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  1. Thought that after almost two years since the release, game would have been patched and nothing to worry about... I just lost my save cause the Rock Bottom Slip sliding away spatula glitched on me. Awesome. So be careful
  2. Didn't work for me on a new save file , idk if this has been patched
  3. Quick question, I lost my save of the game, is it a problem if I wanna tackle the DLC ?
  4. It's not a PSNProfiles thing. The list exist and is on PSN. We can see it on our consoles. The thing is we earn the trophies but they don't sync with PSN itself. But yeah I guess it will be fixed.
  5. I'm not sure, I ended up making survivors follow me by being friendly, go at each TV and TP into it. Worked fine
  6. I just put my PS5 offline to check my trophies and I got the Adept trophy that didn't sync so yeah I think we good they just need to make them sync with PSN. Weird stuff
  7. What's happening with the new trophies on PS4? I see them , all 0.0% rarity, I even popped the Sadako adept on my screen but nothing in my trophy log. Wtf?
  8. Yep, got it on PS4 version. Thanks guys
  9. Yeah it works with the artist but I don't understand how it works, sometimes Killer instinct triggers, sometimes it does not and just send crows all over them,I don't get it.
  10. Well, the coop cheese works. Nerfed Tainted Cain made me so f mad I gave it a shot, main controller/account on Tainted Cain, second controller/account on Azazel(Ending up Judas cause I took Judas Shadow) , straight to Mother, got both Mother completion mark and secrets for Tainted Cain and for Judas. This kind of ruin the difficulty of the 100% tbh, but it's up to you
  11. Ok so Repentance is out, I can play it on the digital version but nothing on the physical version. As I thought.
  12. Now its L3+R3+L1+R1
  13. You will be able to buy Repentance separately, it was 100% confirmed, and it will be compatible with the AB+ physical version. The thing is, Repentance goes out thursday in North America, but they indirectly said that it would not be released on November 4th in Europe. I think I know why: I got both digital and physical EU versions of AB +, the digital version received a "Pre Repentance" patch, but nothing on the physical. Physicals versions in Europe are published by Headup Games, and I don't know wtf are they waiting for releasing this Pre Repentance patch, but that cause Repentance to be delayed in Europe cause they want every versions to goes out at once. So we'll have to wait, hopefully not a long time :/
  14. Only available in North America November 4th
  15. Oops, didn't read the OP