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  1. Did you search them behind your ears?
  2. Out: - The Book of Unwritten Tales 2. - Deliriant.
  3. Around 28h to me
  4. There are tons of them, and tons of topics as well. Just check a bit in the website my friend.
  5. Flat track Misano is the shortest and it counts for 250km flat track trophy, and that's the fastest way.
  6. Go back to telegram. First notification. 😠

    1. Rafi_004


      I probably will return this week =)


      Do you want to play Gemini or not yet? xoxo

    2. JorgeSleep


      That makes me happy. 🤗


      Not yet, my lovely friend. Ciao.

  7. @cjshaitan thanks to you! You 'only' have a month to plat Persona 5, hurry up!! 😁
  8. @jmaigret it's a must have for us! 😁
  9. Asemblance bought, not bad 80 cents.
  10. In: - Asemblance.
  11. Really? Then I will buy it soon
  12. As the title says, is it possible? I saw there's a trophy for singing 15 times with other 3 friends.
  13. Like other point n clicks, nothing special (for me).
  14. Seems difficult to find people for this trophy...