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  1. Thanks for your answer! I started a new franchise and when I had 30000$ the trophy popped, what means reach 50000$ has not to be in a single franchise
  2. Hi, when I select the load option in the franchise mode the game always crashes. There's any solution? Thanks in advance.
  3. Fanboy
  4. New games: - Ping Redux.
  5. New games: - Vasilis. - The Tower of Beatrice. - Bird Game +. - Himno. - Paradox Soul. - Shadow of the Loot Box. - Fullblast. - Grass Cutter. - Bucket Knight.
  6. I've heard more people with the same issue, maybe someone can confirm here.
  7. New game: - Potata: Fairy Flower.
  8. Great because I do not have much time this month Game: Shenmue. Countryvision: Icelaaaaaaand.
  9. @eigen-space thanks for doing this! I've just plat Reverie and Shenmue before 26th lol... Well, if I was living in Asia I will be in for 5-6 hours, but I live in Spain and I've got the plat of Shenmue on 25th 6pm. I supose this is not allowed, isn't it?
  10. New games: - Reed 2 EU. - Reed 2 NA.
  11. June 2020: Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Music Racer.
  12. New games: - Xenon Racer. - Super Blood Hockey.
  13. New game: - Task Force Kampas.
  14. #442 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered New games: - A Plague Tale: Innocence