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  1. I'm enjoying Heavenly Sword from the bit I played as I started it up yesterday.  Looks and plays solid enough for a PS3 launch title, and the quick switching of stances, blocking/countering and supermoves seems like it'd be enough to keep the combat interesting (and possibly quite challenging).


    Adding the ability to pick up just about anything laying around to throw at enemies (including their bodies after being defeated lol)... and being able to guide them in mid-air after throwing... is very amusing. xD

    1. Dreakon13


      Oh, and Andy Serkis is great.

  2. Think I'm going to give a few old PS3 titles a shot... namely Heavenly Sword and Eternal Sonata. Since I wasn't doing the console thing until later in the PS3's life, and I've always intended to play these (and others) at some point.


    I'm in a heck of a gaming rut. So what better time than now. xD

    1. starcrunch061


      I really liked Eternal Sonata back in the day. I am always hesitant to say that it's great now, because it might not have aged well. But it really hit the spot for a traditional RPG.

  3. I guess that's true... now that I look at it, Bayonetta 2 is getting a physical release on the Switch and that just includes a full game download for the first one. I'll probably just bite the bullet and go digital with it (when I get around to buying it), for consistency sake. Having all the Bayonetta series on one platform.
  4. In a gaming rut.  Having sworn off trophies, this is where they certainly would come in handy... since having that overarching goal would make it harder to bail on games at the first sign of trouble like I've been doing. 😒


    My 'Dreakon13' profile, the only one I really care about, is too messy to get back into it though.  Particularly thanks to old sports/multiplayer games.

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    2. madbuk


      Time for Dreakon14 to rise.

    3. Dreakon13


      Dreakon14... is an idea. xD Dreakon13 has significance to it, since I've been using the name Dreakon since I was 13 (I'm 30 now).  I've tried the new account idea a few times, but the name never feels right.  Wish I could just do a one time reset and start this account over (trophy-wise)... but alas, here I am.


      Maybe I'll start a completion account and hope we have the option to change PSN ID's in the near future... so I can swap in the good name to the new account.

    4. madbuk


      They did tease name changing at last year's PSX, saying hopefully it should be done by PSX this year. So there's hope.

  5. I'm of the mindset that most adults are kids at heart. If you liked something growing up, especially something that may have followed you through adolescence, teenage years, young adulthood... there was probably a reason for it. Just some adults are so ashamed of themselves for one reason or another, they can only let it out vicariously through their own kids. As sad as it'll be when those kids take after their parents, and too become adults who are also afraid of/uncomfortable with their own skin, find equally insecure husbands/wives, have kids and start the cycle all over again. Not to steer too far off topic.
  6. Night in the Woods is coming to the Switch. (If no one mentioned it yet.) Little bit I played on PC, it was a cool game. Kinda Oxenfree-ish I guess, but more quirky and anthropomorphic. Been waiting desperately for a physical (disc or cartridge) release of this but it hasn't happened yet. Maybe LimitedRunGames or someone can step in eventually. EDIT: It's coming February 1st.
  7. Thought I caught you in a mistake. My bad!
  8. EDIT: Nevermind, I misread.
  9. If we could drive that quickly and not kill ourselves or each other, I'd say the possibilities would be endless. Of course, for that to happen there would have to be major global infrastructure changes and even still the risk to the public is too high. Better graphics won't kill people, but faster cars could. I think that comparison is very flawed. Is 4K truly "necessary"? Of course not. No gaming technology is. We'd all survive perfectly fine without any gaming consoles, no less frivolously powerful ones. But I think there's a lot more evidence that graphical technology and higher resolutions will continue to evolve, rather than arbitrarily stopping before 4K because you don't get it... especially considering PC's are already gaming at 4K, games are marketed with 4K, TV's are now being made exclusively with 4K capabilities, movies are releasing in 4K UHD formats, and even consoles are making tangible strides towards it (a bit prematurely). It's not a matter of IF it becomes mainstream/standard, it's when. IMO.
  10. I rather not go through this piece by piece... but I will say this. I have a friend who has been playing N64 and never moved on since the 90's. I've shown him basically every generation of console since then, and his answer is always the same. "It doesn't look THAT much better", and "Yeah, sure, fine... it probably looks a little better but who cares." Where the guy needs things side by side to even admit there's a difference because the nuances are lost in translation otherwise. Decades of innovation swatted away. 4K isn't a gimmick, it's a natural progression. 4K isn't going to make consoles more "complicated" and 4K isn't a concept only to be appreciated by lavish PC gamers, just like 720P or 1080P weren't. The existence of 4K is proof that we're not at the point of "lossless audio"... whether you personally need it side by side to see the difference or not. Which is a fallible point anyways since graphics will continue to evolve until they meet reality (ie. virtually forever), as they're infinitely more complicated/subjective than audio encoding and have no laws to govern them like cars and speed limits. As long as people are out there buying 4K HDR-enabled TV's... which they are because you literally can't buy anything else anymore... they're going to want media players, streaming services and gaming consoles that take advantage of them. I feel like these optional mid-generation upgrades have made people a little loopy. Instead of 4K coming up like a pleasant surprise, people are overthinking it now. EDIT: And I get your point, that the jump from 1080p to 4K is increasingly less noticeable since the finer details get lost on smaller screens, and the bigger TV's need to be to properly show the difference, the less people it'll impact. I'm probably a little biased since I haven't had a small television since I moved out of my parents place probably 10 years ago and got a real job... but I don't think the folks who stick with their trusty 15 year old, 30" flat-screen CRT televisions that need HDMI-to-component converters are Sony/Microsoft's target demo with new console releases anyways. EDIT 2: They absolutely wouldn't drop 4K to shave a few bucks off of the PS5's launch price IMO. That'd be suicide 3 years from now. That'd be like a console launching without 1080P support today, even Nintendo isn't that bad.
  11. I think the thing that bugs me most about The Evil Within 2, besides it's obvious playing to the "games aren't worth it if I'm not wasting at least 10 hours on top of the story with repetitive open world-isms" crowd... is getting rid of the matches.


