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  1. Having only really gone "all in" on the MCU following Infinity War (and playing a lot of catch up between then and Endgame)... I don't really feel strongly about this. The MCU was always going to have a tough time recreating lightning in a bottle like they had the past ~10 years as actors/actresses move on, get written out, awkwardly transition to Disney+ exclusive television shows, and leave those shoes to fill. Losing Spider-Man is basically just the icing on the cake. EDIT: I'm fine with stopping at Endgame, on a personal level, as far as seriously following the MCU goes. Probably will be the case regardless of what happens here.
  2. I've had the opposite experience really. Granted I really haven't gotten too far yet and I'm DPS so it's hard to mess that up (just stay active and don't run ahead)... but people have been surprisingly cool with me despite me making mistakes from time to time. I've had a few things explained to me and was better for it. This is playing with randoms too. It's luck of the draw I'm sure... and the further you get, the more important it gets for people to not mess up, and the more you run into people that a. don't know what they're doing and have lousy attitudes about it or b. know what they're doing and have no patience for people who are learning.
  3. With Beyond out and the PSVR update... I think it's time I gave No Man's Sky another chance, after buying at launch and setting it aside all this time.


    Unfortunately my internet is garbage right now and I'm getting my ISP out here tomorrow evening to see what's going on, so it'll take all night to download the update... but still.  It's time.  I mean, tomorrow.  Tomorrow is time.

    1. Spaz


      It was hyped up to be a lot more than it actually was. That's why Sean Murray got the criticism he did and why he hid himself away from social media when people got the word that No Man's Sky was more shallow than it was a space exploration game with a lot of depth.


      I have the game, had it since December 2016 and still haven't gotten around to playing it. Maybe I'll get around to it this coming Fall.

  4. Not sure what you're into really, or what you already have, but maybe Super Mario Maker 2? As far as "short stint" games go, that game is going to probably be in my rotation forever... one level might take a few minutes tops. I could spend all night playing the game, or just a handful of levels for a quick hit. Even the crappy levels (and there's plenty of them) are fascinating just from the perspective that someone thought it was good enough to publish online. But I LOVE the classic Mario games... so it scratches that itch for me in the best way possible.
  5. That feeling when you turn your ad blocker off to help support a music streaming site, but then it starts throwing random errors until you turn the ad blocker back on. xD

  6. As expected, there are standard editions available now. Which I have preordered. I never played A New Frontier or the Final Season, which is awful because I'm a huge fan of the series (and the TWD franchise as a whole really). I wanted to replay the first two games along with them but with the staggered episode releases, mixed reviews of later seasons, and all the drama around the Final Season and Telltale going under... there never really felt like a good time to start the series up again. I did own the original remastered collection and the Final Season briefly on PS4. Just never got around to them, and since they were both still unopened and the Final Season was a yucky season pass disc anyways, I sold them and ordered this collection instead. Looking forward to it!
  7. Having played through a chunk of the first few games at least in the Master Chief Collection, I don't think they've aged well personally. The love of the Halo games stems from nostalgia more than anything IMO. Speaking from experience, lugging Xbox's around and playing multiplayer/LAN with friends was a defining phase of many gamers lives. I don't even like FPS's really and that was incredibly fun... adding to the fact Halo was one of the first-best FPS's on console period and no doubt influenced countless FPS franchises that followed it. Overrated may not be entirely inaccurate in 2019... but its doing a disservice to the franchises significance to the industry, and to gamers on a personal level.
  8. "Should" you? That's entirely up to you. If you want to pay full price, have the money to, and like the idea of supporting the developer of said game or just think getting a game ASAP is a fun idea... then I say go for it. I'll pre-order a few games a year personally, though I'll probably take break from that for a while just to build the bank account up again after some recent expenses. There's nothing wrong with waiting for a cheaper price and probably a more complete/patched version of the game though... in fact it makes a ton of sense to do that. What I don't like is those who aggressively argue against paying full price. It's not a "stupid" thing to do. (Not that anyone here is saying that, but speaking generally since many do feel that way.) Games/franchises/dev studios often live and die on launch week sales, so the people pre-ordering and buying day one are the ones keeping this whole thing going. And that includes good publishers/developers that deserve the success and sales too, not just the bad ones. I get why people wait and save money, or are frustrated with the state a lot of games get released in nowadays and wait on principle... but vehemently insisting that others shouldn't buy games at full price or insulting them for doing so is biting the hand that feeds IMO. Just appreciate that people do so you don't have to, and these quality games can be there waiting for you whenever you choose to buy them.
  9. I'm starting to realize in playing games recently like Destiny with a buddy of mine, and Final Fantasy XIV on my own... that I can't help but feel like my time is short for single player games.


