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  1. Nice thanks, I'll use it as a last resort
  2. Does this work with 1.02 patch? (July 2020)
  3. So, if I get Afterbirth+ I have to do all the new bosses with the Lost, who is oneshotted by everything, but on the other hand I've read somewhere that in the rebirth version some otehrs unlockables are way more difficult to get.... it's very hard to decide.
  4. Hi everyone. I apologize if this has already been explained somewhere, but I've read a bunch of different things and I don't really understand... Based on the assumption that I only seek for the platinum trophy (not interested in 100%), is it better to play only the rebirth base version? Or should I go for the afterbirth + edition? How the afterbirth + add ons affect the base trophy list? They make things harder or easier? Thanks in advance!
  5. Great news, time to platinum drastically reduced
  6. This morning after downloading the 1.05 patch I noticed that the proficency required for the Mystic Art missions has been lowered to 120.000 for the weapons and 200.000 for Ninjutsu and maybe Onmyo. Can anyone confirm?
  7. Hi, Quick question. there is a simple way to make that beautiful wall of game icons that you have in your first post? I love it
  8. I don't think so.... I'm playing in critical and can conferm the 5000/10000 thing I think I'll have to do another playtrough because in critical I didn't keep all the malus active for all bosses
  9. As far as I can tell, besides 1 playthrough of the dlc and 1 playthrough of the limit cut episode, you' ll have to do another 2 playthroughs of the main story (NG or NG+ and difficulty don't matter) for the EZ code merit and the Pro code merit. The reason is that you can choose witch premium menu you can activate only in the initial Dive in the Heart, and you're lock in the choice you made.
  10. Update: after some days spent cycling in the spawn points of the herb in question (Huan Qui "something", too lazy to check the name) I accepted the sad truth. The plants do not respawn. In the end I finished the game, then I reloaded the save before leaving Bailu and I did again the Niaowu part with the side quests. So be extra careful when you have to sell something: it's better to wait 'till the very end of the run. If you need money rely on the book exchanging technique. Better safe than sorry!
  11. Hi everyone, I think I made a huge mistake. After catching all the plants (unlocking the trophies for it) I decided to sell as many ones as I can to the pharmacy.... not nowing that one of the last side quests requires to give to the pharmacist 2 common plants. Now I don't have any more the required plants because I sold all of them and I can't collect any more because they don't respawn.... so am I royally screwed?
  12. The first guide is out on playstationtrophies.org https://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/shenmue-iii/341387-shenmue-iii-trophy-guide-roadmap.html Time to start it!
  13. Hi everyone! I encountered a issue that probably messed up my run. My game crashed while I was in the Hall of Heroes after the crystal caves, before i could take the reward for the chalice. I tried to take the chalice of the next level, but I could only take the reward for the previous level. Am I screwed? If so I strongly suggest to make a cloud save every now and then!
  14. Aaan! I watched the trophy log and you're absolute right, that's the problem. Good to know for the possibility to hide them, Thank you!
  15. Yes I have Vita but I didn't play games on it well before i noticed this issue for the first time, and this "slide" is around my first 500 trophies ever achieved, so I don't think that's the problem, but I'll give it a try, just in case. Thanks