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  1. As someone who has been working in software development for the last 10 years or so... I don't really have a textbook understanding of any of it.


    In school I always had trouble following along in classes, but would crush projects once I had a chance to sit down and mess with it.  Every job I've been at have been 10-20 years behind in terms of technology, and I've always kind of been a one man team at these jobs without the knowledge or resources to overhaul anything myself.  And limited time/motivation/creativity to do any more substantial, modern projects in my personal time.


    Makes it tough as I start to interact with a newer generation of developers.  I'm better at doing things than talking about things.

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    2. Spaz


      New technology doesn't get widely accepted until long after it is introduced.


      My reasons for not buying the PS5 at launch is because it is going to have an extremely small library of games for the console and there are going to be a LOT of updates within the first year or two.


      The PS4 today is a far better system than it was in November 2013. At that time Sony was still tinkering with the console because it was still new.

    3. DaivRules


      If there is no needle to move, I understand not wanting to engage in the conversation. They're probably just riffing with each other for social bonding. It's easy to bond with someone when you complain about the same thing.


      I took my first programming course in 95 (Pascal) and let me tell you @Spaz by 98/99 every hot-shot, hot-headed bro who wanted to launch their own dot com was into the computer sciences. You would have hated it even more then than you hate everything now. Software programming way more mature (and accessible and documented!) now. As I'm getting *back* into software engineering now, having started getting seriously into it two and a half decades now, I'm much better equipped to navigate the social aspects of the profession.


      I'll be working for a rather large company with a lot of very diverse projects so I'll probably come across all types of people. Dealing with people tends to be 50% of any job I've ever had, I'm sure this will be no different.

    4. Spaz


      I know it was hectic back then, I've watched documentaries on how the internet evolved over the years.


      I say that because that stuff was brand new. The internet at this point is nothing new anymore, at least not anything I have seen these past few years. Back in the 90s and early 2000s people didn't know how to code for shit. You could get viruses on your Windows 98 computer just by browsing the internet, and then we thought our computers were useless after a virus got on our computer.


      There was the infamous 'U LOVE ME' worm that attacked peoples computers around 20 years ago when they opened up a certain e-mail. Nothing like that happens anymore because society became a lot more knowledgeable of the internet and how to handle problems.


      That was definitely a thing, but those hot-shots helped contribute to the Dot Com Crash which occurred around 2000 - 2001. People predicted 20 years ago that we would do everything on the internet, but nobody was really prepared for that. Look at where we are 20 years later. We've reached the very point people back in 1999 - 2000 were saying.


      But.... it's just boring to me.


      *actually the worm was titled 'ILOVEYOU'.

  2. This Ghost of Tsushima thing is getting weird.  Amazon doesn't have it available, BestBuy and Gamestop don't have any copies available in-store and shipping will take forever.


    I preordered the game from BestBuy and it didn't get here yesterday, and doesn't seem to have moved at all as of this morning so I'm not expecting it today either.  Which is a shame because I took Monday off and a three day weekend to play it.

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    2. Dreakon13


      FF7 Remake actually was another shipping delay for me, but I did manage to cancel it and still picked up a copy from BestBuy curbside anyways on the weekend of release.  So if FF7 had supply issues, Tsushima is even worse somehow.

    3. NERVergoproxy


      $15 used in a few months... I wish you are right. Cause i'm waiting a few months.

    4. Dreakon13


      @NERVergoproxy I may be exaggerating a bit.  I wouldn't really expect it that low in a few months.  Maybe more like $30-40 if you're lucky.  Might be that in more like a year or two.


      If there are manufacturing/distribution issues causing the shortages, it may be even longer than normal for the game to go down in price (demand greater than supply).

  3. Looks like Ghost of Tsushima won't be arriving today. 😒  I'd cut Best Buy a little more slack if they didn't always wait until literally the last second to ship preorders.  They didn't even print the label until yesterday night, no less begin the process of shipping across the country.


