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  1. I'm not sure why, maybe because I spotted it on sale on Amazon and people seem to speak highly of it... I'm not usually into these "anime" games but I may pick this one up. Something different to try and I like a good sci-fi story. I don't really like to read though... and I hear this got a English dub patch, which is cool. But how much of the game is actually voiced? Is all dialog voiced? Half and half? Only cutscenes? Etc Thanks.
  2. I'm 33. Oddly enough my gaming midlife crisis came in my 20's. Before that as a kid, despite literally and figuratively having my passion for gaming and computers beaten out of me, I loved gaming anyways. In my 20's as I finished college and entered the working world, between always having been a bit of an introvert, social anxiety, and general bouts of paranoia/depression, one thing is that I was incredibly self-conscious about people knowing I liked games. Lots of guilt, lots of shame. Wondering if everything I listened to growing up about what wastes we were... how true it was and if games were part of the problem. In my 30's I started to learn that maybe I wasn't really so bad... I turned my love for computers into a career, my love for gaming as an interesting, engaging and challenging hobby, etc. So you could say I am/want to be more of a gamer now than I was even when I was younger. Not that I ever really stopped gaming, but make up lost time as far as really enjoying it and not beating myself up. I think I'm more interested in the industry and the technology almost more than the games themselves in some ways, but as we turn the corner on a new gaming generation, a fresh start, I also (hopefully) see myself turning a new leaf in my approach to games. One that involves less thinking and more playing. Heaven knows I have enough to play, and more to come.
  3. With all due respect... I wouldn't call these video game stores from the 80's, wherever it is you live, selling modded NES's on the down-low as the "golden age of piracy".
  4. The argument of hours played compared to a games perceived value always bothers me. The only argument to be made is really exaggerated examples that never actually happen (like a 2 hour game for $60)... otherwise it's just kids who have lots of time to play and little money to spend. Sure, I get it... you have a ton of time to play games, and games that end too quickly means you have to go out and buy more of them to fill in that time, which you probably don't have the money for. So you throw other quantifiable measurements of a game out the window and focus solely on length. 100 hours is better game than 10 hours. That's fine and makes sense for you. But there's nothing even close to objectively wrong or offensive about a 10-20 hour game for $60 (or $70)... as long as those 10-20 hours are fun, which has little to do with its length. If it's doing something bad in those 10-20 hours then that's a different story. I don't see how the NES was the "golden era of piracy"... you should probably at least pick an era with internet access for that. Plus, the people stealing games probably shouldn't have opinions on pricing. Nothing will ever beat free.
  5. So I'm inching ever closer to making some poor decisions on eBay for a PS5. xD 


    Any and all attempts to get one the normal way have fallen through, despite putting quite a bit of time and effort into it and getting in on most restocks the second they happen.


    What I'm thinking is, Black Friday is probably going to be the last big drop of consoles.  Seeing how launch day and the last few drops went, I'm not confident at all I'll be able to get one and frankly... I'm just tired lol.


    I could wait and see how Black Friday goes, but the likely outcome is this.  I won't get one.  The majority of the PS5's bought will flood onto eBay but never really dip below $800-900 because that seems to be the price the scalpers have landed on.  Eventually those "cheap" $800 PS5's will sell to disenfranchised Black Friday shoppers that missed out, leaving only the $1000+ listings from sketchy sellers that even the most desperate gamer wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole.


    From there... teeny tiny batches of PS5's will slowly trickle out in the first half of 2021 until the bots/scalpers give up or everyone has one.


    Do I have the extra money to spend on an overpriced PS5?  Yep.  Am I proud that I'm considering it?  Not really.  Do I think (hopefully) a solid 4-5 years of PS5 fun before I consider a PS5 Slim is worth the extra money?  Especially right now, when I could use a new toy to lift my spirits? ... Kinda, yeah.

    1. Show previous comments  19 more
    2. snakebit10


      I don't know if this is for online orders and pickup in store or not. 

    3. Dr_Mayus


      It may not be Walmart though.


      I know when I worked for Playstation we would have Black Friday bundles and the store could not sell them early or face a fine. We had to do checks on stores to ensure they were not in cabinets...so this might be a Sony thing.



    4. NERVergoproxy


      If it can bring you happiness, go for it!

  6. I played for probably a year off and on, got a few jobs to 80, I let my sub run out recently, and I've yet to even start Stormblood. Love this game, probably the one MMORPG I'm legitimately addicted to, but I've totally burnt myself out on ARR and Heavensward dungeons via roulettes. I'll be damned if I don't think about re-upping every day.
  7. I don't have a PS5, but I'd guess if people are reporting better speeds it's probably moreso related to better hardware (ie. WiFi 6 antenna) in the console... versus network improvements, which would probably apply to all devices.
  8. I don't mind that the console is generally out of stock everywhere, I expect that.


    It is pretty annoying the sheer amount of errors, oddities and nonsensical stuff these sites throw at you though.  I can't tell you the things I've seen today to get to the point of confirming delivery/payment, click the "Place Order" button... and find out whoops, it's actually out of stock.  About four times, on different sites.


    My favorite was Walmart pre-filling my delivery info with some random California address (I'm in New York) despite me having everything set on my account already.

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    2. DaivRules


      Those experience would make me not trust those business with any of my personal data, probably forever after that point.

    3. Dreakon13


      @snakebit10 I'll be honest, I didn't even expect to get as far as adding one to my cart... so I'd say I had pretty decent luck. xD  But no, nothing actually purchased.  Everytime I tried Playstation Direct the site has errored on me so I'm not holding my breath it'd actually work, in stock or not... and I'm pretty sure if last night was any indication they opened literally at midnight which I probably won't stay up for (at least not without knowing for sure when there's more stock).


