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  1. Good news for people struggling with adept trophies 👍
  2. Small trick for the spear glitch: for Prim-ate and the carnage where there's no spear in it, you can start Phantom of the opera, take the spear on your left, leave the show, and start whatever show you want: Your character will drop the spear in front of you.
  3. Done ✌️
  4. Hi, I'll try to make a quick and simple guide for this long and shitty trophy. This maybe isn't the perfect method but at least it worked for me. In total it should take you between 4 and 5 hours to get it. First of all you need to create a player by going in the settings of the game, not by starting a career mode with a created player. Here's the player you need to create: A young goalkeeper from a country that doesn't have his national team in the game. 99 stats everywhere, not just the goalkeeper stats. Playing in an australian team, I choose Melbourne: Now before going into career mode, you can transfer some good players in the Melbourne squad, but no goalkeepers. For example I transfered the 10 starters from PSG to Melbourne team. (Not essential but it can help to get some extra personnality points from the store). Now you can go to career mode, select an existing player and take your freshly created Goalkeeper. Here's the thing with the goalkeeper: he can get 160 purple personnality points by training sessions because he can have 4 minigames, 2 who grant you 45 points and 2 who grant you 35 points. I have a screenshot of them but my game is in french, but you should find them easily: Now as soon as you start your career, do the 4 minigames with A grade, save them for the next seasons by pressing Options, and start simulating them every week. Australian league is good because there are not a lot of matchs , I think its like ~30 if you add Asian cup matchs to the total. Don't ever play a game, I read everything and its opposite about points earned after games, for me it just never gave me any points, I tried with Mbappe, Haaland, nothing. Quick simulate absolutely every match from start to finish. Now the maths : By doing this , you'll get 160x52 points for all the training sessions = 8320 + something like 1000 points from the purple activities in the store wich means ~9300 points per season. A season should take you 30 to 35 minutes to entirely do. For reference, I got my trophy during my eighth season. So eight seasons should take you ~4 hours, but with the setup etc you should be good in 5 hours. Last thing: I had no issues with the 90000 points glitch, even by saving and quitting the game. I only saved and quit the game at the start of a new season, maybe doing this prevent the glitch to occur. There's maybe better methods but this one worked for me without giving me troubles (like these f*cking points not appearing after matches) I'm here if you have questions ✌️
  5. I'll make a "guide" on how I get the trophy in ~5 hours
  6. Same here, I get 0 personnality point per game, idk why. Did everything stated in previous posts
  7. I confirm that if the killer close the hatch, then you open a door and escape, it counts, not sure why it did not for you.
  8. It did gave me stick drift on Dying Light 2 after ~30 hours of rubberbanding, I would not recommand doing it lol
  9. Thought that after almost two years since the release, game would have been patched and nothing to worry about... I just lost my save cause the Rock Bottom Slip sliding away spatula glitched on me. Awesome. So be careful
  10. Didn't work for me on a new save file , idk if this has been patched
  11. Quick question, I lost my save of the game, is it a problem if I wanna tackle the DLC ?
  12. It's not a PSNProfiles thing. The list exist and is on PSN. We can see it on our consoles. The thing is we earn the trophies but they don't sync with PSN itself. But yeah I guess it will be fixed.
  13. I'm not sure, I ended up making survivors follow me by being friendly, go at each TV and TP into it. Worked fine
  14. I just put my PS5 offline to check my trophies and I got the Adept trophy that didn't sync so yeah I think we good they just need to make them sync with PSN. Weird stuff