    I get it, it's a complicated time for shipping. With that in mind, in what world is trying to overnight things a good idea?  Any little snag would cause it to miss the date.  Maybe give it two days just to be safe?  Doesn't seem crazy to me.

    1. MidnightDragon


      This is why I did curbside pickup. I got the e-mail last night it's ready. 

  4. Finally, finished TLOU2 and can read spoiler heavy reviews and opinions with impunity.


    As expected, the outcry has been mostly "gamers being gamers"... right down to the reported death threats on the voice actress for Abby and her family. 1f612.png


    Top notch game in just about every aspect.  Story was ambitious, risky and a bit disappointing after the first games lofty expectations, but still worked on many levels.




    Hoping there's a Part 3. :)

    1. Cleggworth


      Yeah that behaviour is pretty shocking. Agree with your review of the game. Fantastic game, story was brave. I appreciate what they made, very cleverly done but it was a bit too.... much. I agree with your score as well. I might even push it to a 9 but for me it's not a 10 like the first game was

  5. Two days out, I'm getting worried that Best Buy isn't planning on shipping my copy of TLOU Pt 2 on time...

    1. MikeCheck--


      Unfortunately this is the reason I went digital this time, plus COVID ofc

    2. MidnightDragon


      Can you switch it to curbside pickup or not an option?

    3. Dreakon13


      As of this morning it's in the process of being "prepared" so I cannot change it anymore.  But next day shipping has been possible from them, possibly because I live close to a few different locations and warehouses... so it seems pretty likely I'll get it tomorrow.  So much for having it accidentally arrive a day early though. xD

  6. I'm kinda stuck between "things are looking good enough here that we probably don't need to work remotely anymore"... and "I literally have zero business reason to be in the office in general, no less during a pandemic... even if the coast is relatively clear".


    The only times I've gone into the office the last 3 months was to drop off disinfectant I could find as our stock was low, and office supplies.  Stuff that I willingly did more to be helpful, not my job description (I'm a software dev).


    As tired as I am of being cooped up home alone, and trust me I am... if I can do my entire job remotely, what're we doing?  It's not even entirely a paranoia thing, it's just kind of common sense taking over lol.

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    2. Sir_Bee


      You could very well be right.  It would be a shame, because everybody wins if jobs can truly be done from home.  Costs are down, morality is up, productivity is up, everything is better.  I think some of the people who are wanting to get back to the office, would have liked it more if they weren't also locked in their house the whole time.  They may look at home as the place of work, and they no longer have a place to themselves.

    3. DaivRules


      My work is very, very slow to bring people back to the office and is looking to have most people working 60/40 or 40/60 Home/Office going forward.


      I will say, there is a lot lost when I'm not sitting near my team overhearing conversations and planning, and being able to give input or get involved, or even having others ask to get involved when they overhear conversation.

    4. visighost


      I get what you're saying. This involuntary trial by fire kind of brought a paradigm shift - telework... works? Risk of contagion might not even be the main factor for business decisions anymore.


      It still needs tweaking though. On one hand, it's really hard to get work done efficiently when I'm at home with the 3 kids with a non-ergo office, but on the other, I save time (1h commute each way) and money (bus pass, lunch out, etc.)... and am not that inconvenienced?


      I work downtown where real estate is fairly pricey, but even then we're told that WHEN we go back, it will only be 30% of the workforce. I can see them actually closing down whole floors (5,000 people work in my organization) permanently. Some big companies here (Shopify comes to mind) have said everyone is going to work from home going forward...


      Interesting times.

  7. Approaching last call for anyone interested in this PC game/app (non-Steam, DRM free) bundle.  It's up to 1700 games and contributions, for a minimum $5 donation to a few good causes.  About a day left as of this status.  Don't sleep on it!  Some great games in there!



  8. Almost in the mood to re-play Death Stranding.  It's a game I said wouldn't be as interesting in a second playthrough, but I think I'm in the mood for something like that to compliment FFXIV.


