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  1. Boss rush trophy is annoying. 4 lives to kill bosses one after another.
  2. When at the Jukebox puzzle (even if you've already completed the puzzle) place the cogs in this order then play F5 to earn the trophy.
  3. A video guide on where each gem is located and how to find the control room.
  4. Still glitched it was the developer during a playtest of the upcoming patch that may never actually get released
  5. Both glitched trophies have 0.1% on PSN servers so the dev/playtester has earned them. Hopefully we get it in the upcoming patch
  6. Monaco>back them up at the first corner>should trigger safety car>finish race>repeat a few times until it pops.
  7. So I just got this trophy recently. McHonda> Crash out of qualifying> crash out of the first race>Qualify pole> win 2nd race trophy went ping.
  8. I'm in the same boat. I only had (I think) 5 bandit camps yet the guide said theres 6. Im guessing loading up the game again and starting fresh wouldnt be too much bother since its just bandit camps Id have to do.
  9. Just to add the trophy is still bugged
  10. Only wave rider is required. I waited 2 weeks but some idiots bought it
  11. I've yet to see it pop and I've destroyed everything . I've walked every mm of map and nothing , spent 2hrs just in the hub