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  1. Same here. In what moment you start going forward and backward fast? The game crashes just before the new mineral mines area.
  2. Hi BadDriver, trophy for find everything in the room (chapter 14, easy) and trophy for find all royale and Sha collectibles (I already found all stories) doesn't unlock. What do you think can be?
  3. Hello, 3 trophies are bugged to me: - Taghooti: The Royalist, for unlock all stories relating to Sha and the royal family. - Ostad: Story Master, for unlock all stories. - Foozool: The Snoop, for explore all areas in the home exploration. Well, I already have all 86 stories (wich should unlock two first mentioned trophies and I explored all house eight times (following a video as well in order to be sure). Any idea please?
  4. Hi, anyone knows why the trophy doesn't pop? I went to Customer Rider - Clothes - Buy (helmet, glasses, etc.)... but nothing. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks!
  5. Hi, anyone knows why Jie trophy doesn't pop? It's unmissable but I didn't get it. I also reloaded a previous save and do it again but still not working. Any idea?
  6. Probably that's my problem, I skipped everything πŸ˜… I'm going to try now, many thanks!
  7. Same here. Did you solve it?
  8. Nice finger.
  9. @JorgeSleep has an impressive profile
  10. I've already done. The key is to not die at all in the entire game. If that happens, fast exit and reload, that's it. Good luck.
  11. Thanks for your answer! I started a new franchise and when I had 30000$ the trophy popped, what means reach 50000$ has not to be in a single franchise
  12. Hi, when I select the load option in the franchise mode the game always crashes. There's any solution? Thanks in advance.