    I need a game search engine where I can type in "nails the atmosphere" and get a list of games... because I think those are the ones i want to play right now.  Then filter on "weird" and "eerie" and "beautiful"...

    I'd basically get Death Stranding and Hollow Knight.

  9. For the last year or two... I've been riding with a PS4 Slim, Xbox One S and a Nintendo Switch.


    I think it's time to work the Xbox One out of the rotation.  I've been using it primarily for exclusives and multiplayer games, but since my buddy had his kid I've been kinda on my own with it.  Understandably so.


    Then there's the fact my brother is generally available to play and on the PS4... the fact that I just extended PS+ to 2023 with some of the cheap 12-month codes floating out there xD... and the matter of not being able to really plan ahead for what will happen once my cheap Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription is up in a few months (since I'm not gonna pay full price for it lol).


    So it looks like the PS4/PS5 would be able to do the multiplayer heavy lifting in the Xbox's absence.


    To be honest, I was kinda excited about the Xbox Series X in lieu of anything too substantial from Sony with the PS5 at this point.  But I guess I'll likely be getting a PS5 first again next gen sometime after launch... then try and find a Xbox Series X on a deep discount down the road for the handful of exclusives like I did this gen.


    It's probably for the best anyways.  My physical game shelf has a lot more room dedicated to Playstation, and the Xbox corner was getting a little tight if I really wanted to keep growing it.

    1. AshestoAshes28


      I'm the same, as I mean as much as I love my Xbox and love the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, I've got more PlayStation and Switch games now than Xbox games, and I need to get down those first. Also I feel like the PSNow is catching up a little so perhaps that's worth looking into.

      Plus, I find it really hard now finding time to play on all of these games on all of these consoles, sometimes I just wish everything was on one or two consoles to save time having to decide what to play 😂. 


      But, yeah, I'm coming round to this way of thinking, like you have.

  10. [Final Fantasy VII Remake] I like the gameplay, I like the story, I like almost everything about it... but I just can't do it.


    Most games make my stomach turn a little when I get to a boss I can't beat or an overly frustrating enemy or an unusually tedious section of the story... or all of these at the same time... but I just don't see the point in learning how to play this game better.


    If it's for the story, there's no way at this point the end will be satisfying for me.  We knew years before release that the end is just the beginning here.  Not even trying to hide that fact a little.  Why work tirelessly just to finish what's effectively a long demo?  If it's to master the mechanics, why learn what we have now when they'll probably change over the promised 5-10 years of sequels?


    Doesn't help that I just don't really like RPG's at all anymore I guess.  I think I can stomach the tedious chore lists and mechanics in MMORPG's because at least it's a persistent world where your effort effects the people you play with in some capacity.  But single player?  In FF7R's case it's doubling down on the pointless-ness as you work your ass off to what... the honor of saying you beat some un-quantifiable "part" of the "series"?  Good grief.

    1. Dreakon13


      Oh, and these Ghost and Phantom enemies can eat my ass.  Every variation I run into is a bigger pain than the last.  The only thing that makes this tedious, unproductive sprint through 1/16th of the full "series" better is that they made sure to throw in increasingly obnoxious enemies and the obnoxious mechanics attached to them to keep me questioning why I'm wasting the time on it.

    2. KingGuy420


      So I haven't bought the game yet so take this with a grain of salt. But from everything I've heard, about 3 quarters of the way through, the story takes a big swerve and turns out it's more of a sequel and less of a remake. And the ending definitely makes it seem like it's going in a completely different direction.


      So this isn't the first piece of a huge remake. This is the first part of an entirely new chapter. Saying it's pointless to play is akin to say Mass Effect 1 is pointless to play.


      Who knows how it's actually going to shake out in the future. Square is being annoyingly closed lipped. But judging by the info we have right now, it seems that's the case.

    3. Dreakon13


      I've heard similar things but I'm pretty spent with it as it is.  I may keep chipping away at it, and maybe it'll change my mind, but currently it'd be more just to say I finished it than really being interested in where it's headed.  Every time I turn it on something smothers what little enthusiasm I have left for the game/episode/series/whatever we're calling it.


