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  1. The guy is right. Crunch time before BL3 is not the time for this. No devs are going to be pulled off to release this DLC so we can get the trophies. We need to redouble efforts a few months after the BL3 glow wears off. Ask them to take care of their loyal and repeat customers then.
  2. I got my hopes up to auto-pop out of the Underdome. I finished the larger challenge on The Gully and "Big Tournament" popped with "The Gully". I waited hoping the others would pop too, but no such luck.
  3. This is why the two games I have missing timestamps on are both Vita games. If you let the battery run down to the point it dies completely and prompts for the date/time setting, you have to connect to PSN again before earning any trophies.
  4. This trophy is a huge pile of bullshit. Max difficulty, AI blocks everything you can throw at it, can't so much as pause for a breather. Edit: For anyone else still working on this use the Korean team with Kim as your first player. Spam the downward multi-kick (up to jump then down+X). Each time it lands is worth 600 points. Don't charge up. You want the first group of enemies to last as long as possible. The attack is worth 600 points regardless of how much damage it does. I got just over 28K from the first group, barely got past the second group and just edged out the last 5K on the third.
  5. Just a heads up that the DLC isn't free. It's only $2.99, but I'd rather not give EA any more of my money.
  6. Especially annoying in a game with a speedrun trophy are at least two game breaking bugs. I'm not alone as I've found a few discussions about them elsewhere I just wanted more people to know. One is in the transition between chapters 4 and 5. You need to find something to boost you up to reach a ladder. When you do and interact with the ladder the next chapter is supposed to load. Unfortunately you find yourself at the bottom of the ladder still in an almost entirely unloaded level. Leaving the room will cause you to fall forever.l forcing a restart. The second is a random fall through the floor bug that can happen coming out of the barn or the grain silo in the first chapter. I only encountered this once, but it was enough to end my speedrun early. I read the developer promised a large patch, but it's not come yet as the PS4 version is still 1.0. The first chapter load bug has completely halted my progression in the game as I've tried deleting my save, deleting and reinstalling the game. Next step will be to use my old OG PS4. Don't get me wrong, I really like the game from the characters and humor to the levels and atmosphere. It's really well done, I just wish I could play it. EDIT: Tried deleting saves and starting over, deleted the game and started over, installed on a different PS4 and did another run, all end with chapter 5 loading with me still in the last room of chapter 4 with no way to progress.
  7. AvengedEvil, it works in most levels and makes levels after 9-8 very easy. One thing it won't work on are the black electric barriers. If one hits you while the game is paused you'll still die. There are only a few levels with those and they're not difficult so it's not a problem.
  8. Fearing I was about to break my Vita on level 9-8 I stopped for a beer and a breather. I noticed I had moved into the first slow wheel mechanism when I paused the game. I also noticed I didn't die when the wheel moved over me. Jackpot! Play until you get to the black button and pause the game. The mechanism will continue to move while the timer is stopped. You'll have plenty of time to complete it with three stars.
  9. Cornshaq: Make sure you unlocked the pig as well. It popped randomly for me at the end of the credits after beating the game without unlocking the heaven level.
  10. Just looking to trade for a single very rare item. This will get me 'Swap Meet' and 'Storm Trooper' as well as the 100% (for now). Gladly trade back the very rare item afterward as well as the rest of my items; three accelerator crates, a rare nitro crate, a rare turbo crate, and a rare decal. Disregard. A buddy of mine came to my rescue. Back to 100%. PSN: thistleboy
  11. An update to my previous post. I played through the game the first time without issue on original PS4 hardware. On new game plus I'm crashing constantly. Uninstalling/reinstalling, rebuilding database, etc won't help. I've been submitting crash reports every time and I'm up to #64 not that anyone even looks at them. It seems that my scythes are doing it now that I've got them doing thousands of damage every hit. As if the game just crashes duty to ridiculously high damage. Reminiscent of how LEGO Indiana Jones would crash if you collected too many studs because it could handle large numbers.
  12. I just confirmed that the game is essentially broken on slim and pro hardware. It was crashing to hard that the entire system was just shutting off completely. I dusted off my original PS4 and haven't had a problem since. Even backtracked to the locations I was avoiding because they guaranteed a crash.
  13. The game crashes badly to the point of making it unplayable. On my PS4 Slim the crash takes down the whole console. Whole system just turns off. There are threads already over about what it does to the slim. I can't get too far into it due to it constantly turning off my system. EDIT: After some research it seems this is limited to the slim and pro hardware in general. The game runs just fine on the original PS4.
  14. Dlc

    *An update to my previous comment.* I'm almost done with the DLC and hope to finish it today. I ended up working out a method that's proving effective long enough to run through the entire DLC campaign. I fly a lot and have to use those cold air jets when the turbulence gets too bad. My skin will flush and get warm before I start to sweat. This is a sure sign of motion sickness. I decided to turn on the mini-split AC unit and have it blast cold air on me while I played just like the air jets on a plane. Sure enough it did the trick. Combined with playing while standing and leaning in the direction the pod was moving (I played as much of it without moving as possible) I was able to play through the DLC twice without needing a break. Two more minor trophies and I'll have my 100% back. Hoping to help anyone else dealing with VR motion sickness.
  15. The game isn't bad. It's not great, but it's not bad. I'm almost done with brutal mode (which is a breeze with that one shot pistol) and I've had a few slowdowns only on two bosses and one freeze. The trophies are rare because it's decent looking and always on sale so it sells at a decent rate. People just never finish it.