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  1. Probably that's my problem, I skipped everything πŸ˜… I'm going to try now, many thanks!
  2. Same here. Did you solve it?
  3. Nice finger.
  4. @JorgeSleep has an impressive profile
  5. I've already done. The key is to not die at all in the entire game. If that happens, fast exit and reload, that's it. Good luck.
  6. Thanks for your answer! I started a new franchise and when I had 30000$ the trophy popped, what means reach 50000$ has not to be in a single franchise
  7. Hi, when I select the load option in the franchise mode the game always crashes. There's any solution? Thanks in advance.
  8. Fanboy
  9. New games: - Ping Redux.
  10. New games: - Vasilis. - The Tower of Beatrice. - Bird Game +. - Himno. - Paradox Soul. - Shadow of the Loot Box. - Fullblast. - Grass Cutter. - Bucket Knight.
  11. I've heard more people with the same issue, maybe someone can confirm here.
  12. New game: - Potata: Fairy Flower.