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  1. I loved my first ps3 season too. But this topic seems more like nostalgia to me. As much as the video game is a good activity, that's not all and with time the person realizes this. Try to occupy your mind with new activities, like going to the gym, cycling, doing sports or something similar.🙂
  2. I got this game because it came out in the plus of June/2014. I put it aside for a few years because at first I didn't like it. But after 8 years I returned to play and was pleasantly surprised. Very well developed game, beautiful gameplay and much easier if played in pairs.
  3. Someone to invite me for the lv 50 crew? It's my last trophy to the plat
  4. RIP Taylor Hawkins :(

  5. #56 Gravel (ps4) Grind
  6. Grid 2 still platinable if i start in 2021(almost 2022) ?

  7. #54 Far Cry 4 Platinum and 100% of this funniest game. There are many missions that make the game laborious but fun.
  8. Black Ops 4, with 100% accuracy
  9. Sony should start consulting gamers about playstation plus games. There are ways to do this.
  10. #49- Batman: Arkham Knight The base game is not difficult to complete. Compared to Arkham City, the combat system has been considerably downgraded, but nothing to get in the way of understanding how the new mechanism works. The biggest challenge in the game is found in the community challenge DLC
  11. I got Red Dead Redemption and Max Payne 3 these days. If someone knows a place who sells BioShock 2 with all dlcs for a cheapest price,please message me
  12. Does anyone know of any website that is selling the full edition of DiRT 3 and DiRT Showdown on digital media?

  13. Finally! Got all 108 medals of the riddler campaign in AC (catwoman). Very hardcore 

  14. How do I play the Bioshock Infinite dlcs on another ps3 user? I've installed all of them but the game appears as if I didn't have any.

  15. I disagree with you. See the Champions League Round of 16 table for the 2011-12 season until 2020-21. Of 16 teams that progress to the round of 16, only 3 are repeated consistently: Bayern, Real Madrid, FC Barcelona. Even though these clubs had more participation in the semi-finals / finals, they did not have an easy path there. For example: Real Madrid was almost eliminated for Wolfsburg in 2016 and thanks to the CR7 hat-trick they passed the stage. That kind of surprise from teams like Wolfsburg, Ajax in 2019 when they eliminated Juventus and Real Madrid; RB Leipzig eliminating Tottenham and Atlético Madrid; Atalanta, who until a few years ago was a supporting team in Italy playing in the quarter-finals with PSG and almost winning. This kind of exciting game that makes football fun would be impossible in a competition where only the same 12 teams compete, and even if they called random teams they might not be able to compete on equal terms (which is possible in a champions league).
  16. If that happens it will be the end of football. Breathtaking playoffs with varied teams would be replaced by totally bland games with the same teams as always. If this ridiculous league project goes ahead, it might look just like FIFA demos : exciting at first, but as time goes by and you see the same game combinations and the same players, you feel like throwing the controller on TV.
  17. I am very happy with this news but I still hope that one day the promotions will come back.
  18. Hey guys. I have a doubt about NFS Most Wanted 2012. The Game of The Year edition contains all of the 4 dlcs or just 3?

  19. Will the free version of Horizon ZD contain the Frozen Wilds dlc?

    1. locoporkko


      Yes is the complete edition

    2. Stevieboy


      The only version on the PSN store is the one with the Frozen Wilds DLC, so yes.

  20. I bought AC 3 remastered in a psn promotion. But I paid attention to the gold edition of Odyssey and saw that it is with the Season Pass. If I buy Odyssey am I entitled to a refund? I saw that the rules had changed in that regard

    1. Deceptrox


      It's pretty unlikely. I once bought inFamous Festival of Blood during a sale and some time later the inFamous bundle that included the first and the second game along with Festival of Blood on another sale, I didn't get a refund but at least I didn't spend that much when I purchased FoB.


      You lose nothing asking to PS support though.

    2. MidnightDragon


      It doesn’t hurt to ask. The worst they can do is say no.

    3. Trini


      I'll still contact support and see if they might be generous enough to reward you with a refund. Sometimes it's a hit and miss with them. 

  21. Does The Division 2: Warlords of NY Edition contain all the dlc trophies?

    1. HuntingFever


      I believe everything except Warlords of New York, was patched in for free so you will have everything by just installing the latest patch.

  22. Great TV Show
  23. #43- Far Cry 3 Awesome story and gameplay, one of best shooter game that i have played

    How do you unlock Backfire in the Rocket League? I've played 110 games and he doesn't show up :(