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  1. Shall we wait the PS5 version to finally get Switch version with PS4 graphics ?
  2. Same here, PS4 Pro bought on april 2019. The 1st time the console started to make so much noise was few month ago while playing FF7R, then Trials of mana, and recently TLOU2 (i will begin Ghost in the next few days). All these games are disc version. I do remember i didn't met this noise issue with Street of Rage 4 (digital) but i suppose the game doesn't ask the same work from the console. Last month i have noticed something during Concrete Genie session : if you enter in the pause menu and change from 4K to Full HD, the noise instantly go down. And go up if back to 4k mode. I wonder if something would be different by turning of the 4K mode of the PS4Pro, i didn't try yet.
  3. nothing here....yet I am going to sleep, maybe tomorrow morning... or not ^^ .....nothing this morning, thank you Sony !
  4. The one above from Orphioon
  5. It works perfectly !! i have got 34M Zennies Thank you
  6. I would like updates to be available for download directly from PS Store. That would let me the time to download some big file (for exemple a big day 1 patch) before i received my shipment.
  7. I wonder if we could manage to get more XP by creating more complex elements, not just spamming 1 button. I think i am gonna try to create a really thing just to see.
  8. Hi, i had the same issue 1 hour ago black screen just after i pressed triangle in front of the statue (the one that gives thunder) i had to reboot the game, play the next level in order to get the 16th calice and go back in the Hall. Once inside the hall of Heroes i managed to get thunder and a new life bottle. but not the "Master Dan-At-Arms" trophy (Collect every weapon) I don't know if iam stuck for this trophy so i ve decided to cancel the "auto-update in the cloud" of the game save and keep the yesterday save safe there. I may decide to use this save in the end to do again what i did today and (i hope) get the platinum trophy. Edit : i managed to unlock the "Master Dan-At-Arms" trophy by replaying the ants quest. The trophy poped when the witch gave me 30 new chicken drumsticks.
  9. Final Fantasy XIV, too much time consumming :/
  10. Hi everyone, I have unlocked the challenge trophy two days ago using this exploit/bug. So i can confirm it's still effective on 2019 August the 11st on EURO version. Thank you for the tip ! I needed some attempt to get the good timing. What i did : - on my left, a smartphone with stopwatch app ready - in front of me, a computer with web browser opened on the following url : - on my right, another smartphone ready to take picture of the maze 1/ start the challange and the stopwatch at the same time 2/ solve the few first puzzle 3/ take a picture of the maze for both triangle puzzle location 4/ solve all the puzzle until you arrive in the maze 5/ use the picture and the website to go throught the maze and solve both triangle puzzle but don't valid the 2nd one yet. 6/ when you see 6(min)38(sec)30 on the watch, press cross button to validate the 2nd triangle puzzle 7/ go check the final room, the last 2 puzzle should be waiting for you now if not, try again but don't worry your close good luck !