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  1. This should've just ended with that first thought before the "but". You don't need the government being 100% coherent to understand the importance of masks right now. Or distancing. Or hand washing. We're 4-5 months into this thing, it's way past the time for these excuses. If people aren't doing the right things at this point, that's NOT the governments fault. That's 100% on them. No buts, no excuses, stop blaming everyone else. Have a little damn accountability. Do the right things. EDIT: You can do the right things and go back to "something approximating life as normal". You CAN'T just pretend it isn't an issue or happening anymore.
  2. While I'm not personally into Apple products and agree they're way overpriced when compared to similar spec'd Windows PC's and laptops... I totally understand the appeal. Conceptually it's kinda like what I'd like to get out of a dedicated Linux machine, if Linux had even half of its mainstream appeal and support. Kind of an exciting deviation from the norm, and in some ways the technology is pretty cool the way certain Apple products can interact with other Apple products given its own closed ecosystem. You pay a premium for it, but for most of us these are either tools for work or new toys to play with. In either case, if you like it, if you have a use for it, and you can afford it... why not. And I think it's kinda silly we still have threads like this where people apparently suddenly realize Apple products are overpriced for the first time and just use it as an excuse to crap on it and pat eachother on the back.
  3. The sad thing is, they aren't really necessary. If people took it seriously at the onset and continued to do the right things this whole time (masks, distancing, hand washing, etc)... we could've found a way to live alongside COVID until it passed. The people fighting mitigation are the people you have to thank for the last 4-5 months and whatever else we have coming still, and ironically they're the ones (most vocally) hurt by the lockdowns they created with their own petulance. Talk about a vicious cycle. Normally we tolerate the quirky, selfish stupidity of people, but it has a body count now. Really pretty sickening.
  4. Maybe it's always been a thing and the internet has just highlighted it, but the first world countries are just full of bored contrarians looking for any excuse to get together with their contrarian friends and family and have fun partying and rallying against something. COVID is just easily the biggest target, probably of our lifetimes, and people are bored. as. fuck. Thankfully the death rate seems to be balancing out overall, whether it's due to better PPE supplies, weaker strains, better treatments, better mitigation, higher testing rate driving the percentage down, etc. Who knows. But frankly ANY death rate with something like this should be a valid excuse to wear a mask. They aren't expensive, they're easy to wear, and you're saving lives. Even if you don't believe you're saving lives, at the very least it's a show of respect that you care about the health and well-being of your community (which includes you, and your family, and your friends). If you don't "agree" with masks, you can fuck right off, seriously. IMO, wearing a mask when you aren't feeling well should continue to be a thing even after this passes. EDIT: I get being opposed to lockdowns and measures that hurt the economy. There needs to be a balance and we're past the point of being able to handle shutting everything down again. But those measures are there to protect the people too stupid to wear masks, social distance, and do the right things on their own... so these people protesting in large numbers without mitigation are only proving their governments right that they aren't smart/responsible enough to do this without someone/something else intervening. Let's reopen. Wear a mask. No excuses. If you medically can't wear them, then at least be on the side encouraging other people to.
  5. Fair enough, I was under the impression that content for FFXI has slowed down since its last expansion pack. It doesn't really change the fact that FFXIV is the money maker at the moment though and probably warrants building on if there are issues to address. I think the English-speaking Asian/Australian thing is a very specific issue that probably wouldn't spur SE to start spending more than usual on an entirely different MMO to tackle.
  6. I mean, in fairness FFXIV is probably one of the nicest communities I've played in as far as MMO's go. If people don't like certain parts of FFXIV, then I'd think SE's priority would probably be finding ways to improve the newer game, with millions of players, and where a lot of their resources are going... versus randomly trying to revive the older MMO and cannibalizing XIV's playerbase. I get why you're probably excited about it, FFXI is special to a lot of XIV players and I'm sure they want to see it come back too. But that's kinda my point about subtracting from XIV in the process. EDIT: If there's a lot of people out there vocally telling SE that either they need to start supporting FFXI with new content again or they quit... then I guess it makes sense (it'd have to be A LOT of people). It's also an ode to the lengths SE will go to make their fans happy. It's kind of a tough thing though, because you have to know they can't keep on supporting FFXI forever. If they do another multiplayer Final Fantasy followup to XIV in the future, that'll be three MMO's they have to keep going all siphoning from the same player pool.
  7. I could be wrong but they are separate monthly subscription fee's right? People will most likely pick one, not pay for both. Playerbase in an MMO is important, multiplayer games without people to play with don't amount to much. It's less important (not important at all) in games like FF4 or FF8. It's one thing if a game like World of Warcraft does something that encourages gamers to leave their MMO of choice to try it out, that's just life when it comes to competition in the MMO space. It's another thing for SE to cannibalize itself. Not that I'd expect FFXI to make any serious dent in FFXIV's playerbase, but any dent is enough to make me wonder why they're doing it.
  8. While I definitely have my doubts with Hangar 13 developing/2K publishing this remake, after Mafia 3 came out in such a buggy state and the Mafia 2 remaster didn't fare much better... this is still a day one purchase for me. Mafia 1 was one of my all time faves and if it sticks to the linear, narrative focus of the original I'll probably enjoy it even with the bugs. Ideally they've improved the engine and learned a few things from Mafia 3 but I guess we'll see. And my biggest complaint with Mafia 3 was the repetitive open world fluff stretching 2 hours of narrative into 30 hours of gameplay, which it doesn't sound like they're doing here thankfully. In the games defense, it was based in 1920-1930... so that was probably intentional.
  9. I feel like I've heard my FC in FFXIV talking about a mobile version of FFXI. Maybe they're drumming up interest in the game to make way for something like that. Otherwise I'm not sure why they'd continue supporting FFXI. All that'll do is leech players from FFXIV, which is the game they're probably dumping the most resources into at the moment.
  10. As someone who has been working in software development for the last 10 years or so... I don't really have a textbook understanding of any of it.


