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  1. The biggest difference I've noticed is that there's no "platinum trophy" equivalent on Xbox. When I did the trophy thing, I'd set my sights on the platinum... not necessarily 100%. Without the platinum, your only real goal is 100% which means basically DLC trophies could be a bigger thorn in your side than it is on the Playstation... depending on your approach. If 100% completion and DLC trophies are already a thing you go after (and not platinums specifically), then it probably won't be much of a change. Achievements have been a requirement since the Xbox 360 came out, if I recall. So unlike Playstation, you won't find that older games don't have them, nor did they ever need to be "patched in" to older games.
  2. I'm tempted to bump up my preorder to the deluxe edition for the extras... but I actually prefer how the standard edition art looks versus the deluxe. Yeah, I care about that sort of thing. Any idea of the deluxe edition extras will be available to purchase separately?
  3. Glad we all seem to be on the same page on this one, more or less. As a physical gamer, on the surface I'd be fine with an optional disc drive-less console to save people a few bucks on the console if it works that way for them. I wouldn't participate. However the implication behind it, the obvious "testing the waters" that they'd be doing to convince people that an all-digital future is viable and/or train them to accept it, disgusts me. So F that noise.
  4. "Cool" answer is anything but VII. But totally VII.
  5. I don't want anyone to think there's anything wrong with being weary of a developer/publisher who have a sketchy past... especially if it's recent. That's a perfectly reasonable thing to do if you want to save yourself potentially money and frustration. I just think people take it to a ridiculous, childish degree to try and give more weight to their opinion needlessly.
  6. I'm personally of the mindset that once some people decide to not like something, instead of just saying they don't like something they manufacture a laundry list of nonsense in a desperate attempt to validate themselves. It's annoying. In this case, it's extra obvious people are just pushing an agenda since the majority of complaints about Anthem thus far are speculation based on EA's and BioWare's recent track record... not even commentary about the game itself, since it isn't out yet. I mean, we're complaining about on disc DLC when the discs aren't even manufactured yet? Talking about The Sims 4 DLC like it has anything to do with how they'll handle Anthem? Comparing EA to some hypothetical company that slaughters endangered species? Come the fuck on. People have the right to do whatever they want, you're right. Just like I have the right to think what they're saying is stupid. So how about you practice what you preach and let me bitch, moan and complain and take zero accountability for any of it like everyone else does.
  7. To be fair, I'm not planning on preordering Anthem. If I did though, it'd be because I find something exciting about the game and I want to. And there's absolutely no guarantee that Anthem will be as problematic as you're claiming it'll be. What I do for myself is about me, about my money and about how I want to spend my time. It's not about whatever cause you're championing today. While I agree EA is bottom rung as far as gaming companies go, I clearly don't agree with you in regards to the gravity of that. The worst AAA gaming company is still better than a lot of other things in life warranting protest. Gaming is a hobby, not a necessity. We aren't forced to buy anything.
  8. Endangering a species of animal is quite a different story. If the game is fun, I don't see the harm in it. It's probably worth the money to me. If it's not worth the money to me, I don't spend said money. And all is right in the world. What people hate or perceive as horrible business practices or butchering video games is of little interest to me. The gaming community has proven time and time again to blow everything out of proportion. I'll judge for myself.
  9. There's a difference between unappealing mechanics that may or may not actually impact anything in an otherwise fun game, and a game being "broken and terrible" at it's core. If you want to let the politics of gaming consumerism take precedent over all other aspects of what makes gaming great, by all means. You do you. Stop pretending like people are naive or stupid because they aren't so jaded/cynical.
  10. Sounds like something wildly open to interpretation. For one person, all content that ever gets made for a game "should be included in said game". For another, they appreciate that additional content may cost additional money as long as the base game is a full experience, which may just mean a full single player campaign and/or the base multiplayer/endgame content. Non-cosmetic DLC that's proven to be on the disc completed but locked until a paid patch/DLC later is another story. How often does that really happen?
  11. Most people play games for fun. Not to manufacture causes to fight. From what I've played, Anthem definitely seems like a fun game. Seems like an odd thing for anyone here to accuse Anthem of doing. There isn't even a disc yet.
  12. What does paywall even mean in the context of a typical console game? Isn't having to buy the game technically a "paywall"? Is any kind of non-cosmetic DLC considered a paywall?
  13. I was actually into the idea of Anthem hoping it would be a better version of Destiny. A friend of mine and I play Destiny 2 on the Xbox pretty regularly and it's always been a good time. It seems like people have a bone to pick with Bungie/Activision but I typically don't get into this consumer drama that gamers seem to thrive on these days. If a game is fun, it's fun. If it isn't, don't buy it. Don't put labels on it, don't come up with excuses. There's no law that you have to buy/like every game that comes out, and turn everything you don't into a "cause" to fight. Just don't buy it. Let your money talk for you. End of story. If Anthem is like Destiny, it'll probably be fun too IMO. That being said... after trying Anthem hands on a little while ago, I'll just say I'm less interested now. Will probably wait and see what reviews say.
  14. Not sure where the other guy is pulling from since they're just 503 errors. Didn't expect my posts to cause issues as well.
  15. Dragon's Dogma coming to Switch https://www.dualshockers.com/dragons-dogma-dark-arisen-switch-announcement/ For a very bland game that happens to have some unexpectedly enjoyable combat, they sure are making sure everyone on every platform can play it.