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  1. I've just beaten the game ! I'm glad I was not the only one struggling. This game can be kind of BS from time to time. Ghosts running off their path, pac-man going crazy when bouncing on two or three ghosts. That not really much to be fair, but the timer is so tight... I must admit I lost few brain cells on this game and would give it a 9.5/10 difficulty, one of the hardest I've made so far. For those still struggling, don't give up ! Take a break when needed, but don't forget that each time you play, you get better. Good luck to ya all !
  2. The game will be released on this generation and next generation. But it probably won't take advantage of the next gen as the game was developped for PS4 and Xbox One as base hardware. Just like Black Flag. Coop was in mind but they gave up the idea. They've started working on DLCs (heard of 3) already and seems like ideas for a DLC was taken away for the next game which will take advantage of next generation (reducing the DLCs number at 2). Making the next game similar to this one. Just like Odyssey was similar to Origins. Take it or not, that what I heard from a developper few weeks ago. But he didn't work on this game at that moment so wasn't aware of everything obviously and things might change
  3. You only have to get SS on journey on 1 difficulty.
  4. I've started the game yesterday and I must say it's quite good ! And hard at the same time. Yesterday I played sprint and got 1,48 and went down to 1,42 today. I've got much to learn. ST Stacking seems a good thing to score in the game. T-spins + back to back give more points than Tetris if I'm not mistaken. Good job for the people who got the plat' !
  5. The level design is good. Vicarious Vision does a great job at this point. But there's still no fixe for the little bugs... like hitboxes and it's a shame. Really. I died a lot 'cause of the spiked ennemies. Even when I shoot them to turn them upside down, they still can hit me when I'm spiinning or sliding. Boxes doesn't always break in contact. Platforms pattern change a little bit, annoying when doing the relic. Those little details made me hate the game a little bit while the rest is indeed awesome. If Vicarious wants to make others levels, they can, they're good at it. But fixing existing issues is also a good idea mostly when those are easy to fix. Could be done one hand in the pants in like few hours max.