    Matches were a key strategy in the first game and a pretty unique concept.  Can't help but feel the game is a little dumber and a little more of just a generic third person shooter without them.

  12. Assets are typically made in higher quality and scaled back depending on hardware limitations (the non-3D assets anyways). Since the developers have access to the raw assets, they aren't just "resizing" low quality textures... and even if they didn't have the raw assets anymore, they have the ability to re-create certain ones without remaking the whole game. Plus, things like resolution/framerate improvements are independent of the original games asset quality. If people want a better version of The Last of Us, then it doesn't really matter if it was good enough.
  13. For the PS5? Proper 4K support across the board, enforced framerates 30+fps (average). Full support for whatever the most popular "next gen" viewing media is (4K UHD Blu Ray player, or whatever the next thing is). That's about all I could ask for at this point. This would all make a ton of sense... if the PS5 were coming out now. 4K will be a standard in 2-3 years though, which is a much more realistic timeframe for a PS5. You can't even buy a 1080P HDTV new anymore unless you're shopping bargain sites online (and even then you probably aren't saving much money since the supply and demand on them are both low). The idea of 4K being a gimmick along the lines of 3D or VR, which I've heard on a few occasions whether you're claiming that here or not, is bizarre to me because the increasing of resolution is the most predictable thing manufacturers and developers will leverage going forward. Every generation has upped the standard, from 320x240 on the PS1, to 480 on the PS2, to 720 on the PS3, to 1080 on the PS4. Don't fall into the trap of "things can never get better than they are now" because technology always finds a way, especially if there's money to be made and new R&D to monopolize/patent. Hard drives will get bigger, internet connections will get faster, disc drives may get swapped for higher capacity flash memory or something similar (ala Switch cartridges), hardware will get cheaper and more energy efficient, etc. A few years is a long time when it comes to the evolution of technology. High end gaming PC's are already running (decently optimized) games at stable, native 4K. The Xbox One X is "getting there". Considering optimization is the consoles bread and butter, it's naive to think the stars won't align when that same hardware is made smaller, cheaper and better... and developers get their hands on it.
  14. Think it's time to take a break from The End Is Nigh. I haven't used a guide at all during the playthrough thus far, but I just looked at one to see how many more worlds/levels there are left... and the guide I found makes no reference of the levels beyond where I've gotten to. I thought I'd be done now. 😒 Cool game, tough as nails. I was pretty happy even when I finished just the first "main story" portion of the game, which was tough enough IMO. The crazy super levels, and limited lives to do them, that come after are a bit too much (though i am making steady progress through it). Save that for when I get a week off of work or something and can focus on it without feeling like I'm wasting my Sunday. And when I'm not still getting over the flu, as I am currently. Maybe I'll give Zelda BotW another swing, wasn't really feeling the open world shenanigans when I first picked it up. Or give my PS4 some love again.
  15. Dislike of season passes and dislike of preordering goes hand in hand. If you frown upon one, you'll probably frown upon the other for similar (or the exact same) reasons. Understandably so, as rightly or wrongly people feel burned by games more often than ever lately and would be hard pressed to pay up before even seeing the game in action. As someone who typically would preorder a game I'm interested in, I don't really have anything against season passes. If you want a game or like a game a lot, and you want all the content, go for it. However... I do find DLC often less interesting than, lower quality, lacking in substance, a little too experimental and/or living too awkwardly alongside the base game to really enjoy them. Kind of the same issue I take with mods on PC, and why I generally prefer just playing the vanilla "as it was intended" way for most games. (I get it, gamers are cheap and mods are free so they're treated like some sort of holy grail... but 99% of it is trash, let's be honest.) The last season pass (or DLC in general) that I've bought was for FFXV... and only because that was my GOTY 2016 and I wanted to support the devs further. Between the DLC and the free updates they've made since I first finished it at launch, my next playthrough of FFXV should be pretty different and probably quite entertaining.