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    I like to play almost any game. The only games i tend to avoid are ones that have glitched trophies since that seems to hint that the game itself will be filled with bugs. Got trophy level 25 in less than 1 year of playing which i think is a pretty good accomplishment.

    Anyone who want to play a game with me or get 100%/Platinum on anything.. feel free to ask and add me on psn: DanGreen95

    I LIVESTREAM VIDEO GAMES HERE ALL THE TIME: http://www.twitch.tv/nerdulon/profile (hope you like it)
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  1. Hello once again PSNProfiles members! 😄 Happy to announce over the past month that my indie student has been approved and mostly setup to start creating our game for PC (Hopefully console) over the course of the next year while on self employed work placement from university. 🤓 Since I can't post any images here (Maybe I can but just can't see how?) I Will add some links to our first game, Facebook, Twitter & Twitch if you'd like to give feedback in existing games and the current development! Our first Small (FREE) Mobile Game: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.PandaHouseGames.RollerCastle Our New Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SpectroliteStudio/?hc_ref=ARTOjD2tQkT8nKjZrME-nsv0lbLLyFsb1FcKZ0Dlp5zBIKlyYgELCBxa5JefgR_K3r8&fref=nf Twitter: https://twitter.com/SpectroliteDevs Twitch (For My 3D Artwork, Unreal Engine + General Gaming Streams: https://www.twitch.tv/danonline95 YouTube (Mixture of gaming videos + Weekly Game Progression Updates Which come out weekly): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQhS6yWRzMbK0QjJrR1_oWg/videos First Game progression Video: I Will Check back on this post as regularly as possible if you would like to leave a comment! Hopefully get to know some of you reading this who'd like to get to know more about our games development! Thanks for reading! Happy Gaming! - Dan. 😁
  2. As the title suggests this is about live streaming on twitch. I've just started my new channel after a two year break to live stream some games and some game development (will live stream game art for a project our indie team hopes to release soon). I was wondering if people knew a good way to get your channel noticed? Or if there is a community somewhere to find people to collaborate with? Any tips will be highly appreciated. If you did wish you take a look: https://www.twitch.tv/danonline95 - Thanks in advance for the advice! - Dan. *Also if there is another post on here about this... 1. sorry for the repost. 2. Would appreciate a link!
  3. Hey, We have used a combination of Unity, Photoshop & blender. We're actually making our main project in Unreal Engine next year! Thank you for that lovely comment!
  4. Will be if approved as of june/july time! Not there just yet! will be a student project so something for us to learn about! google stuff for now!
  5. This particular game won't be coming too it! However if you wanna see what we're working on now & until our big game which should launch around the end of 2018... click any of these Game design work https://twitter.com/DanOnline95 https://www.instagram.com/danonline95/ personal: https://twitter.com/DanOnline1995 https://www.instagram.com/danonline1995/ will add this to the main section of the post should anyone wanna contact or chat about games!
  6. Thank you all for the lovely comments! lovely to see your names popping up on the leaderboard! can anyone beat a minute time??
  7. Would love to see your feedback if you have a phone able to install it!
  8. Thanks! & congrats! Thanks! appreciate the comment! ios in just a few weeks! Sure thing! appreciate it!
  9. Thank you very much!
  10. Hi, please excuse the all caps title. been a member on here for years and finally got round to releasing our first game! its a small game with us taking on roles never done before! (got a bigger project next year to release a title to ps4) At the moment there's only an android version.. Should you see this post in a couple of weeks from now check the app store you should still find us under 'Roller Castle' - PandaHouseGames! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.PandaHouseGames.RollerCastle For anyone wanting to give this a go feedback is welcome! please just bare in mind we are students on a first ever release! The next one will be better! Hope you enjoy! After talking to a few people it seems some of you might be interested in seeing other work as it comes along.. if so please feel free to click any of the following and come and talk to me! Game design work https://twitter.com/DanOnline95 https://www.instagram.com/danonline95/ personal: https://twitter.com/DanOnline1995 https://www.instagram.com/danonline1995/
  11. Hi All. long time member but new to posting! (apologies if this has been posted in the wrong place) As a second year student i'm a part of a group for many various projects including one that starts mid 2017 to release a game on playstation 4 (hopefully) For now though I'm currently doing a research project around age ratings and content in video games. If you could take maybe a minute out of your day to fill in this question i'd be extremely thankful! https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/WRVYMLT Thanks in advance. If you'd like chat more about some video games etc i'd love to talk! Hit me up on any of these: twitter: @DanOnline1995 gamedev twitter @DanOnline95 Instagram: @DanOnline95
  12. So as many trophy guides suggest this game will take you approximately 70+ hours to platinum and as of writing this I don't yet have platinum. However i can say without a doubt you can do this platinum in well under than time. I have all trophies besides the trophy for obtaining 50 hours of game play. And i had this done at around the 41 hour mark. I'm sure i'm not the only person that would find this to be the case. And as of now I haven't found a way to skip the time. Although I am trying out ideas as to making it possible to be able to leave the game idle in fight in the background and still have the timer count onward towards the trophy. (I will post up here if i find anything useful). I'd also like to know if / how many other people have found themselves just grinding down the time. (way ahead of the guides timeline) If you have a way to grind the time away quickly other than just repeatedly playing the last mission that'd be great. I've completed that about 90 times.
  13. Trophy level 33!
  14. The walking dead season 3 The walking dead survival instinct 2 (both for ps4 would be awesome)
  15. So I heard that when you get platinum on vita or ps3 it should autopop on the other system as soon as you start the game up. For some reason this isn't working for me and I've tried deleting the game and reinstalling it on the playstation 3 to try to get the trophies to pop... Any help would be much appreciated.