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  1. I'm sorry for you guys!

    I finished it yesterday and I had 0 issues with trophies, all unlocked accordingly.

    Never used cheats, but plenty of rewind, I also saved both in game after every mission and with the fast save whenever I had to close the game. Hope it helps


  2. 16 hours ago, DragonSpear2462 said:

    Update 1.08 just released and it should fix the Village Rot issue INCLUDING for past saves =)

    Patch Notes – 1.08

    - Added support for offline mode on PC. Please note Achievements will not unlock while offline but will be awarded after login.

    - Added option to reduce motion blur intensity.

    - Fixed issue where Kena had a chance to slow down or stop while running.

    - Fixed inaccurate Rot count in the Village experienced by some players. The problem should no longer occur and previous save files will be fixed.

    - Optimization improvements for the final boss fight.

    - Fix for broken shield animation.

    - Fixed minor animation, collision and level streaming bugs.

    Source: https://www.emberlab.com/2021/10/02/patch-notes-1-08/

    I didn't have this issue, but happy this is now fixed for you all <3 

    Good news!!! I'll try this evening, thanks


  3. I tried out of curiosity after finishing the game and it worked.

    It's not consistent 100% of the times but is easily repeatable to have the 6666 result.

    Basically you can keep pausing and then going to the main menu from any point of the customized  character creation tab. You don't even have to confirm the creation. When on the main menu all you have to do is check the values in the custom character screen under new game: sometimes they're normal, sometimes they're fucked up.

    I then proceeded to make 2 saves, one normal and one hardcore, right when you are in control of the character, with those I hope to rush the game for the remaining trophies when a guide will be posted.



  4. 8 minutes ago, Siriodorione said:
    When I inserted the PS4 disc on PS5 it gave me the free upgrade, but first I want to load the save so I installed the PS4 version. Now he doesn't give me the free upgrade anymore. I guess I have to delete everything after loading the save and the option will come back.

    Have you tried to change versions with the options menu?


  5. On 31/7/2020 at 4:39 PM, APCGrayLocked said:


    Even if they patched it (highly unlikely), you can buy the retail version and use the glitch by staying offline and don't updating the game.

    Nice thanks, I'll use it as a last resort


  6. 10 hours ago, Xylobe said:

    For just the platinum I'd say Rebirth only. The DLC changes the unlock requirements for Godhead, and although the character itself gets some nice buffs the game as a whole becomes much harder imo.

    So, if I get Afterbirth+ I have to do all the new bosses with the Lost, who is oneshotted by everything, but on the other hand I've read somewhere that in the rebirth version some otehrs unlockables are way more difficult to get.... it's very hard to decide.


  7. Hi everyone.


    I apologize if this has already been explained somewhere, but I've read a bunch of different things and I don't really understand...


    Based on the assumption that I only seek for the platinum trophy (not interested in 100%), is it better to play only the rebirth base version? Or should I go for the afterbirth + edition? 

    How the afterbirth + add ons affect the base trophy list? They make things harder or easier?


    Thanks in advance!


  8. 2 hours ago, WatertownsFinest said:

    Can anyone state if Critical mode reaps bigger point bonuses or anything? Also, kinda sucks you only need these on during bosses. Imagine having to play the entire game with all those on. Now thats a challenge!

    I don't think so.... I'm playing in critical and can conferm the 5000/10000 thing

    I think I'll have to do another playtrough because in critical I didn't keep all the malus active for all bosses


  9. As far as I can tell, besides 1 playthrough of the dlc and 1 playthrough of the limit cut episode, you' ll have to do another 2 playthroughs of the main story (NG or NG+ and difficulty don't matter) for the EZ code merit and the Pro code merit.


    The reason is that you can choose witch premium menu you can activate only in the initial Dive in the Heart, and you're lock in the choice you made.


  10. Update: after some days spent cycling in the spawn points of the herb in question (Huan Qui "something", too lazy to check the name) I accepted the sad truth. The plants do not respawn.


    In the end I finished the game, then I reloaded the save before leaving Bailu and I did again the Niaowu part with the side quests.


    So be extra careful when you have to sell something: it's better to wait 'till the very end of the run.

    If you need money rely on the book exchanging technique. Better safe than sorry!





  11. Hi everyone,

    I think I made a huge mistake.


    After catching all the plants (unlocking the trophies for it) I decided to sell as many ones as I can to the pharmacy.... not nowing that one of the last side quests requires to give to the pharmacist 2 common plants.


    Now I don't have any more the required plants because I sold all of them and I can't collect any more because they don't respawn.... so am I royally screwed?