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  1. I'm sorry for you guys! I finished it yesterday and I had 0 issues with trophies, all unlocked accordingly. Never used cheats, but plenty of rewind, I also saved both in game after every mission and with the fast save whenever I had to close the game. Hope it helps
  2. I was waiting for the console edition of this game. The list seems pretty fun to do. I hope for a good controller layout. Any suggestion from any PC player?
  3. I Can confirm that this is the workaround to make it pop! As soon as I hitted X on a Manual save. Thanks everbody for support, cheers!
  4. Good news!!! I'll try this evening, thanks
  5. Patch 1.07 is out, but in the patch notes they not mention this issue.
  6. Can anyone reach the developers to make them aware of the problem via twitter or similar? I would do it but I'm without any social media.
  7. Same problem here, all the purple mushrooms are there, one didn't count.
  8. I tried out of curiosity after finishing the game and it worked. It's not consistent 100% of the times but is easily repeatable to have the 6666 result. Basically you can keep pausing and then going to the main menu from any point of the customized character creation tab. You don't even have to confirm the creation. When on the main menu all you have to do is check the values in the custom character screen under new game: sometimes they're normal, sometimes they're fucked up. I then proceeded to make 2 saves, one normal and one hardcore, right when you are in control of the character, with those I hope to rush the game for the remaining trophies when a guide will be posted.
  9. Have you tried to change versions with the options menu?
  10. Hi everyone! I'd like to be added to Golden is unbreakable, thanks!
  11. Just took the platinum trophy. I luckly did not have a single problem with challenges or trophies. Always played online, carried the Hitman 2 progression before starting Hitman 3. Hope it helps!
  12. I think I'll wait ps5 with the trophy tracker
  13. Hi everyone, I think I made a huge mistake. After catching all the plants (unlocking the trophies for it) I decided to sell as many ones as I can to the pharmacy.... not nowing that one of the last side quests requires to give to the pharmacist 2 common plants. Now I don't have any more the required plants because I sold all of them and I can't collect any more because they don't respawn.... so am I royally screwed?
  14. This game will be my first single player only game that I will not be able to platinum This is a solid 10/10, too much for me
  15. Forget the platinum relics. I'm playing the game and the N.Sanity perfect relics are the real deal.... all boxes without dying for every level... the fast paced parts (rapids, sliding, chasing) are going to be nightmare!
  16. Hi everyone, as the title said I'm missing the last 5 confetti for the 100% and they are in Maypole Fields! I watched several videoguides and read several posts and I think I already get all the difficult ones such as the flowers in the cave (even the ones at the beginning with the bad camera angle) or the bridge ones and the paper plane ones. I replayed the level several times but no luck so far. I welcome every possible suggestion, even the obvious ones. Thanks for the help!
  17. Nice thanks, I'll use it as a last resort
  18. Does this work with 1.02 patch? (July 2020)
  19. Hi everyone. I apologize if this has already been explained somewhere, but I've read a bunch of different things and I don't really understand... Based on the assumption that I only seek for the platinum trophy (not interested in 100%), is it better to play only the rebirth base version? Or should I go for the afterbirth + edition? How the afterbirth + add ons affect the base trophy list? They make things harder or easier? Thanks in advance!
  20. So, if I get Afterbirth+ I have to do all the new bosses with the Lost, who is oneshotted by everything, but on the other hand I've read somewhere that in the rebirth version some otehrs unlockables are way more difficult to get.... it's very hard to decide.
  21. This morning after downloading the 1.05 patch I noticed that the proficency required for the Mystic Art missions has been lowered to 120.000 for the weapons and 200.000 for Ninjutsu and maybe Onmyo. Can anyone confirm?
  22. Great news, time to platinum drastically reduced
  23. Hi, Quick question. there is a simple way to make that beautiful wall of game icons that you have in your first post? I love it
  24. I don't think so.... I'm playing in critical and can conferm the 5000/10000 thing I think I'll have to do another playtrough because in critical I didn't keep all the malus active for all bosses
  25. As far as I can tell, besides 1 playthrough of the dlc and 1 playthrough of the limit cut episode, you' ll have to do another 2 playthroughs of the main story (NG or NG+ and difficulty don't matter) for the EZ code merit and the Pro code merit. The reason is that you can choose witch premium menu you can activate only in the initial Dive in the Heart, and you're lock in the choice you made.