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  1. I did end up ordering Pokemon Sword. Probably get to it after Death Stranding (as long as Final Fantasy XIV doesn't consume me again or I don't finally get in the mood to play all of the Shenmue's). ūüĎć
  2. The collection as it exists today. There's an empty row waiting for the PS5 and future proofing the Switch area. (It irrationally bothers me that the Switch spines have different fonts and alignments depending on region...)
  3. Yeah, so I'm probably not going to play through the first two Shenmue's before dipping into the third one.  At least not if I plan on starting Shenmue III this upcoming week.

    I did take some time off work specifically for Shenmue. It was a nice idea but then I remembered the games are actually kinda long (and sloooww) and that'd probably be like 30-40 hours of Shenmue in like 2-3 days... before even getting into the third game. Yikes. I feel like it'd probably be a more relaxing vacation to do something a little less recklessly ambitious. xD

    Debating if I want to wait a little bit on Shenmue, let the dust settle from the third games release and all my Shenmue goodies coming in the mail... and maybe spend the next few days trying to finish Death Stranding and/or mess around in Final Fantasy XIV again for a little bit (since I did re-up my subscription in a moment of weakness). Then maybe sprinkle the first two Shenmue games in a little more organically, or just watch some recap videos and jump into Shenmue III when the mood strikes.

  4. ūüėć ūüėć ūüėć ūüėć Song absolutely blew me away. Great album, came out today.
  5. Received confirmation that both my Kickstarter backed copy of Shenmue III and my collector's edition of Shenmue III from Limited Run Games are being prepared to ship. Probably a few days at least before either actually ship and then probably a few more days for them to get here... but still is a pretty exciting day in the life of a Shenmue fan. :)

    Wonder what the odds are of either getting delivered before the release date?¬†ūüėŹ

    I took Mon, Tues, Wed off of work next week to make for a five day weekend surrounding the games release. Not even working in the mornings, which I usually do even on weekends/holidays/days off... so I can sleep in and be well rested for gaming! With all that free time I was planning to binge the first two games... both in celebration and to catch myself back up with the story... then finish the vacation off with some quality time spent in Shenmue III.

    We'll see how that goes, I've changed a bit since I played the first two games some 15-20 years ago... attempts in the past to replay them have fallen short, just because the games are soooo slooooow and a bit of an acquired taste. But if I can't get through them for Shenmue III, I never will. I think I have to do it. For that doe-eyed little Dreakon13 in me that never thought this day would come.

    (Fun fact: I use the name Dreakon13 because I was 13 when I came up with the username Dreakon. And I would've been 13 right around the time I was playing the first two Shenmue games! Small world, huh?)

    1. ZoutjeNL


      Have fun! That is quite the dedication towards a game. I do understand though its great to have a passion for a game series.

  6. Of those who have played it, what do y'all think of Death Stranding?

    1. DaisyVilla102


      I wish I could offer an opinion... my release-day copy hasn't arrived yet. :(

    2. DaisyVilla102


      I've played through the prologue and the beginning of the first chapter.  I like it so far.  I do not know wtf is going on, but I like it.  It's got some weird creepy stuff going on, which is cool, and apparently I get paid in "likes" for delivering stuff, which is... eh.  *shrug*  Just got started, so I'm not decided on that yet.

  7. There are only two things I dislike about winter: - The higher gas bill from the heat kicking on all day, every day. - Driving in the ice and snow, which is only really because people are idiots. Otherwise I find it kinda exciting. Everything else is great. The snow is beautiful. I like walking outside and taking a deep breath of ice cold air. I'll take snowblowing the driveway over mowing the lawn and raking grass clippings and leaves any day. I'm way more comfortable in jeans, a hoodie and a jacket than I am in shorts and a t-shirt. Plus it's a good excuse to cozy up on a cold winter day and play some games. Spring and Fall are probably the most ideal as far as weather goes, at least where I live... but they definitely lack the character of Winter. And Summer just straight up sucks. I can't deal with heat and humidity and we get a ton in upstate/Western New York.
  8. Death Stranding is pretty cool so far.  The thing I think that appeals most to me are the online features.  There's something fun about finding out that people are using a well placed ladder, rope, bridge, generator, etc of yours.  And when you connect a region and suddenly find it littered with bridges and ladders kind of opening your eyes to different paths through and around areas, that's pretty cool too.  The story is interesting (but very weird) and the acting is great as well, albeit stuck behind a fair amount of tedium.


