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  1. Trophies on psn are different then on psnprofiles. Descriptions and names are different
  2. Lol, i'm sorry to do this to you, but no. It stays broken up after. But it's an easy enough run through if you avoid the enemies to collect them on Ng+. That's when i found 2 of them on that level.
  3. I didn't know, but i added it. Thanks i'll remember next time.
  4. There are a total of 36 Lore items to collect in Mortal Shell. There are 4 areas where these items are located and they are Fallgrim, Shrine Of Ash, Crypt of Martyrs, & Seat of Infinity. There are 19 Inscriptions, and 17 Etchings located in the game. The etchings are hidden and you have to randomely swing at walls to find them. Fallgrim - 14 (4 Inscriptions / 10 Etchings) (0:00) 1. Etching (0:00) 2. Etching (0:19) 3. Etching (0:50) 4. Inscription (1:20) 5. Etching (1:41) 6. Etching (2:36) 7. Etching (3:40) 8. Inscription (4:04) 9. Etching (4:27) 10. Inscription (4:48) 11. Etching (5:17) 12. Etching (5:42) 13. Inscription (7:03) 14. Etching (7:25) Shrine of Ash - 5 (3 Inscriptions / 2 Etchings) (8:31) 15. Etching (8:31) 16. Inscription (9:00) 17. Inscription (9:20) 18. Inscription (10:09) 19. Etching (10:27) Crypt of Martyrs - 5 (3 Inscriptions / 2 Etchings) (10:43) 20. Inscription (10:43) 21. Etching (11:19) 22. Inscription (11:56) 23. Etching (12:35) 24. Inscription (14:28) Shrine of Eternity - 12 (9 Inscriptions / 3 Etchings) (15:04) (Etchings in Seat of Infinity MUST be obtained before defeating the boss of that area) 25. Etching (15:04) 26. Inscription (15:26) 27. Inscription (17:09) 28. Etching (18:03) 29. Etching (18:37) 30. Inscription (20:32) 31. Inscription (20:56) 32. Inscription ( 21:11) 33. Inscription (21:29) 34. Inscription (21:46) 35. Inscription (22:08) 36. Inscription (22:23)
  5. If i remember right the remora are on the underside of whale sharks and dont appear on the minimap as markers. You will just have to search for the sharks again to locate them.
  6. I didn't have any problem obtaining any of the trophies (already platinumed) I havennt gotten a proper count yet but there are probobly about 400 to 500 sea creatures that you will need to scan. BUT it wont take that long and the games minimap will show you gray/ white circles that indicate a sea creature in need of scanning. Some of them are hard to see on the minimap though so you will have to look carefully. It took me around almost 4 hours to plat it as i knew where everything was already. But as i've said 100% on xbone and PS4 with no problems with anything popping so you should be good to go! Also Games Amazing!
  7. no it's not VR
  8. Prologue Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6
  9. This guide shows you the locartions of all 15 Movie Poster, 10 Photo Slides, 5 Mysterious Items, and 5 phonograms. There are actually 11 photo slides and 6 phonograms but there is already 1of both in your cabin at the start of the game. After watching this guide you will obtain the trophies A Mosaic of Misery for collecting all Photo Slides. Full Scoop for collecting and listening to all Phonographs. Body of Work for Collecting all Movie Posters and bringing them back to the cabin. We are not alone for collecting and bringing back all mysterious items.
  10. If you dont spend them all on making ammo for other things you will have enough to upgrade both before the end of the game. I finished upgrading on chapter 16 because i crafted way to many things.
  11. yes, people already have platted the game
  12. Hopefully it does as i have joined mid game and i have 1 more mission left to do.
  13. why would you think the fixer class would be patched in any way? Hiding in the smoke is part of the game so i doubt they'll do anything about it.
  14. The trophy is just glitched i doubt it has anything to do with cutscenes. I skipped them and still got the trophy. I also revived my teamates as well. The trophy just pops whenever it feels like it wants to.
  15. they only list that they fixed 4 of the trophys so not all of them are fixed yet