      For something like this I like the queue idea.  Just don't develop it so haphazardly that people who make it through the queue and begin their order, don't still get screwed with it randomly going out of stock.  Because that's happened too today lol.

    4. snakebit10


      @Dreakon13 When I checked the Walmart email I got I could get it to the cart before telling me it was out of stock. 


      I am hoping in a couple weeks when I can try to get one, some of the madness will have settled down. Even if I can order one and it says it may take 2 weeks to get, I'll be happy.

  9. I don't have a PS5 and don't realistically believe I'll be able to lock one up today... but since P.T. is confirmed to not work on the PS5, when I do get one I'm going to try and start totally fresh and not transfer any PS4 data over.  The list is pretty short of games I haven't finished that I wouldn't just start over anyways at this point.  And any currently on there or that I mean to add in the meantime, I'll finish first.


    I may even go a step further and factory reset my Switch and Xbox One S.  I don't think there's any unfinished games I care about on those anyways, and I'm kinda nutty with this stuff. xD  I love starting fresh and going through the setup process.  Makes the old feel new again, and may or may not clean things up behind the scenes from years of data build up and usage.

    1. Sir_Bee


      Forgive my ignorance, but what does P.T. mean?

    2. starcrunch061


      I don't know what P.T. means, but it's an old game demo from Konami that really got people excited. It was a Kojima horror demo, but Konami pulled the plug on it, and have been really weird about limiting access to it ever since then.



    3. Dreakon13


      Well, P.T. stands for Playable Teaser, which is what the little horror game was (a playable teaser for the soon-cancelled Silent Hills).  It's probably the only thing on my PS4 I can't get back easily on my PS5 if I wanted to (if it worked), so it'd be the only reason for me to data transfer since I can re-download or re-install anything else and I don't really need any of the saves.

  10. All I know about tomorrows PS5 launch is that supply will almost certainly be very limited, and retailers will mostly be operating online.


    Anyone know when the doors will open online though?  If I get up really early tomorrow, would I have a better shot?

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    2. Sir_Bee


      @Dreakon13 I wish you luck in whatever method you choose.  

    3. snakebit10


      @Dreakon13 I am not to sure. I really didn't pay attention to the times they posted. I guess I know I can't order one tomorrow, so I didn't pay attention. Around November 20 I can start looking to get one. Hoping there will be some available.

    4. starcrunch061


      I wish you the best. I'm hoping that when the students leave Ames, we might see a surge (they'll be gone for 2 months, and before Thanksgiving). I might pick one up, though I would like to see if there's any more heft to the "break down" rumor that's been promulgated by a legendary youtuber named...someone. I don't know. It was mentioned on gamefaqs.

  11. Or you could just be happy, to be fortunate enough right now to have the money to spend on a PS5 if it were available.
  12. I am buying next gen. I don't think gaming is boring. I think games are better/newer than ever, indie and AAA. Great games were plentiful this past gen and worth $60 new, and will still be worth $70.
  13. I dunno about the digital stores but I got my copy in the mail Sunday (when the game releases on Tuesday). Seems like quite a few people are. Maybe the publisher is just opening the gates early for some reason.
  14. As a physical collector... between Microsoft basically building the Xbox brand around Game Pass and the "so cheap its sending a message" Xbox Series S... and Sony's general disregard for legacy digital stores and various little dealings like far greater physical indie publisher support... it's clear that I'm backing the right horse here with Playstation.


    I think digital is the future (unfortunately), and it can't be in Sony's best interest to put people's the Vita and PS3's digital collections in any kind of jeopardy short or long-term... I think it's more laziness than deliberately supporting physical... but I'd be lying if I said I'm not smiling a little at seeds being planted of not trusting digital content.

  15. What's the consensus on the Kingdom Hearts games?


    I have "The Story So Far" release which is everything leading up to Kingdom Hearts 3 I believe.  Looking to clear some space on my shelf, lighten the backlog a little, and this is one I may sell.


    On the one hand, a lighthearted Disney-esque action RPG would probably be an enjoyable experience and there's a lot of content there.  On the other hand, I've heard the games may be a bit boring or slow paced at times, and might not have aged well.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Phoenix_argentea


      Yeah, a lot of games:

      I.5 collection

      Kingdom Hearts

      Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories

      Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days (3 hours movie)


      II.5 collection

      Kingdom Hearts II

      Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

      Kingdom Hearts Re:coded (3 huors movie)


      II.8 collection

      Kingdom Hearts 3D

      Kingdom Hearts 0.2 BIrth by Sleep -A fragmentary passage- (a quite short game, 3-4 hours)

      Kingdom Hearts X Back cover (1 hour movie)


      Kingdom Hearts III + DLC Re Mind


      Two mobile games


      And a rhythm game: Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory.


      So, I'd say 2+2+1+1+1 = 7 complete games, 3 movies, a KH III demo (KH 0.2)

      And eveyr single game is important for the plot. Even mobile games and the rhythm one. :lol:

    3. Cobbsquatch


      Yeah screw that lol, if I didn't need the side stuff I'd maybe try it. But oh wells, no bother.

    4. Alderriz


      The platforming sections in KH1 didn't age well. Other than that, the games should be fine in that regard, I think. Although, I haven't played the other games.


      People who haven't played any KH games always talk about how convoluted the story is. Having played the first one, I can say it's also fine. And if you don't fully understand the story, it doesn't stand in the way of enjoyment IMO.