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  1. Adept cenobite didn't pop for me the first time I met the requirements, it poped the second time. Another stable update by Behavior. 🙄
  2. I was on ps5 so I could keep track, it never worked when I grabbed the survivor. It only worked when I hitted him.
  3. Absolutely, I did my 5 stuns with this perk on the same killer who kindly farmed it for me
  4. Ok looks like the two kids finished their fight. Please next time just add each other on PSN and keep your shit for you both. There is zero mention of trophy fix in the patch note. Some are lucky, some are not, some got the trophy by completing two milestones in the same session, some not,it's purely random. But it looks like two milestones seems essential for some that got the trophy: Transfert market and SBC. A lot of people told that finish/redeem a milestone ( Goals, Stadiums, Assists...) then list their 1000th player/finish their 100th sbc right after pop the trophy. If you still have one of those two milestones, fell free to try that. But I saw someone told that it did not work for him, so not a 100% solution. However , there is a lot of people who already redeemed those two milestones, so keep spamming the Ea Bug reports previously linked.
  5. How many milestones did you finished before those two ? GG !
  6. He got both at the same time.
  7. Someone told me he got the trophy when he finished Stadium 2 milestone, which can't be one of the two he claimed first... So no fix Don't forget to post here to give visibility to this problem..
  8. What are the two milestones he needed for his trophy? Simple curiosity Damn I hope squad battle is not one of my two first..
  9. You previously said you're pretty sure that the Squad battle was the second you claim ?
  10. Awesome news! GG. Now I got to remember what milestone I started first lol
  11. So you claimed the Stadium 1 first right? I'm in the same situation, I claimed Stadium 1 , I finished Transfer market but did not claim it waiting for a patch, and I'm close to finish the assist one. So I'll let you know if having 2 milestones completed but not claimed work..
  12. If people who got it could tell us here how exactly they did to pop the trophy.. I'm a bit worried for this one, I'm not sure fixing trophies is the priority with EA, and milestones are not unlimited.
  13. Maybe they confirmed both groups at the same time? That's too weird.. This year looks like a giant mess, Div3 volta trophy, the 10 coop fut games trophy, this one... I'm already tired of it
  14. Wtf... It's the difficulty just before Legend , champion in french, I thought it was the same in english. But I don't understand how it's possible to go div4 when I only get div6 with what I did in my 30 matches. Hopefully joining a div4 player and coop woth him will work
  15. Don't try to go D4 with your 30 squad battle matches. It's the worst f idea I had in a long time. I won all of my 30 matches , half in Champion, half in Legend , I got D6 with 850 f points. And you get screwed on the nice credits bonus of the 5 placements matches. Fuck my life.