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  1. Kinda sad people don't like worms these days. Damn youths don't have the patience. Anyone who wants to play worms on vita or PS4, add me. I sold my PS3 though, plan to get another this year.
  2. Which im guessing means no psn or trophies
  3. I noticed they have SDtoVita adapters on eBay now. Says they need custom firmware though.
  4. I am excite. I was a huge fan of the original and the dreamfall game on Xbox. Hopefully it's a good port, and the price is right.
  5. With telltale we will be lucky to get the whole season within a year. Waiting for tales from the borderlands really cheese'd my waffle.
  6. I haven't played it since the 90s, but since I have a vita and PS4 I plan to play it at least twice. I have a feeling I'll need a guide for this though, my mind is not as good with these old adventure games as it was in the 90s.
  7. Well, sucks I prob won't get to do anything for the next 24-48 hours, no psn, no Netflix or any of that stuff either.
  8. Update from live chat - Lois: Okay I was able to locate your account and it looks like what has been done is a hold was placed on the account to avoid any unauthorized or fraudulent activity on the account. I will be submitting your account to have the hold lifted and your account active again. This can take up to 24-48 business hours. You will receive an email informing you that the account is active along with a password reset. Me: Ahh ok thanks, it wasn't fraudulent I was just drunk Lois: Everything looks great on your account. Once the hold is removed in the next 24-48 hours you will have access to your account again.
  9. No I don't have two step. I think it's all because of this payment thing, looks like they refunded each time I tried to add $10, even though my balance doesn't show it, the refunds are in my PayPal timeline. I'm guessing they think I owe them that money. Also the digital age, yea I was warned by my paranoid friend about digital content heh. I just bought a year of plus as well last week.
  10. And I'm the one being banned, while those jerks are still annoying everyone heh
  11. I keep getting some kinda scammy msgs about psn cards in my notifications these past few months for some reason. Other than that I haven't event talked to anyone.
  12. Last time I played online was the division, only thing I can think of there was when I went into the dark zone for the first time, some kid tried to kill me for picking up loot or something I have no idea. I killed him twice before leaving he just kept coming back. That was the 12th of last month.
  13. No email as of yet. I will live chat them when their business hours start soon. Man reading their TOS, seems stupid to even buy anything digital, as it can all be taken away at any moment.
  14. So I woke up this morning, booted up my PS4 and it was signed out. So I try to sign back in and get this code, WS-37368-7 saying I'm banned for violating the terms of service. Last night I had a problem with PayPal, I was trying to fund my wallet and it wouldn't use my balance, wanted to use my card. I hit the button maybe 5 times trying to make it work before giving up and just buying a psn card with PayPal on another site. Is that really a violation? Jeez. I own like 600 or more games on psn I hope this isn't permanent.
  15. I just bought a sealed copy from Walmart and the code didn't work heh... some say to keep trying the code and it works eventually but I can't imagine how.