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  1. Just watched the new FFVII trailer and I'm really not sure how I feel about this "the whole game takes place in Midgar" thing.


    If not only because so much of the materia is collected outside of Midgar in the original game... either it's going to be very awkward to shoehorn everything into the context of Midgar, or the options will be pretty limited the whole game.  Neither sound particularly appealing.

    1. starcrunch061


      Well, I mean the whole game can't really take place inside of Midgar. I know that this episode does, and I know that Square is insisting that this episode is a "whole game", but I'm sure that other things will happen in later episodes.


      My biggest fear is that we'll get a deluge of unnecessary cut scenes. Maybe we'll learn about Biggs' and Wedge's romance prior to joining up with Avalanche. Maybe we'll learn about Jesse's failed restaurant idea. Maybe we'll finally learn why someone in Avalanche thought it was spelled "Averlanche".


      So, that mostly agrees with your second idea, that the options will ultimately be pretty limited. the Japanese know better than anyone how to repeat the same material over and over, and convince purchasers that this is gameplay.

    2. Dreakon13


      Yeah, when I say "the whole game"... I mean this first release, not the entirety of this series of upcoming FFVII releases.  Knowing that there are going to be more games coming might make the "is this it?" feeling more palatable, but dragging the first 10 hours of the original game out to a full length JRPG always felt like a questionable decision to me.


      Like, is the whole game just going to be the dreary Midgar slums and the Shinra building?  If not, what more could it really be?  How expansive could the arsenal of materia and stuff be, considering at least some of it in the original is story (and certainly not Midgar) related?  Obviously they're going to have to add a ton of stuff that wasn't in the original, but I'm hoping how they do expand it isn't just fluff... and things aren't introduced haphazardly earlier than intended and ruin the flow of the story just to pad it more.