    Seems like every single player game I pick up lately I'm just playing it to finish.  And every obstacle that gets in my way of that... unusually tough sections or bosses, leveling and statistical development, completing X number of side quests to unlock the next main quest... is met more with annoyance and frustration than appreciation.  So I rush, rush, rush and either finish it without really savoring it, or give up once I feel the progress isn't there (or isn't worth it).


    Oddly enough these multiplayer games are rife with these same/similar barriers and repetition... likely moreso than any single player game because they want them to take forever to pry more money from you.  Yet they feel more motivating to me personally.  Maybe it's because they don't really end, and I'm able to settle more into the journey and focus less on the destination.  Maybe It's because of how satisfying it is to fight and improve alongside real and different people, or to just prove you're a little bit better than the guy/gal next to you.


    I'm not sure what it is, but it has me raising an eyebrow a bit to my shelf full of single player titles I'm never really in the mood to play... and the multiplayer games I keep coming back to.  I don't think it's a slight against the kinds of games coming out these days... between AAA and indie titles, there's literally something for everyone. Probably even me.  It's just where my head is at lately.


    It's not you... it's me. 😉💔

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    2. Dreakon13


      @PooPooBlast I'm sure that's part of it.  Even though I've been mostly playing solo in FFXIV, I've dipped my toes into parties and dungeons/raids/duties as the story has required so far and it's always been a mix of interesting and engaging... with occasional moments of embarrassing myself. xD As I get further I'm sure there will be more opportunities and bigger and cooler places to participate in these things, and that's part of the excitement for me in leveling and completing missions and learning features/mechanics and stuff IMO.

    3. Spaz


      A game has to be something special for me to have a real interest in it. 


      Given my discontent with the video game industry, only stuff like Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Resident Evil 2 interest me. 


      Guacamelee 2 and Mega Man 11 occupy my interest in a way that AAA games don’t, and haven’t done in a long time. If I had more patience I would be playing Tetris Effect. 

    4. Dreggit


      FFXIV is fun with friends... though I must lament that it is quite formulaic and predictable in its content rollout....

  10. Always disc/physical with a few exceptions... - Multiplayer only games (ie. absolutely no single player/offline content). There's no real reason to concern myself with a disc copy on these. You're basically redownloading the entire game anyways from content updates and expansions, and there's nothing to preserve because the games will no longer function when the servers go down. Though I will try to get a physical copy super duper cheap eventually (or I'll buy physical in the first place if I can technically use the accompanying activation codes to play without the disc too ala FFXIV) just so the game is represented in the collection. - I *may* buy a digital copy to accompany a physical copy... if it's a game I really like, want to support the developer again, and maybe keep the physical copy sealed for collectors purposes. I'm planning on leaning away from keeping games sealed in the future though. - Digital only titles that are just too undeniably good to wait for a retail release/limited run (which I'd probably double dip on when they do).
  11. I cleared my plate a little more of pre-orders. Life happens and sacrifices need to be made. This is what remains: The Walking Dead Telltale Definitive Series - 9/10/2019 Trine Ultimate Collection - 9/30/2019 Shenmue III - 11/19/2019 Final Fantasy VII Remake - 3/3/2020 Cyberpunk 2077 - 4/16/2020 Shovel Knight Treasure Trove - N/A Originally had games like Link's Awakening, Control and Dying Light 2 on there... but with Control, I'm hoping I can show a little patience and save some money. Seems like the type of game that will be 40-50% off a few months after release. Dying Light 2 is a long ways away (and not nearly as important as FF7 Remake and Cyberpunk to me) so I'll see where my money situation is and re-visit that closer to release. Probably won't save much money waiting on Link's Awakening since Nintendo first party games are rarely on deep discount... but that seemed like an expense I could pass on for now. Even if I wanted to wait and see on some of these other games, I got too good of a deal preordering FF7 Remake Deluxe on Amazon when I did (basically got the deluxe edition for $5 cheaper than the standard). So I'd be silly to cancel that now. And I did the Shenmue III kickstarter like 4 years ago so there's no turning back there (not that I'd want to).
  12. Just got back from setting up the lease for my new car... yep, definitely going to want to take a break from Final Fantasy XIV's subscription fee after this month.


