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  1. Just know that you can get through this game in under 30 min
  2. I mean the answers to the puzzles are there you just have to look for them. I don't think i can go into much detail now but just depending on how much your paying attention to the game you should figure them out pretty quickly.
  3. The game probobly at most just takes 5 - 10 hours from my experience.
  4. So i found 2 of the letters in chapter 3. The one in the bedroom. and the one on the table. Where is the last one? Also idk but Touched could be glitched as i know quiet knoll glitched on me as i played through the game twice without tapping and it wouldn't pop but the next time i went through the game knocking all over the place it popped for me. Edit: NVM i found it. but didn't unlock the touched trophy either. There twitter would only tell me that i have to probably replay the game and collect some touchstones but its not working. I know i've at least found one thing that i had to interact with that wasn't highlighted which was a statue.
  5. where is the last one?
  6. I was playing domination when i got the trophy for beating the story on hard.
  7. Hasn't it only been like 8 or 9 days so far since trophies have been released? So you shouldn't have the trophy yet.
  8. I was using mission select while going through collectibles and such and still got the trophies that require a single campaign run. So i assume that it just means on one save file.
  9. when you open the first door for hope and she looks at the camera and says was that you, i shook the camera up and down to nod yes then the trophy popped