    That being said, I can't deny in the back of my head I'm thinking... which is better?


    Spending 20 hours of a 50 hour game running back and forth setting up ropes and ladders and bridges and generators for a few likes I'll probably never see by the time I finish the story.


    Or just bail and spend that time in Final Fantasy XIV, where just about everything I do is directly or indirectly working towards some greater goal of online interaction that I could have for years to come? xD


    ... But I did say I would really try and see a single player game through for once.  So I dunno. 1f629.png

  9. Haven't really dipped my toes into the features of this site in a while, but from what I'm seeing yes... similar to that. One difference likely being that I'm sure the "Series feature" is fairly limited in scope (ie. focusing on Playstation exclusives, high profile franchises, etc... moreso at the staff's discretion) and not every game and every region that comes with it. And has no systemic implications on the forums like moving posts, merging threads, etc. It'd definitely be on a much larger scale effort-wise than simple groupings of games on just one side of the site. And it'd probably be a project that would never really end as the endless stream of games and regions get added to the tracker and subforums get automatically set up for them and need to be fixed. EDIT: But I am just speculating based on how things look to me, of course. Maybe it actually wouldn't be that complicated, or maybe it's something the staff are willing to maintain. Or maybe there are different reasons it hasn't happened yet.
  10. I can't speak for Sly or the staff here, but I'm guessing the main reason that won't happen is that it'd be a lot of manual legwork. Both possibly to retro-fix all the existing subforums but to get it working going forward. I believe the site currently automatically creates subforums for games as the tracker picks up new games and new trophy lists. Unless there's something in the backend to connect each game in a "stack" that Sly could use to systemically tell what games go together... then someone would need to keep an eye on it and catch/fix it for everything that gets added. Which would probably be a massive undertaking. EDIT: Of course, if I'm wrong about all that, then I agree with the idea in general.
  11. I realize this is really old news at this point, but I was looking over my collection/entertainment setup yesterday... and realized that I'm basically out of room for adding new consoles into the mix.  I could probably get creative but it's basically perfectly organized right now between the PS3, PS4, Xbox One and Switch.


    But a sigh of relief came over me as I realized the PS5 has full backwards compatibility with PS4... meaning I can just swap the PS4's spot out with the PS5 and I'm good.  I bet the next Xbox has full backwards compatibility too and is a simple swap out as well, if I care enough to invest in that at some point.

  12. I ended up pre-ordering Sword on Amazon. Looking at that leak, I'd like more gen 1 Pokemon but there really aren't a ton that I care about (and those I do seem to be mostly included). It'll be neat to see a bunch of new (to me) Pokemon too and maybe pick out some new favorites. ūüĎć There's time for me to change my mind but I probably won't... these Nintendo games rarely go on much of a sale anyways so I'd like to have the game on hand for when the mood strikes to start playing. Though Death Stranding and Shenmue III will probably be the focus for November.
  13. Hey, Amazon shipped Death Stranding today instead of the night before like they usually do.  Guess that means there wasn't a copy to "ship" from their local facility down the street...


    ... and that also means there's a slim chance they accidentally deliver it tomorrow?  A boy can dream.

  14. I do like the idea, though newer generations of Pokemon have never really clicked with me. Maybe it's just something I'd need to play and get used to like I did with gen 1 so many years ago... but something I'll probably do a few months down the road if/when I can get it like $5 cheaper (because Nintendo games never really go down in price lol). Thanks for the info! Maybe I'll check out which 55 or so gen 1 Pokemon are in it before I decide too hastily.
  15. For the sake of not reading through too much spoiler-y leak stuff... I only really know Gen 1 pokemon since those were the only games I played, and only part of the anime I watched... if the possibility of Gen 1 pokemon were selling point for me, it sounds like Pokemon Sword wouldn't appeal to me much? Was debating pre-ordering but I may wait on it a bit instead. Death Stranding and Shenmue III should keep me busy this month anyways.