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  1. And just like that my brain instantly jumps straight to the Monty Python sketch: 'How to defend yourself against someone armed with a banana'.
  2. You know what's most annoying? Having not heard of the game before and just looking at the trophy list, I thought it was a war game. Based purely on the trophy names, images and descriptions that would actually be a list I'd want if it wasn't attached to such a stupid game. At least with 1000 Top rated the trophy images and descriptions matched the game.
  3. Happy about Mad Max, so many times I nearly bought that game but never quite got round to it. I'll also download 99Vidas and at least give it a go sometime. The others? *Sigh* I used to 'purchase' all the games on PS+ every month because: 'free is free'. I didn't have to download them but at least that way I'd have them if I ever changed my mind in the future. I've stopped doing that because I figured I have more than enough games for whatever mood I'm in and so only get the ones that pique my curiosity. So I guess it's just two this month. At least I got the free Hitman Spring Pack this month. It might not be part of plus, but it's got my interest more than the rest of the list.
  4. Seconded about My Enemy's Enemy. I had to go back and get it in a new playthrough but it is really near the start, so I was able to go straight there and get it in about 15 minutes, not the end of the world if you do miss it. Again with Hide & Seek, it just seemed natural to do it so I wasn't really thinking about the trophy until it popped, so not entirely sure if it is missable. Basically when you see some creatures that look like your character climb a tree so you can see where they're hiding, then catch them. Once you've got them all the trophy pops.
  5. OK that both looks and sounds beautiful, plat seems relatively easy. Definitely going to get at some point, just a matter of when.
  6. I also hope Sony will do something for european players for this, especially since I spent the entire week at work doing Black Friday price changes! Last year was the same but still Sony went 'oh no, Black Friday's an American thing, europe can't have any decent deals. Here have £5 off a AAA game and be thankful for it.'
  7. I don't seem to have any USBs willing to work on my PS4 at the moment but I think I've got screenshots for most of the base game of Sniper Elite 4. I normally go through semi regularly and delete the boring ones but I might still have a few trophies from various other games. I'll have a look and see if I can get any over to you although probably not before the weekend now. I'll also stop deleting screenshots when I get new trophies in the future.
  8. Been a while since I played but I'm sure I used to find Feltzers being driven around Los Santos fairly commonly. From memory mainly South West of the city quite close to the safe house by Santa monica pier (forget the ingame name). Occasionally it'll be driven down the strip in Las Venturas, although the more sporty cars are far more common there. I never had much luck with parked spawn locations for anything on the exports list unfortunately, always had to keep my eyes peeled when driving and hijack them by parking in front to force npcs to stop. Doesn't help you much since you've already finished the story, but I used to keep the list of needed cars with me when playing the game and whenever I stumbled across one immediately stop what I was doing, hijack it and find a safe house garage to store it in. Unless it was something I knew I could find really easily again later.
  9. Really liking the plat image. Looks like it's mainly keeping both robots alive across all levels, a collectible trophy and some random miscellaneous tasks. Don't know if you get a level select or if you're going to have to keep the twins alive for an entire play through in one go, but we shall see.
  10. Yep me too. There's a few which look a bit weird and were better in the original yellow, such as golden idol and master of destruction, but that plat image is sweet. To be honest I wasn't going to get this originally, the PS3 version is my rarest plat and I still have the disc if I want to play it again, if it was identical trophy images I (probably) wouldn't have bothered. But it was a very enjoyable game, I never got to play the DLC and I have found recently that whenever I go back to my PS3 the controller feels too light and takes a little while to get used to again. I've got far too many good games to get through at the moment, but I can certainly see myself getting tempted if it goes on a decent sale. As for people on the fence, if you never played it on PS3 and like Borderlands style humour then go for it. If you've already got it on PS3 then it's going to come down to whether or not you want the plat because it's no longer attainable on PS3 after the server shut downs. Finally it's probably the only game that I've ever enjoyed every moment of the mp/co-op time I've put into it, and the trophy requirements on that side of it are now easier.
  11. Agree with what everyone else is saying: very fun event, extremely generous reward (especially when no-one knew before hand so it's completely optional extra on your part and not used as motivation to get people involved) Definitely interested in a repeat next year, although next time I'll actually try and pay attention to the date so I don't get to the week before and go 'Wait! It's February already? How? I'm sure it was only New Years last week!"
  12. It really is. I must admit pretty plat images have been the tie breaker when struggling to choose which game to buy (when they both sound interesting and are the same price) far more times than I care to admit. As long as I don't ever turn down playing an awesome game because the trophies are ugly then I think it's acceptable and I don't have to worry
  13. Hmm... I have no clue what it could be or any kind of clever reasoning for my choice, so I am simply going to go with something random that I don't yet own and would be interested in playing: Bastion (EU) Thanks for doing this, very generous of you and best of luck to everyone else taking part.
  14. Wow, scrolling through that list there are some real nice trophy images, may have to add a few more games to my wish list (note to self: you really shouldn't choose games based purely on what their plat trophy looks like! *adds multiple games to wish list*) Anyway... despite somehow only suddenly realising last week that we were in February already and panicking that I hadn't done anything in preparation towards this, I managed to plat LEGO Batman 2. Congratulations to everybody who took part and especially all those that managed 5 (or more) Plats / 100%s
  15. You certainly can, it's a Doctor Who reference. I was quite late getting a Sony account so all my previous usernames were taken and I was struggling to think of anything random enough to be available but that I would still be able to remember, so I went with the first initial of every actor to play the Doctor in Dr Who: William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, Christopher Ecclestone, David Tennant and Matt Smith (Peter Capaldi hadn't taken over when I created it). A couple of times since then I've had to use it again, but now I tend to shorten it to just Dr_WPJT when joining new websites.