      "Saying it's pointless to play is akin to say Mass Effect 1 is pointless to play"

      > I don't think I've seen such a high profile game release with an endless number of sequels pre-announced and no indication how your progress may carry over.  TImed out that it'll definitely span console generations to make it even more unclear.  I'd guess Mass Effect 1 was probably sold at the time as an individual game and not necessarily a series... but even if it were sold as a trilogy where at least your choices carry over, that's a MASSIVE step above what Square is doing.

  11. Can't believe CDKeys.com still has a year of PS+ on sale for ~$30 ... for the USA anyways.  May very well be the cheapest I think I've ever seen 12 months of either PS+ or Xbox Live Gold.


    I already extended mine to 2022 and bought one for my brother so we can keep playing online as needed, but I'm tempted to get one more for myself just because. xD One less deal I'll need to hunt down in 2022.

  12. I'm really fighting the temptation to get back into Final Fantasy XIV.

    Would really rather not pay for a subscription MMO right now... but I'd be lying if I said that a social online experience wouldn't be significantly more rewarding than just about any single player title at the moment. And it's probably the best way to interact with my brother through all this, since he's likely going to start it up again too.

    I would love it if there were a different, less perpetually expensive social outlet gaming-wise... but in all my searching, most multiplayer games these days are more BYOF (bring your own friends) or be doomed to solo, thus defeating the purpose. And to be honest... getting into an MMORPG, maybe joining a casual guild, meeting some new people, and living life on a different planet for a while... maybe not such a bad thing.

    I won't get into how frustrated I am with Final Fantasy VII Remake at the moment, probably the final nail in the coffin as far as my waning interest in single player games for now. It's a really great game and when I do sit down to play I enjoy it, but almost on principle alone I don't think I can stomach burning another few weeks of my life slowly chipping away at it knowing even when it's done it's only 1/16th of a story, and my progress probably won't matter for the other 15/16th's. 😞

    1. OhDearDevilRun


      Hmmmmm, you rather not pay for a MMO sub that is $14/mo that is more rewarding to play but rather spend $60 a month on a new single player game that just isn't as rewarding...even IF that single player game last more than a month, you could had subbed 4 months with that money and had a more significantly better social online experience. What are you waiting for!! Sub!

    2. Dreakon13


      Well, there's no guarantee I buy a new full priced game every month. ;)  Point taken though.


      I think under normal circumstances I'd be okay with the single player investment because 1) it's money going towards my physical collection which always feels good and 2) there's a certain expectation that the single player game comes to a satisfying end.  A destination that makes the journey feel worthwhile.  It doesn't always work, but most games at least try.


      MMORPG's are fun and may be better for me right now, but it's a rental.  The fun isn't over because the game came to an organic end, my characters journey and any progress just abruptly stops once the money dries up.  Or with some games, the vague open-ended promises of sequels over the next decade.  And that's where FF7R fails mightily, it's designed to be as inconclusive as humanly possible.  Sure the story may be revamped to be more self-contained... but the knowledge of the original story and the gall of Square to not even know how many sequels it'll have yet or if our progress carries over... spoils that pretty quick.

  13. The Game of the Month Club's May 2020 game is Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning!  For anyone interested, the Game of the Month Club is a small group on Discord of gamers from mostly PC and Playstation who try to pick a game (or games) each month to play and discuss... sorta like a book club. ;)


    It's pretty stress-free, it could help work through that backlog a little, and a nice way to socialize about games.  Especially in these troubling times.


    Feel free to follow the link if you're interested in stopping by for a bit!



    1. Dr_Mayus


      Thats a neat idea. I started a film club during isolation.



      Also enjoy KoA, i really enjoyed it.

    2. mako-heart


      Amalur is so damn good, I bought JP ver to play eventually.

  14. So I've been listening to old shows/episodes/whatever you call it from 2009 of this radio show that used to be on the air.  It's funny, a little escape from reality to a simpler time.


