding single player games less compelling experiences without something propelling me through the lulls. Of which the lulls feel more plentiful than ever with open worlds/quest logs and narrative-heavy games becoming more prevalent and each release trying to out-do the last. Where trophies at some point made it all feel worth it, now I'm just left feeling like it isn't worth it most of the time. So I've actually gravitated towards multiplayer/community oriented games. FFXIV, Destiny, Mario Maker 2, my NHL games. Where the lulls are sometimes equally as heavy or worse than these single player games, but playing with others tends to dull the rougher edges considerably and makes it feel worth the time spent. Kinda like how trophies did.
  9. OP, that's probably the only compelling argument I've heard for digital.
  10. Welp, my toilets broken. That's a fine way to end the night.

    1. ProfBambam55


      sounds like someone needs a good ol' toilet anecdote to cheer them up...so here goes:


      when I was a teenager, I lived with my best friend...we had a pretty sweet pad and it was known as "the party house"...we also used to consume copious amounts of narcotics on a daily basis...


      one night we had hit up the coke...erm...a cola...pretty hard and his girlfriend comes running out of the bathroom all shy and red in the face...for mental image purposes these guys were like barbie and ken...she says "omg guys, I just did something super embarassing...i plugged your toilet and flushed it"...


      we go to investigate and find that the toilet had overflown and there were turds and $hit water all over the floor...my buddy looks at me and I say "hey man, your girl, your mess...all you"...now would be a good time to add that despite his macho appearances, this guy was about as sensitive to the sight of bodily fluids and matter as it gets...


      he gets a bucket, a pair or latex gloves, a sponge, puts his shirt over his face (yes, it also stank) and starts trying to clean it up...unfortunately, the combination of handling his girl's feces and the pungent odour were too much for him and he begins throwing up...in his shirt...multiple times...since now he is also grossed out by the vomit in his shirt...he did eventually get it cleaned up and surprisingly he's not with the lovely lady anymore... 


      funny part, this guy is highly educated and is now the canadian ambassador in tan-...best I not finish that just in case...


      your toilet is broken and it probably sucks...hopefully you're not coked up, knee deep in someone else's $hit, and vomiting on yourself as well...good luck in sorting it out your issue...if it's not fixed by tomorrow, post another status update and i can share another pleasant toilet themed anecdote with you...cheers...

    2. TylerB2807


      Great story bambam, curious to know why he didn't make her clean her own shit up? 😂

  11. Just watched the new FFVII trailer and I'm really not sure how I feel about this "the whole game takes place in Midgar" thing.


    If not only because so much of the materia is collected outside of Midgar in the original game... either it's going to be very awkward to shoehorn everything into the context of Midgar, or the options will be pretty limited the whole game.  Neither sound particularly appealing.

    1. starcrunch061


      Well, I mean the whole game can't really take place inside of Midgar. I know that this episode does, and I know that Square is insisting that this episode is a "whole game", but I'm sure that other things will happen in later episodes.


      My biggest fear is that we'll get a deluge of unnecessary cut scenes. Maybe we'll learn about Biggs' and Wedge's romance prior to joining up with Avalanche. Maybe we'll learn about Jesse's failed restaurant idea. Maybe we'll finally learn why someone in Avalanche thought it was spelled "Averlanche".


      So, that mostly agrees with your second idea, that the options will ultimately be pretty limited. the Japanese know better than anyone how to repeat the same material over and over, and convince purchasers that this is gameplay.

    2. Dreakon13


      Yeah, when I say "the whole game"... I mean this first release, not the entirety of this series of upcoming FFVII releases.  Knowing that there are going to be more games coming might make the "is this it?" feeling more palatable, but dragging the first 10 hours of the original game out to a full length JRPG always felt like a questionable decision to me.


      Like, is the whole game just going to be the dreary Midgar slums and the Shinra building?  If not, what more could it really be?  How expansive could the arsenal of materia and stuff be, considering at least some of it in the original is story (and certainly not Midgar) related?  Obviously they're going to have to add a ton of stuff that wasn't in the original, but I'm hoping how they do expand it isn't just fluff... and things aren't introduced haphazardly earlier than intended and ruin the flow of the story just to pad it more.

  12. First, I appreciate all the info. Thank you. I feel like I'm starting to understand it. Let me know if I have it. Basically when I log in, I start in a hub and I'm kind of attached to the other people in this instance. They (or I) could post a quest and anyone of those 16 not currently in a quest are free to join, and we'd do the whole quest together. If they're having trouble mid-quest and want help, they send an SOS that only the other 16 players can see. Can I change instances freely, if I don't like the 16 players that I get initially or if they're all busy / soloing?
  13. Gotcha... so the hub is an instance of up to 16 players. If you're playing with friends (ie. on a PSN party), they'll be a part of the 16. Any one of those 16 players may "post" a quest with a number of players set to > 1 and I could join them... or I could post a quest and they may join me (or I'd set it to 1 and go it alone). Is the SOS unrelated to that, just specific to helping with a quest in process outside of the instance?
  14. You can see other players in your party, or other random players to potentially play with? It sounds like responding to (or sending) SOS is really the only form of playing with others if you don't already have a party together. Is that correct? Not that it's a bad thing, it is what it is... just making sure I have it right.
  15. Kinda considering picking this up with Iceborne coming out. People I've asked about the multiplayer said don't bother with it, just play solo... then eluded to the multiplayer really just being requesting help and responding to requests for help (which to me sounds like "multiplayer" in the Souls games) and even then you're limited to where and when you can do it, not necessarily matchmaking or anything really encouraging heavy multiplayer play. Yet I was always under the impression it was a pretty multiplayer centric game. How exactly does the multiplayer work? Is solo preferable? Is there matchmaking, is it easy to find people to play with if I did want to play coop? I don't really know anyone with the game so it'd be solo or random's for me... so maybe MHW isn't a good fit?