    Between this car, the new A/C unit for the house, and paying off next years vacation... my bank account had taken a savage beating the last few months. Gotta cut back a little. Maybe even rethink a pre order or two and/or sell some of my more valuable but less exciting limited print games/collectibles, on top of not reupping FFXIV. Not that I "need" to, but I think I'd rather have the money and peace of mind at the moment.

  13. So my internet has been trash for about two weeks now.  I finally cave in, call the ISP and we set up an appointment to get someone here to look at it.  Has to be on the weekend since I'm at work all day throughout the week.


    I get home from work today and tinker with it a bit more, and the speeds are amazing.  I haven't seen it working this well in I dunno how long.  Been using it all evening without a single hitch.  I could barely boot an online game up all week.


    I'm starting to think these fuckers are making my connection garbage on purpose just to get a tech down here, then speed it back up the day before and charge me for the service fee.

  14. Cloud Strife and Leon S Kennedy were imaginary friends of mine for one lonely summer as a kid. ( Not even kidding )
  15. I'm doing a bit of soul searching.

    I'm not really in a tight spot or anything, but some expenses have come up that are encouraging me to go into "saving mode" financially. Final Fantasy XIV is really fun, I'm enjoying it a lot and honestly has gotten me a bit of my gaming mojo back... as it's been a LONG time since I got home from work and was itching to turn on the same game I've been playing. Yet I find myself even sneaking in a half hour here and there before work with FFXIV. Even other MMO's like ESO or Guild Wars 2, or MMO-lite's like Destiny or Monster Hunter World, haven't inspired that out of me.

    But the $13-15 a month investment for the game seems like an logical option for the chopping block. Especially when you consider I have such a backlog of games that wouldn't cost me (any additional lol) money to play.

    Maybe I kill a few preorders to save some money instead, or sell a few games from the collection I'm less excited about... or maybe I let FFXIV go and see if some of this regained gaming mojo can transition to some of my backlog instead.

    Or maybe I let the rest of this free month play out and see how things go late August. I have the game Control preordered anyways (comes out 8/27 I think) and that could be a natural transition away from FFXIV and back to my backlog anyways. But to be honest... if FFXIV isn't a long term plan for me, I'd rather not spin my wheels in it for a month building a character that'll never really see the end anyways.

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    2. PooPooBlast


      To me a subscription model doesn't feel healthy in games because you're inclined to play a lot to make up for the fact you payed for it and you might have one day a conflicting feeling of whether you should play a different game that you're interested more in or to continue playing the subscribed to game! This could eat up your time for other games and your backlog could start to accumulate. That's just my take on it. 

    3. Dreakon13


      I had a feeling the subscription model might make me conflicted but I kinda went into the game headlong anyways.  Just didn't expect the purse straps to get tightened so quickly. xD

    4. PooPooBlast


      If you feel that it's better to stop playing for a while then it's better late than never to stop now even if you're pretty deep in it. If actually are enjoying the game then sure why continue with the subscription but hold off on buying games I suppose. 



      You got two options!


      If you are actually enjoying the game then sure why not continue*