    And of course!  Of course, they're talking about swine flu and pandemics. 😅  So much for my escape.

    1. DaivRules


      2009 was in the height of the Great Recession as well. 

  15. Got +rep in a thread from 6 years ago.  Man, I was kind of a prick back then. xD


    Not that I'm not a prick now... but I think I do a slightly better job of it at least.

    1. Litha


      It's called articulate prickage.

    2. damon8r351


      If it was that thread about Proteus I did back then, yeah you were a bit of a massive prick that day. I thought it over later and just figured you mistook me for your therapist and needed to get some pent up aggression out.

    3. Dreakon13


      Yep, that was the thread. xD  Can't tell you which bug crawled up my ass that day, but sorry about that lol.

  16. Having a really hard time motivating myself to keep playing through FF7 Remake.  It's an awesome game, but I've only dropped about 10-15 hours in it the last two weeks and not sure it's worth another 10-20+ hours knowing the story will end incomplete, and not knowing if my progress will carry over in the next entries somehow.


    Half tempted to sell my copy and just see if I'm any more motivated in a few years on the PS5 with probably a Part 2 close to release and hopefully a little more information out of Square.


    Boggles my mind how Part 1 is out, people have paid for it, Part 2 has been confirmed to be in development, and they still won't even give us a hint of their long term plans for this FF7R series.  I knew the incomplete-ness of this episodic format would irk me, but its Squares leaving us completely in the dark that may be the final nail in the coffin for me at the moment.

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    2. Dreakon13


      I'm enjoying the game for what it is. It's one of the best Final Fantasy games I've played. But even if the story technically works, the original is etched in my head well enough to know what's coming and what this is missing. Enough to make this not feel like the standalone they were aiming for.


      And if it takes 10 years, I'll be waiting 10 years whether I finish this one or not. Just without the gratuitous teasing.

    3. Jables_The_Hutt


      Well, I don't want to spoil anything for you, but regardless of when or how many games come after this one, I don't think it was ever gonna be feasible to get the quality level they are aiming for in one complete game. It's a remake, of one of the most popular games of all time. Not a quick and dirty remaster.


      Also, I don't see how it's teasing, the original game exists, can be played anytime. This game offers more than enough content to justify the $60 price tag. It sounds like you want to time travel to the future to when this is all complete and sadly, you'll just have to have patience like the rest of us.


      Game development takes time, and this is a cash cow for Square Enix. Personally i'd rather they take the time and delivery quality like this instead of rushing to cram in everything in one game. This game is fantastic for what it is and if it was lower quality but longer, it wouldn't be the solid 9/10 game that I think it is.


      Keep in mind, video games exist only to make money. They are a product that exists to further the financial success of a company. They will do whatever they need to, in order to maximize profits on this remake, while hopefully retaining fans. But so far, it seems to be a step in the right direction.


      Now that they have all this development under their belts with this game (and using the Unreal Engine which is notoriously easier to develop for), i'm sure any subsequent games will come out faster than this one did.

    4. Dreakon13


      The teasing comes from the fact that considering development of the second game is well underway, they COULD give us an idea of our progress will carry over in some form.  The fact the max level in the game is just 50 is an indication it could.  I'm sure it's something that has been taken into consideration at this point, if not technically finished (if it does).  The sales are already made, they wouldn't lose revenue by "revealing" that information.  If anything, good news in that regard would probably generate more sales for people leery of the disjointed episodic nature and are on the fence.  But they don't.  I can't imagine what Square stands to gain by leaving fans in the dark on this, but it'd go a long way to me knowing/feeling if my time spent in Part 1 will matter going forward.


      Then there's how many entries will there be, rough estimates on timeframes between releases, etc.  This stuff I could understand a little more at least since there's a lot they may not know yet and release dates will never be set in stone, though I absolutely believe after making a full game they should be able to comfortably map out the rest and loop us in in a non-committal way.