    In school I always had trouble following along in classes, but would crush projects once I had a chance to sit down and mess with it.  Every job I've been at have been 10-20 years behind in terms of technology, and I've always kind of been a one man team at these jobs without the knowledge or resources to overhaul anything myself.  And limited time/motivation/creativity to do any more substantial, modern projects in my personal time.


    Makes it tough as I start to interact with a newer generation of developers.  I'm better at doing things than talking about things.

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    2. Spaz


      New technology doesn't get widely accepted until long after it is introduced.


      My reasons for not buying the PS5 at launch is because it is going to have an extremely small library of games for the console and there are going to be a LOT of updates within the first year or two.


      The PS4 today is a far better system than it was in November 2013. At that time Sony was still tinkering with the console because it was still new.

    3. DaivRules


      If there is no needle to move, I understand not wanting to engage in the conversation. They're probably just riffing with each other for social bonding. It's easy to bond with someone when you complain about the same thing.


      I took my first programming course in 95 (Pascal) and let me tell you @Spaz by 98/99 every hot-shot, hot-headed bro who wanted to launch their own dot com was into the computer sciences. You would have hated it even more then than you hate everything now. Software programming way more mature (and accessible and documented!) now. As I'm getting *back* into software engineering now, having started getting seriously into it two and a half decades now, I'm much better equipped to navigate the social aspects of the profession.


      I'll be working for a rather large company with a lot of very diverse projects so I'll probably come across all types of people. Dealing with people tends to be 50% of any job I've ever had, I'm sure this will be no different.

    4. Spaz


      I know it was hectic back then, I've watched documentaries on how the internet evolved over the years.


      I say that because that stuff was brand new. The internet at this point is nothing new anymore, at least not anything I have seen these past few years. Back in the 90s and early 2000s people didn't know how to code for shit. You could get viruses on your Windows 98 computer just by browsing the internet, and then we thought our computers were useless after a virus got on our computer.


      There was the infamous 'U LOVE ME' worm that attacked peoples computers around 20 years ago when they opened up a certain e-mail. Nothing like that happens anymore because society became a lot more knowledgeable of the internet and how to handle problems.


      That was definitely a thing, but those hot-shots helped contribute to the Dot Com Crash which occurred around 2000 - 2001. People predicted 20 years ago that we would do everything on the internet, but nobody was really prepared for that. Look at where we are 20 years later. We've reached the very point people back in 1999 - 2000 were saying.


      But.... it's just boring to me.


      *actually the worm was titled 'ILOVEYOU'.

  11. I liked it and I'd still give it 8/10 mostly due to the pacing too tbh. Not that I thought the game or Abby's section was too long though, just that it was constantly jumping around perspective wise and timeline wise. Which wasn't necessarily confusing, but it killed momentum on at least a few occasions and made it easy to miss or forget little details by the end.
  12. I think the whole point was to make Abby into the worst villain the series has seen in the first few hours, then spend the rest of the game trying to build her up and find a way to redeem her a little in the fans eyes. It's uncomfortable, it was a bold af move on Naughty Dog's part. I think it worked, and even if it didn't they get my respect for doing the opposite of playing it safe. They just underestimated how petty and stubborn gamers are though, and it came on the heels of quite a bit of controversy prior to release (the dev crunch, LGBTQ stuff, leaks, etc) so the story and the risks they took became an easy target for anyone with an axe to grind.
  13. I probably should replay the first game, but IMO it was pretty safe and predictable story-wise outside of a few powerful moments and the having one of the best prologue's in all of gaming. It's probably 10-15 hours shorter than Part II and I still felt bored through big chunks of it. Where Part II took some huge risks in terms of story, which were more miss than hit for some people... but respect to ND for "going there" and overall I found myself more engaged in what was happening. I think the cast outside of Joel and Ellie got more screen time and were more interesting than many of the throwaway side characters in the first game. Graphics and gameplay it's no comparison IMO, Part II was better. But that's to be expected 7 years later.
  14. Made a remixed version of one of the best IMO screenshots I took in Ghost of Tsushima so far. (Original: https://i.imgur.com/CJ6S7e8.png ) The game is so gorgeous, and my tweaked version is by no means prettier or better... but I like it and it feels "different" enough that it almost stands on it's own, disconnected from the game.
  15. The idea is that masks stop whats inside of you from getting out, if not completely it really slows down the velocity of a sneeze, or a cough, or even talking. There's less in the air, less on surfaces, less getting on other people. While masks do offer the wearer some protection, if someone coughs in your face for 10 minutes, the fact you're wearing a mask probably won't help you too much. Even if only a little got through, a little is all it needs. If both parties are wearing a mask, well that's just the best case scenario. How that chalks up to "proof that masks fail to protect" is beyond rational thought IMO. It's just more excuses from lazy, stubborn, woefully misguided people. It isn't magic that NYC went from the hell it was to where it is today. It's not the weather, it's not herd immunity, it's not the virus weakening. It's masks, distancing and hand washing/good hygiene practices. That's how we stay safe, that's how we re-open. If you don't care about those things, then I'm not sure what your endgame is. EDIT: Medical exemptions may be a valid reason for YOU to not wear one, but it's NOT an argument to be made against masks in general.
  16. This Ghost of Tsushima thing is getting weird.  Amazon doesn't have it available, BestBuy and Gamestop don't have any copies available in-store and shipping will take forever.


