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  1. Dlc delisted? I had no idea about it
  2. Is the plat still obtainable? As ubi have shut down the challenges support. Can anyone confirm this? https://support.ubi.com/en-US/faqs/000040207
  3. It's now delayed till 12th june 2019
  4. i had above 50 wins it's just it didn't unlock. . bad luck i guess...
  5. Is prospector veteran trophy still possible to obtain?I only need that particular trophy.
  6. i am having the same problems when i m trying to get the dlc trophies for a good friend of mine.
  7. same here it shows a blank screen
  8. Hey!


    Hope you're doing well. I am desperately trying to boost valor grand cross, but don't have a second ps3 or a boost controller. I am looking to join a group that can help. If you are able to please let me know :) thanks for the consideration





    1. Akhil1234


      cool we let you know,is boosting with a partner.

  9. are you sure the stats are saved after 5 mins match?i have played 15 odd matches and my stats aren't updating at all
  10. Thanks a lot for the heads up will definitely purchase ultimate alliance games asap.
  11. For some reason I can't find any transformers games and Dlc on the psn store.Is it delisted for good?as me and my friends are planning the revenge of the fallen dlc boost soon.
  12. Same as Soufwar posted with support to 4k,improved ram,Oled screen,etc.
  13. yep i boosted it with a friend of mine.
  14. the game can be boosted with 2 people if you have an additional controller/s..