      I've enjoyed what I played of Part 1 so far, and I'm sure by the end there would be something satisfying about the story even if there's a gross amount of it missing and left to cover.  But it's Square's frustratingly illogical mishandling of information on where things are headed that's souring the bigger picture for me.

  17. Granted I probably shouldn't bother pre-ordering games during the pandemic (... and some would say I shouldn't regardless) but I wonder why just the standard edition preorder of Ghost of Tsushima is unavailable on Amazon?


    I wanted to lock it in while I had this free month of Prime and release day shipping. 😅

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    2. MidnightDragon


      Amazon is weird about that. 

    3. DaisyVilla102


      I have at least ten pre-order titles saved for later in my Amazon cart that are showing as "Currently unavailable", when last night they showed a date.  Their release dates ranged from June to 31 December 2021, a.k.a. TBD.  So I'm hoping it's just a fluke.

    4. Dreakon13


      I read yesterday somewhere that they're taking most (not all) preorders down, probably to mitigate the traffic of big game releases altogether for more priority items. I'm sure it's temporary but who knows how long.


      I cancelled all my preorders, and may go with BestBuy or some place closer that seems more reliable, as release day approaches for any given game.

  18. Sigh... while I'm enjoying Final Fantasy 7 Remake, it does have me thinking about playing FFXIV again when I'm done (or perhaps even before that).


    If not only to keep the Final Fantasy theme going when FF7R will undoubtedly end leaving me wanting more.

  19. So I'm really enjoying Final Fantasy VII Remake.  The game looks great, the music brings the nostalgia and holds up great.  The combat may be the most enjoyable in the FF franchise so far IMO.  I'm enjoying them expanding the characters of the AVALANCHE crew... and there's still a lot of game left to go.


    But I'm having a really, really difficult time getting over the idea that the game is just going to end after Midgar.  Makes all the leveling and the character building and the side content feel inconsequential knowing that the game won't really have a conclusive ending, and that we'll just start all over again with Part 2 in a few years.

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    2. DaivRules


      Moving Part 2 to PS5 only would be the ultimate middle finger to everyone who started Part 1, let’s see if Square has the balls to pull off something like that. With PS5s PSR mode, PS4 Pro mode, and enhanced mode, I would still expect save compatibility. Maybe I’m being way too optimistic in thinking they’ll be reasonable in the project that spans as many years as it will. 

    3. Dreakon13


      Could be making it up, but I feel like I've heard Square say that the FF7 Remake series will be on current and next gen.  But that doesn't mean everyone who started on PS4 will stay on PS4 in 2-4 years time.  And that's assuming save compatibility is even in the cards period.  For all we know we'll all start Part 2 at level 1.


      The uncertainty is making it difficult for me to want to invest a lot into this current FF7R release.  I want to see the story, but why put 50-100 hours in, get the best weapons/materia, max level, do optional stuff, beat the biggest bosses, etc... knowing it may all be wiped out the rest of the game.  Seems kinda crazy to me Square hasn't clarified one way or another yet... there's no way they finished Part 1 and started Part 2 (which has been confirmed) without knowing what way to go with it.  At least conceptually, if not technically.

    4. Masamune


      I really hope there'll be an save import option, that'd at least make the whole episodic thing a bit more tolerable. 😑  But as for the PS4 to PS5 thing, I'm sure there'll be a way to transfer your PS4 saves to the PS5, since it's backwards compatible (I'm hoping for something simple, like via a USB). :hmm:

  20. Cancelled my delayed Amazon deluxe preorder of FF7R, and ordered the standard edition from Best Buy so I could play today.  I'm not sure why I'd need a soundtrack/artbook/steelbook anyways.  I'm not much of a fan of steelbooks (nothing against them but they clash with my collection of standard cases) and my shelf is already filled to the top with frivolous extras as it is.


    Though the process of picking it up felt perilous... even with minimal contact, curbside pickup. 😞  I've cleaned and sanitized thoroughly since getting home.

