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  1. You need two PS3s and two copies of the physical GOTY edition. The digital version won't work. Alternatively you can use a service like XLink Kai to simulate a LAN connection over the internet.
  2. For anyone still following this you can use any of the "digital downgrade" methods to get to version 1.00 which has a 60 Second Sprint exploit.
  3. I can not believe I got this plat! I originally got the game to play with a friend back in 2011. When he moved away I gave up on it for years and played through the campaign solo in 2014. I 100% thought the online was closed even then. I'm thinking I saw mention that the mask creation site was down and thought they meant the online servers. Skip to a few weeks ago and I see a gaming session and realize the servers are still up which is crazy for an EA game. The people in the boosting session were too hard to nail down on times so I hit up some local gaming communities I'm in on PS4 and found boosters. After getting all of the online trophies I was talking with a guy about the stupid masks and realized I'd never even checked the masks list on the menu. Sure as shit there was one there. The guys said it looked like "a drunk toddler tried to draw Spider-Man", but fuck it, it worked. It was almost a decade ago and I don't remember making it. Again, I love this fucking site! If I hadn't seen that gaming session I would have continued thinking the servers were closed and I'd have never completed this.
  4. I've been trying to downgrade Tetris Ultimate for the 60 Second Sprint exploit, but no matter what I do it only downloads 1.02. EDIT: Appears that since Tetris Ultimate is delisted the 1.02 version is the only one that still exists... great. Such a letdown after using XLink Kai to get the Uncharted 3 co-op trophies. I was so hopeful this would work too. EDIT 2: No idea what happened. My last hope was to try to use the proxy method to block the .json that told the game about the 1.02 patch, but all attempts to block it caused the download to fail. The download was sitting "failed" with the X on the download progress bar. Without deleting it this time I gave up, turned off Charles Proxy, and swapped my PS4 internet from wifi back to the LAN cable connection. The download automatically resumed for some reason. I didn't think anything of it until I went to put the game back in it's original folder and noticed the version was now 1.00. I have no idea what I did or how to reproduce it, but maybe this will help someone else struggling to get delisted games back to 1.00. The Speed Demon exploit worked as expected!
  5. Firstly, much appreciated all the work you guys have done to outline what is still available and methodology. I'm going to start working on these this week so this will be invaluable information. I noticed two people have gotten "Treasure Domination" since the servers closed, but the consensus here seems to be it's unobtainable. It seems easy if the mode can be started 1v1 otherwise would Xlink Kai allow for more players to get a match started? If neither are the case are their trophies hacked? Just looking to not waste time. EDIT: Disregard. Read back in this thread and saw there are people who have likely cheated at least two MP trophies post-shutdown.
  6. OK, not sure why I didn't think about buying only the expansion pass on a second account. I'll give that shot. Thanks!
  7. Again, for clarification I'm not asking if I can get the DLC for free since I bought the complete edition. Buying the complete edition before the standard edition seems to render the expansion pass and story DLCs permanently unavailable to purchase.
  8. Whoa there, buddy. I never said I wanted something for free. My complaint is that I don't have the option to buy something because the license from the complete edition disqualifies my account from buying the DLC. What I meant by not wanting to buy it again, I meant I've already bought the base game and didn't want to buy it a second time on a separate account in order to make the DLC available. My question was whether I could make it available to purchase again.
  9. True, but I'd rather not buy it a second time.
  10. Nope. DLC isn't listed separately there. The regular edition shows the 16 free DLCs and that's it.
  11. I've already 100%'d the complete edition and bought the standard edition a while back. Now I'm thinking of replaying it on the standard edition for another play and 100%, but the expansions show as unavailable on the store because I have a license for the complete edition. Anyone know how to get the expansions for the standard edition AFTER the complete edition? Even in game is just says "available now" on each of them.
  12. The guy is right. Crunch time before BL3 is not the time for this. No devs are going to be pulled off to release this DLC so we can get the trophies. We need to redouble efforts a few months after the BL3 glow wears off. Ask them to take care of their loyal and repeat customers then.
  13. I got my hopes up to auto-pop out of the Underdome. I finished the larger challenge on The Gully and "Big Tournament" popped with "The Gully". I waited hoping the others would pop too, but no such luck.
  14. This is why the two games I have missing timestamps on are both Vita games. If you let the battery run down to the point it dies completely and prompts for the date/time setting, you have to connect to PSN again before earning any trophies.
  15. This trophy is a huge pile of bullshit. Max difficulty, AI blocks everything you can throw at it, can't so much as pause for a breather. Edit: For anyone else still working on this use the Korean team with Kim as your first player. Spam the downward multi-kick (up to jump then down+X). Each time it lands is worth 600 points. Don't charge up. You want the first group of enemies to last as long as possible. The attack is worth 600 points regardless of how much damage it does. I got just over 28K from the first group, barely got past the second group and just edged out the last 5K on the third.