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  1. No update here with the EU disk version...
  2. Thanks , gonna help for some of those 👍
  3. It was some glitches , not mods..
  4. I did mine while getting all legendary fishes, it still count 😁 There's only two fishes that do not have legendary versions but are easy to get
  5. All-five in Saint-Denis, and if you see that you're gonna loose, just leave the table, it won't reset your progress
  6. Good luck hunter 😁 And thanks Alex for the summary
  7. I just received the trophy of 1000000%, I played from beginning to end with the physical version of the game. Never touched the digital version. I even took a picture for our paranoid friend. But I guess I would still be considered a cheater 😄
  8. Same for me , the site hide my 100% of GTA V PS3 for no reason , never hide any trophy by myself
  9. I just got the confirmation by Kenshin9977 (a French youtuber who was invited to Los Angeles by Treyarch to play the DLC 5 in preview) that the new trophies will be on the list of Black Ops 3 and not on a new list