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  1. Same here.
  2. Yes it counts 100% I only used this strat
  3. As a killer, you need to grab them and not shoot them (which is not very logic when you see the name and the icon of the trophy) Still no idea why the survivor got the trophy though
  4. By shooting him with the rifle
  5. I boosted it with a random survivor. I interrupted him more than 10 times, no trophy for me.. But the survivor got the trophy. 🤔
  6. For the trophies, I did not have the slightest concern with the 100% of the game. The game is technically what it is, not a graphic masterpiece by any means. I had like 2 or 3 crashes which is quite little compared to what I was promised, the "biggest" problem being the fairly long loads, and quite frequent in the big areas of the game. But the scenario, the characters, the universe and the atmosphere .. What a game 😍
  7. Maybe arcade games doesn't count for the trophy?
  8. 😞❤️
  9. 😄 It might be an idea, but to have played The Plague a lot lately, at the purple / red rank, I had a lot of games where no survivor would go heal themselves to the fountains for not giving me the black juice.
  10. The plague by far
  11. Just got my platinum, thanks a lot Skroq and Maisie 😃
  12. I guess it will take a couple of days. I'm waiting for this patch to go on Ranger hardcore mode 😁
  13. I'll do the Helicobite if no new trophies
  14. I guess we'll get a new trophies list called Additional chapters 😄
  15. Great set of trophies imo 😁