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  1. Indeed slightly better, but still occasional disconnected issues. Although, it seems that you get some xp when you got disconnected, anyone can verify this? I've seen this many times. Only applies if you get qualified and you got disconnected after a while. You will not get the xp corresponding to first place for example, but 30 xp points which applies when you disqualified from the first round. If you got disconnected in second round, you will get your xp from the first round as normal, and 30 xp points for the second round and so on.
  2. New update but still disconnected issues. The odd thing is that I got disconnected ONLY when I qualify to the next stage, if I got eliminated, everything is fine!!! So, many times I have to wait in the finish line and not cross it too early, otherwise I will be disconnected. Crazy... This is really shitty, at least if you get disconnected, give us our kudos and xp points gathered so far.
  3. For those people struggling to get the trophy (ok, it's not Flapmaster), here is what you will do: You will follow the trophy guide and start jumping on the first platform on the construction site in GoatVille (actually this can be done in GoatCity as well), don't forget to press to toggle ragdoll during your first jump from the air-vents to get extra height. Now move the camera with the right analog stick to align your goat with the first trampoline when on air, and when you are on top of it press to bring up the mutators menu. You will notice that your goat will halt in the air. Then press to exit and the goat will easily fall vertical onto the trampoline underneath. Do the same for the other four and you will get the trophy in no time.
  4. Exactly. Give me turn-based wargames or strategy games anytime. This RTS is not my kind of taste. The same goes to the new RPG games. They are actually hack 'n' slash, not actually truly RPG games (dungeon crawlers), like Dungeon Master, Eye of the Beholder and more SSI games. As for this month, the games are blandly.
  5. There are two versions in order to complete this event successfully: 1. Finish the other available events and leave this one for last. 2. Stay with Bautista and Crutchlow almost till the end of the race, and overtake them before crossing the finishing line. That way, they will not be disqualified and you will complete the event successfully. Otherwise, if you leave them far behind from the start, chances are the event will be bugged! I really don't know, it seems that almost all the drivers get a disqualification for a strange reason!
  6. Last time I played a baseball game was early 90s on my Amiga (RBI Baseball 2). I'm familiarize with the rules (will have to do a refresh of them though), and yes, baseball is not famous in Europe at all. It seems the only difficult trophy is the online one, but will try it out.
  7. I wonder if there is a possibility for various options in the future, in order to minimize your game's list, as it gets huge every year. A couple of suggestions would be: 1. Put games in a year folder, for example all games that your last trophy earned was in 2015, put them in one folder (named 2015), which can be expanded by clicking the mouse button, to see the rest of the games as normal. You can narrow this even to 5 years per folder or something rather convenience. 2. Put games in a year folder, by date of release (so that you have recent published games altogether) or put all platinumed or 100% games in another folder. Suggestions are hundreds to write, and good to be shared by people here.
  8. I'm planning to try this game (although I believe it won't be better than the original Kick Off 2 on my Amiga). Can you play and earn the online trophies with the PSVita version of the game or you have to play it on PS4 instead? That means that you can boost online trophies playing on PSVita system only?
  9. It crashes almost in every level. Controls are awkward and bizzare (inverted).
  10. Just acquired a PSVita OLED version a couple of weeks back in excellent condition. My enthusiasm was not like the first PSP (almost 15 years ago), but I like it nonetheless.
  11. I've seen that before, so I will have to wait till tomorrow to see if it gonna fix itself, thanks.
  12. Yes, nothing happens. The problem is that after the update I was already signed-in from before, but couldn't sync the trophies, so I thought to sign-out and retry.
  13. Sony just released a new version of its firmware for PSVita (3.72); actually it's a patch for an exploit that appeared earlier today, but that's not my concern. I had to do the update in order to sync my trophies, but after the update I cannot sign in to my PSN profile and getting the "NW-2304-9" error message everytime I try to login. Anyone has the same problem with the update?
  14. Yes, that happened to me as well, everytime I try to visit the site. G**gle will destroy the internet (if not already).
  15. The last Wipeout game I played was WipeOut 2097 on my Amiga, should give it a try though. Regarding Sniper Elite 4, I've seen a friend playing it, and it seems a decent game to try that as well.