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  1. :platinum: #219 Detroit: Become Human


    Great game and easily the best of Quantic Dream.


    They nailed the cyber-punk setting with a interesting plot and beautiful art direction imho


    Making different run for the trophies was never boring compared to Beyond or Farenheit (Indigo Prophecy)

  2. #218 Star Wars Battlefront 2


    After 5 mouths the lv 50 trophy has been patched at last, unlocking a long awaited platinum.


    The game itself isn't too bad (the fact that I'm a huge SW fan made the difference), but the Dice and EA support is unforgivable

  3. Finally I can confirm that the trophy is patched!! After 6 mouths I earned the platinum I deserve. I confirm that the trophy pops in the loading screen before entering in a match. Sure thing is I'll think twice before buying another Dice game, even if it's heavily discounted like BF2 was at the time I purchase it. I would like to thank all the people who supported each other in this topic adding news and updates on the situation!
  4. Great news!!!!! I'll try as soon as I get home! "Hope we must"
  5. Sign me in please, EU account confirmed
  6. Great news if True.... "pray we must"
  7. This is pure gold! I approached Yakuza games not long ago with Kiwami. I always wanted to start the saga, but the impossibility to find the first games at human price always get me down. With Kiwami and Kiwami 2 coming to the west (along with this remastered hopefully), all the games will be avabile on PS4!! 🤗
  8. Tomorrow big news for Kingdom Hearts 3 are expected!!! The press is currently trying the game in Santa Monica.

    Hype train is real! All I need is a date and a price for the collector's edition1f911.png

    1. KingGuy420


      @Dragon-Archon Yeah, I definitely agree about marvel and star wars. The world ends with you making an appearance in 3d left a sour taste in my mouth for non Disney / FF characters lol.

      @Dragon-Archon actually, marvel has already been confirmed right? Big Hero 6 is definitely Marvel...

    2. Kent10201


      @Dragon-Archon Wash your mouth out with soap! 


      @KingGuy420 No, Big Hero 6 isn't Marvel, it's Disney. The characters are loosely based on a Marvel comic but that's about where the similarities end. 

    3. Dragon-Archon


      @Kent10201 *burns all the soap with a fire breath* After seeing what happened to FFXV it's going to happen to KH3 too.

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  9. Sooner or later I am going to rebuy 1.5 and 2.5 for PS4, just to have the full saga on one console. When the time comes I will complete them again, no doubt on that (fortunately they make the difficulty trophies stack)
  10. Sign me in please! If I understand correctly I can become Keyblade master and Aqua fan with 1.5 and 2.5 (Ps3) and 2.8 fully completed
  11. Gamer 'till the end of time

    1. Evertonian


      I am so old I have been a gamer since the start of time 😟

    2. Paleblood


      @Evertonian Have you met the Young Cranky Kong? I heard he was wild back in his day.

    3. Evertonian


      Yeah, him and Gorf were party animals

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  12. Hahaha I like the idea of a physical platinum!! Jokes aside, if EA at least put ONE person to work on this fix, just one, I really think that ,after all this time, all our bugged trophies would pop. I bought the game with +50% discount and only because I'm a great fan of SW franchise.... I'll think twice with next MP EA game
  13. Sign me up please. I've platted all of them
  14. Still bugged for me... I hope that with the season 2 update will be fixed...
  15. I'm from Italy, no tournament for us Choosed germany
  16. In other forums someone wrote that this happens because DICE servers have issues to sync the players points. So the adivice is to keep playing until the servers add the points needed to reach lv 50 I'll keep you guys updated
  17. Easy trophies but the 20 milion Zeni requires alone ~180 hours as far as I know..... I hope that a fastest way will be discovered soon...
  18. That's it !!!! This was the problem! 1000 times thank you! Every time I checked the trees I did it counterclockwise so that cursed tree was always hidden behind the St Swithin’s Moor entrace. This time I tried to fly clockwise and I saw it! I hope this will be helpful for others in the same situation!
  19. I already know the 2 little plants just after the dropping down in the cave... unfortunately that's not my 5, thanks anyway!
  20. I missed the exact same ones!! Thanks everyone!!!
  21. Here's a trophy guide for Persona 5 http://blog.lhyeung.net/2016/12/23/persona-5-platinum-trophy-guide/
  22. I have a question about this: resetting a checkpoint will reset the timer up to that checkpoint??
  23. That's the workaround!! I watched the statistics of every single chapter in record menu and the trophy popped while I opened the last chapter statistics page. Thanks for the tip
  24. I have a question: I completed all missions in Commander with SS rank but in different runs, but when I completed the last chapter missing with an SS i did not get the trophy. I have to complete it in one run with the same character getting all SS again??