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  1. Will be buying it but after around 2 years, mostly because i will be occupied with work and higher studies the latter eating most of my free time.
  2. Then i would stay with square 😂😜. Just dont want square, rectangle,square, square, rectangle, rectangle, rectangle, square in my trophy list. Looks a bit weird that way lol.
  3. Is it still obtainable i still need the trophy.
  4. does anyone have issues with the enemies not spawning? i cant even finsh the levels after reaching towards the end in ranked score gameplay..
  5. None. I would prefer backwards compatibility accross all generations.
  6. Anyone wants to boost 2p challenges?let me know. Would love to finish this dlc as soon as possible.
  7. Try changing regions. I had the same problem with base mp also last weekend i was able to play dlc battlestation map with Randoms so yes it's active but depends on what te and which region you play. Try US region or Europe others are pretty much dead and most likely take hrs of searching to find a game.
  8. A good chance they can lose a case as the disc cover mentions ea can't terminate online services without 30 days notice.
  9. we might need to contact BBB but let's wait and try creating a thread and spam @EA_Atic with dante's inferno trials issue. i think it's worth a shot. EA has a history of taking some time get their attention for a mp fix.. If they don't find solution say after 2 months then it's time to contact BBB as @Alpha-Strider mentioned the reason been if every trophy hunter contacts BBB after having issues with a games mp they may not take it seriously and brush aside our complaints.
  10. It says they can only shutdown after giving 30 days notice.
  11. I guess we will need to create a new thread and spam the shit out of them.
  12. Dante's inferno servers are down again
  13. Yes and no unfortunately.you can enter the trials menu create trials (but it wont upload). See the uploaded trials by user and EA but it will put you forever in downloading pop up.
  14. It's best to message your psn buddies especially the ones who are your boosting and gaming partner to report on that link. We can create a seperate thread also. I want this games 100% so badly.
  15. posted it but still no reply.
  16. Will do it 1st thing in the morning/afternoon tomorrow.Plus we need to spread it to others to comment there. The more no. of people complain the better are our chances. Same thing happened last time i guess.
  17. https://answers.ea.com/t5/Other-EA-Games/Dante-s-Inferno-Trials/td-p/5704914/page/14 It's time for us to start spamming them till they fix it. They can fix it as they did it before. This along with bfbc with my devil's dogs.
  18. has anyone tried with open ports? It might work out that way.
  19. They were down for over 2 months.
  20. Still can't play and upload any trials as of yet have been trying since last week.
  21. It looks like taco.
  22. i am locked out of 100% because the doughnut drake wont unlock even after finishing brutal.
  23. Dragon ball z Budokai tenkaiche 2 & 3 Clock tower games, Silent hill 1,2,3,4,origins and homecoming, Black Legacy of kain soul reaver and blood omen series Crysis warhead Resident evil code Veronica,file 1 and file 2 Twisted metal
  24. Looks like we all those who need the trophy will need to create a different group for it.may it be on skype,psn message app or what'sapp need that darn bloody trophy so badly.
  25. Count me in.