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  1. It kinda seems like literally everything I've read and people have told me about The Callisto Protocol has been factually wrong (aside from probably the PC stuttering issues).


    It's getting to the point where you cannot trust a single thing anyone online says, and that's why I don't really take any reviews seriously... but specifically I have a distaste for opinions from gamers themselves.  No matter how focused and unbiased they seem, I have absolutely no doubt that overwhelming feelings about these companies and industry practices dictate everything these people do and say.

    1. Cobbsquatch


      I stopped taking people's opinions on games seriously about 10 years ago once I played a few generally hated games and loved em (also some beloved games that were shite). Still respect people think what they want about a game, but I'll ignore any "don't play it" or "do play it" and just grab it if I want it.

  2. Being a pseudo-collector, I have a decent amount of sealed games but I do intend to open all of them sooner or later. So I won't say I've never gotten a re-seal but it wouldn't really matter unless something appeared to be wrong underneath. Never totally trust any online retailer/storefront to send everything 100% as expected/advertised every time, is all I can really say lol. More and more sites, Amazon and Walmart come to mind, quietly mix in third party sellers and you never really know... not even getting into the fact that Amazon and Walmart themselves are far from perfect. It's just the risk you take buying online. The only thing I can suggest, is if you're using eBay, to ask the seller to send you actual photographs of the item they're sending you and make your decision based on that as best you can. I've done that a few times and the sellers are usually receptive... if they aren't, they probably aren't worth the risk buying from anyways.
  3. Play more games, and enjoy the games I play more/get less frustrated with them.
  4. I've been putting a few hours into Violet the last few days and haven't seen much in the way of funny (or even annoying) glitches. I think a lot of the riff raff is just due to the poor framerates, and things like pop in and low frame/LOD animations creeping in more than people usually see. It's disappointing for a major first party Switch exclusive in 2022, but not the catastrophe it's been made out to be. Definitely playable and arguably not any real detriment to the experience. It's been a few years since Cyberpunk's legitimately and totally broken launch and I think social media is hungry and desperate for any new flawed release to dogpile onto. Having fun with it though. I'm unsure if I like this open world style more than the linear Pokemon games (granted I haven't played many Pokemon games since Red/Blue)... but Sword/Shield seemingly squandered the benefits linearity can bring in terms of pacing and storytelling and I can feel the QOL improvements in this one. It's a true open world Pokemon game mostly realized and I like the idea of being able to walk in any direction and seeing what Pokemon I find and where things take me. I even beat and enslaved my own Pikachu, just like a real Pokemon adventure.
  5. Decided to give God of War Ragnarok one more shot tonight, was hoping I could push through to the end but I seem to have hit some difficulty spike that I'll probably want to run some side content and reassess my gear... and I just don't have it in me.


    I wanted a cool story and to smash some stuff... I got 2 hours of relevant story in a 25 hour game, immensely unlikeable characters, combat that's way too quick to punish you if you aren't intently focused on everything the 7-8 enemies surrounding you are doing in any given encounter, and an insufferable amount of gear and abilities and upgrades to juggle.


    If you want an RPG, there are way better options than God of War Ragnarok.  If you want some mindless action, there are way better options than God of War Ragnarok. If you want a well paced, enjoyable story... you get the idea.  The game hasn't been enjoyable since about 5-10 hours in, and it still... just... keeps... demanding more out of me.


    The disc is out, I'm done.  Maybe people like this sort of thing, but outside of some pretty graphics that frankly I've seen in a dozen high end PS4 titles before it, it doesn't do anything for me.  What an obnoxious, pointless game.

    1. MidnightDragon


      Sorry it didn't work out for you.

  6. I really don't think I like the new God of War very much.  I have maybe 5 hours left to go in it and I just can't bring myself to waste another night on it.  I'm like 17 hours in and I truly don't think the story has actually gone anywhere... I've gotten items, met people, and learned information... but every hour or two the damn story just seems to reset itself with a slightly different cast of characters.


    Even the gameplay, entertaining as it was the first 5-10 hours, just feels like a mess of poorly explained stats and unsatisfying progression.

    1. enaysoft


      That's how I felt about the 2018 God Of War.


      To me this is a different franchise now, The last proper God Of War was No3 in my opinion.

      Also 3 was the best one.

  7. So to clarify, Pokemon Violet has competitive multiplayer? Is it relatively easy to find people to battle (maybe thats what ranked matches in December is for?)... or do I need to get into the scene external from the game? With link codes and friend codes or what have you?
  8. That's too bad. Seems like a game ripe for some more MMO-esque elements.
  9. If I were to pick up Pokemon Violet, is there any kind of purposeful multiplayer for someone who plans on playing it alone? Like battling people via matchmaking? I don't have friends so I really wouldn't do any of the coop stuff, but testing my Pokemon's mettle against other players seems like it could be fun.
  10. If it's a new IP or a game that I feel would take advantage of the PS5, I'll get a PS5 physical (ie. Elden Ring) If it's a part of a series that I already mostly own on the PS4 and it's something that plays well on the PS4 or doesn't have any significant disadvantages, I'll get a PS4 physical (ie. Life is Strange True Colors)... and I may even play the PS4 version despite the free upgrade so I can save my Dualsense the wear and tear, and I assume the lower settings has the PS5 working less hard. Never digital unless I don't have a choice, it's free, or included in PS+
  11. I was always of the mindset that 30fps was okay, but the opening year or two of the PS5 has spoiled me a bit. As we muddle through an age of most developers trying to latch onto the Soulslike trend in their respective genres... and the majority of them not understanding what makes Soulslikes fun, missing the mark horribly, and the games suffering for it with aggressive and befuddling difficulty... every frame and every millisecond is increasingly necessary. That being said, I'm still fine with 30fps as long as it's because developers are experimenting with new technologies and genuinely trying to take graphics to the next level. It happening on mediocre looking games due to poor optimization and general laziness isn't okay.
  12. I would imagine the thought process is... if the collector never intends to open it, then it doesn't matter if it works. If the collector is going to sell it to someone who does intend to open it, it's not the collectors problem if it doesn't work. If I'm that collector, as long as I sent them a truly brand new sealed Gamecube that by all accounts should work, and shipping tracking indicates it was delivered... I don't really care what happens at that point. I'd probably make sure to specify no refunds on the listing. I'd do what I could to help the buyer if there is a problem but giving them the money back AND being out a sealed Gamecube is out of the question. If I bought one, I'd either leverage the sellers refund policy if they have one or kiss that money goodbye if the Gamecube doesn't actually work. That's the risk you take buying sealed products from unofficial sources. Hell, there's no guarantee unsealed products will work either, just cause they say they tested it.
  13. Shock. You mean a company introduced something that encourages customers to spend more money? And here I thought they loved us.
  14. "See, that's kind of the problem. She did have the job." So basically you said this, I said her having the previous jobs has no bearing on this job... then you said all this nonsense asking me why it matters and reminding me how fans are upset. Then circled back to me not being allowed to have opinions about opinions or something. This is where we're at. Anything else?
  15. I don't think having two jobs entitles anyone to a third? Did they breach some sort of contract? As for the fans, I refer you back to the first part of my last post.