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  1. Babylon's fall Ps4.
  2. for some reason i can't even place pivots it says 0 pivots to find 0 pivots to plant
  3. for some reason the trophy isnt popping for me. I have finished 40+ weekly challenges till now but no pop yet.
  4. it's more asking them to turning it back on for a month with notice so everyone gets a fair chance to finish it
  5. i tried that already and this shit wont work as i get a new error. bad thing is being not able to visit vita ps store and not been able to tranfer data is the worst thing. this means i am locked with all of my digital content.
  6. I am having error no NP-2244-3 and i cant even visit ps store on my vita at all. Even the tranfer from the content manager from vita to ps3 amd ps3 to vita isnt working. Any fix?
  7. Thanks for confirming it mate 👍.
  8. In simple language it means they may/will retire after 30 day notice. But in this case we never got a notice. So we do have a chance.
  9. You need a NA address any address works :p.
  10. You can create it again and this time save it. Even one of my post was deleted by EA_Cade. I strongly suggest to contact BBB.
  11. Yep i was about to tag you. We need to contact BBB like you did when splinter cell Blacklist was unobtainable. It's not funny when you have it on your profile :p.
  12. https://www.bbb.org/file-a-complaint?fbclid=IwAR1B_UH7JKerKJu-FylSUDZzmXjApRBJ1l5SRJ14Z2pJc-cGo4QNtYBwEKo Best is to lodge a complaint here.
  13. Exactly and what if they forgot to mention that it will shut down? Btw nfs hp was delisted long time ago on psn store including the dlc.
  14. My only worry is are there any other games missing from the list like Syndicate,Battlefields,Comman & Conquer 3 Red Alert 3, Nfs Hot Pursuit & Most wanted, Mercenaries 2. As i would be really annoyed if i miss out on em and i cant do them now all at a time due to personal obligations. Silly mistakes like this really pisses me off.