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  1. I'm afraid the moment I'm going to see me lean into this fight - I'm currently doing the simulator one - because I haven't replayed the game since platinum last year, can't remember all of them these subtleties...
  2. There are games that I've heard that are really hard to get platinum trophy from like Necromancer, The Evil Within 2, Wolfenstein 2, FF9, I haven't played them yet, they're on my "todo" list. Personally, I remember Titan Fall 2 which required a lot of my time and concentration. And 2 games that I did not manage to get platinum trophy because of the difficulty of 1 last trophy : dead space 2 and Vanquish. But that was a time i was less tenacious at the time.
  3. I think the psnow and ps + versions are viewed the same way, ie licensed use through rental service. So the only way to get the free update is to have the paid license version (disc or digital).
  4. isn't it the case for the free PS+ digital version of FF7 Remake ? it should be available for disc (paied) version only, isn't it ?
  5. It looks like an early access version while the final one will be the physical release next July....
  6. It's great ! Does it work on the PS5 version ?
  7. I remember : Killzone HD Castle of Illusion's Mickey Mouse (and Genesis/megadrive version with pe-order)
  8. The most difficult for me was to find the last collectible that I missed, even with the map in front of me ...
  9. hi Spawn on 5-2, move back to 5-1, go upstairs and you will arrive behind a skeleton. Use moonblade to one shot it (or 2-3 hit, that depends on your force stat) don't run because it would make the skeleton to ear you and start to move, always walk. when the skelelon is killed, go back to the spawn stone. (you can jump in the center of the room, it's faster) each try is 40 seconds max it took me 80-90 minutes to loot the stone my stats was : level 126 force 30 luck 20 <== i confirm it's useles, even for gold coin too (60min farming) i didn't need to craft the research sword, i only equiped the ring for better loot witsh it helps.
  10. thank you for your guide, i haven't tried the game yet but it looks fun.
  11. Maybe the remaster will be available on the store later when Mile morales Ultimate edition sales will start to decrease.
  12. Iam looking at the new european web store and it seams very limited now 2 features have disappeared : - no trailer or screenshot in a specific game page - no more filter option (price ??) And I still can't get used to the disappearance of the wishlist.... i feel so disapointed :/
  13. Shall we wait the PS5 version to finally get Switch version with PS4 graphics ?
  14. Same here, PS4 Pro bought on april 2019. The 1st time the console started to make so much noise was few month ago while playing FF7R, then Trials of mana, and recently TLOU2 (i will begin Ghost in the next few days). All these games are disc version. I do remember i didn't met this noise issue with Street of Rage 4 (digital) but i suppose the game doesn't ask the same work from the console. Last month i have noticed something during Concrete Genie session : if you enter in the pause menu and change from 4K to Full HD, the noise instantly go down. And go up if back to 4k mode. I wonder if something would be different by turning of the 4K mode of the PS4Pro, i didn't try yet.
  15. nothing here....yet I am going to sleep, maybe tomorrow morning... or not ^^ .....nothing this morning, thank you Sony !