  21. Keep toiling over whether to play Final Fantasy XIV or World of Warcraft... when I think the problem is ultimately that they're both pretty uninteresting, since I'll likely just be playing them on my own most of the time anyways.  Which is a shame because a game with social elements would probably fit the bill right now... living on my own, working from home and isolating myself.


    But if those two are out, I'm debating either continuing with Ori and the Will of the Wisps (Xbox One) or maybe I'll start Persona 5 again.  I kinda wanted to wait for Royal but in these uncertain times I'm getting impatient, and it seems like it'd be a nice long distraction.

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    2. Dreakon13


      I'm probably 3/4s the way to Heavensward so I wouldn't say I'm at the "very beginning" unless that's just anything prior to the expansions... and I wasn't really getting a dungeon per hour, but I was also doing the roulettes a lot to level and avoid the MSQ, and reading the dialog and watching the cutscenes when I did the MSQ.


      I'm not going to skip the story if there is a story, but a dragging story may turn me away from a game. WoW just doesn't have a story or a main quest line or even cutscenes from what I could tell, so the question/doubt isn't even there. Not saying that makes it better or worse, but great game/boring story vs good game/no story is where I'm kinda torn at the moment lol.

    3. ExHaseo


      If your highest dungeon was Toto-Rak. You were still very early in the game. About 1/3 of ARR takes place at level 50.

    4. Dreakon13


      Toto-Rak isn't the highest, I was just naming a few that I seem to get in the rotation a lot.

  22. Lately I've been a physical game collector first, multiplayer gamer second, new release single player gamer third... and old game/backlog single player gamer dead last.

    It's like the worst ratio of money spent to number of games played you can put together. xD

  23. Been playing World of Warcraft off and on the last few weeks, and it's scratching that itch pretty good.  The problem is that I'm casual enough that I can make an MMORPG stretch out forever... which is not conducive to playing through my many, many other games anytime in the remotely foreseeable future.


    After binge-ing Destiny 2 with my buddy for a solid year or two, and then jumping to MMORPG's for a while like I have been... I'm kinda stuck between just sticking with the more immediately satisfying (for me) multiplayer games, or learning how to enjoy just sitting back and playing a single player game solo for 10-100+ hours again.  Because I honestly don't think I remember how anymore. xD

  24. I wonder if Persona 5 Royal is going to have a US physical retail release that isn't steelbook.  I'd like to pick it up but that's all I can find and as nice as steelbooks are, the standard blue PS4 case would be ideal to not clash with the rest of my collection.

    1. starcrunch061


      It probably will, but you never know. I don't think that Royal is going to walk off of shelves like the original did (since, you know, it's the same game with more bells and whistles).

    2. Dreakon13


      I have the original Persona 5 but haven't really played it much (needs to be the right time/mood for a JRPG of that size)... so I'm waiting on Royal now, because why not.  Half tempted to sell the original disc, keep the original Persona 5 case, and maybe just get a Persona 5 Royal disc cheap(er) on eBay in a few months and swap it in.  Probably even more likely to find that scenario since I'm sure plenty will sell the Royal disc and keep the steelbook as a collectable.


      Assuming there isn't a proper standard release of Royal at some point.

  25. There's still voting to be done, but it looks like March's game for the Game of the Month Club will most likely be Assassin's Creed Odyssey... with the theme of historical open world stealth/action (so basically any Assassin's Creed game(s) of your choosing) for those who don't own it but still want to join in the fun.


    ICYMI, the Game of the Month Club is a group of us who get together on Discord to pick a game each month to play and discuss.  Whether it's just to meet people, work through your backlog or just play games and have fun... it's a pretty welcoming little group.  It's a smattering of gamers from PC, Playstation and any platform of their choosing.  There are no rules persay, no requirement to participate if a game/theme for a month doesn't interest you, don't have to finish the games.  Participation is certainly encouraged though so we can all have fun discussing and sharing our stories, screenshots, video, etc.  I mean, I was sick most of February so I didn't participate myself but I'm excited for March!


    More the merrier I say, so if you're interested feel free to use this Discord invite and check it out: