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  1. Dragon ball z Budokai tenkaiche 2 & 3 Clock tower games, Silent hill 1,2,3,4,origins and homecoming, Black Legacy of kain soul reaver and blood omen series Crysis warhead Resident evil code Veronica,file 1 and file 2 Twisted metal
  2. Looks like we all those who need the trophy will need to create a different group for it.may it be on skype,psn message app or what'sapp need that darn bloody trophy so badly.
  3. Count me in.
  4. I am finding India time trail tremendously difficult.Any tips i always fall short of the gold by 1.10 secs.
  5. I agree with gibbo the online was still active for both war and fall of Cybertron games.played entire escalation with randoms for example.
  6. Please do let us know.This was one sneaky trophy.
  7. Infact all transformers games are unobtainables now.Activision shut down those yesterday.
  8. This game servers are shutdown now as Activision took it down without any warning.
  9. Hii can you guys post the name of the level where you got it on vita? I am having a lot of difficulties here.
  10. None that i know off. I did the glitch years ago. The rest of the trophies don't usually require you to level up again. And if there is a need to level up it would be like leveling up a bit not to the max. Just focus on getting rank related trophies 1st
  11. The more the better. Try to get as much people as possible. With 2 ps3's it will take around 20 hrs, we did it with 4-5 ps3's and it took around 6-8 as some of us had internet issues that day.
  12. Yes it has to be done in one complete sitting.
  13. Over 250 games
  14. If i get an option to delete trophies then i would delete pinball arcade, gotham city imposters and guardians of the middle earth on ps3