    I preordered the game from BestBuy and it didn't get here yesterday, and doesn't seem to have moved at all as of this morning so I'm not expecting it today either.  Which is a shame because I took Monday off and a three day weekend to play it.

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    2. Dreakon13


      FF7 Remake actually was another shipping delay for me, but I did manage to cancel it and still picked up a copy from BestBuy curbside anyways on the weekend of release.  So if FF7 had supply issues, Tsushima is even worse somehow.

    3. NERVergoproxy


      $15 used in a few months... I wish you are right. Cause i'm waiting a few months.

    4. Dreakon13


      @NERVergoproxy I may be exaggerating a bit.  I wouldn't really expect it that low in a few months.  Maybe more like $30-40 if you're lucky.  Might be that in more like a year or two.


      If there are manufacturing/distribution issues causing the shortages, it may be even longer than normal for the game to go down in price (demand greater than supply).

  17. Looks like Ghost of Tsushima won't be arriving today. 😒  I'd cut Best Buy a little more slack if they didn't always wait until literally the last second to ship preorders.  They didn't even print the label until yesterday night, no less begin the process of shipping across the country.


    I get it, it's a complicated time for shipping. With that in mind, in what world is trying to overnight things a good idea?  Any little snag would cause it to miss the date.  Maybe give it two days just to be safe?  Doesn't seem crazy to me.

    1. MidnightDragon


      This is why I did curbside pickup. I got the e-mail last night it's ready. 

  18. Fair enough, I'll take your word on that since I'm not familiar with the Playstation Now library... but I still think that setup is the best of both worlds. They aren't going to include PS Now in PS+ without upping the price. By leaving both services separate and including an "ultimate" option, it gives people who want both (which is the point of this topic) an option to do so for a better price... and doesn't force people who just want one or the other to buy pieces they don't want.
  19. While they probably don't want to totally mimic the Xbox, they need to get Playstation Now as valuable and functional as the Xbox Game Pass is. And the same way Xbox tiers it's services... Sony needs to make Playstation Plus it's own thing, Playstation Now it's own thing, and bundle them together as sort of an "Ultimate" service for a bit of a discount versus buying them both separately. It gives people incentive to buy into the whole package if they can/want to, and the option to pick one or the other if they don't.
  20. I think The Walking Dead Season 1 is the closest I've gotten at the end, at least that I can remember. There are quite a few games that hung with me for a few days/weeks after finishing though. SOMA, Life is Strange, Stanley Parable. Didn't make me cry but certainly made me think.
  21. So I guess little attachable keyboards are a thing for PS4 controllers. Like this: I've been trying to work an external keyboard while playing FFXIV with varying degrees of success (putting the controller down to type in most gameplay situations is bad). I'm not sure if this will be better, probably has it's own comfortability/reliability issues. Just curious if anyone uses anything like it, or has any recommendations of good ones?
  22. There are a few on Amazon with mixed reviews, so I dunno which is best or recommended... but glad to hear that in general they seem to be useful.
  23. If you're able to shop at Gamestop, they've had a few one day deals for this game at $15 I think. Wouldn't be surprised if they did again if you can hold out for a little while. Always tempted to pick it up but very hesitant to give Gamestop my money these days.
  24. I've had PSVR and Resident Evil 7 for a few years, I've made a few attempts, and I've never made it past the guesthouse right in the beginning. (Though I beat the game once non-VR.) VR just makes it way too real.
  25. As much of a cop out as it is, the general stupidity of people can explain away a lot of inconsistencies in a game like this. Sadly we're living it to an extent, and it's believeable. Though my point was more... if people in the real world actually somehow don't believe or don't care that masks contain the spread of COVID-19 (along with the million other crackpot theories out there), is it really so crazy that people in TLOU believe a vaccine is a feasible endgame despite the obvious scientific and logistical issues? Especially given how awful their world is, and how desperate they probably are for any kind of hope.