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  1. 😄 It might be an idea, but to have played The Plague a lot lately, at the purple / red rank, I had a lot of games where no survivor would go heal themselves to the fountains for not giving me the black juice. 


  2. Ok so I just finished a killer game where I let the last survivor escape. When he was the last alive there was 3 gens left, he finished one, told me to close the hatch to let him escape by the gates, and boom, he got the trophy. So good news I guess


  3. We played a lot 😄


    I used Empathy, Self care, Borrowed time (and We're gonna live forever but you can use something more useful)


    When I see a survivor getting hit (with Empathy) , I start running at him, hopefully he will be down and I'll be not far. As soon as the killer pick up my mate, I let him see me. 


    Then he will hook my mate, hit me, I unhook my mate, the killer hit me a second time, boom, that's a point for the trophy. You can easily get two points per game with that. 


    The other way is to unhook your mate while the killer is close, but it's pretty random, sometimes everything will be fine, sometimes he will tunnel your mate, or even just don't care and let you two escape.. 




  4. 1 hour ago, The__High_Ground said:

    Hey what perks are you guys running for "Taking One For the team" 


    Im currently using

    "Burrowed time" so that the team mate doesn't die from the unsafe unhook.

    "Empathy" so i can be ready to be in position for the unhook

    "Self care" so i can do more unhooks and keep myself alive


    But im unsure on what i should have as the 4th perk

    Any ideas? 

    I personally use We gonna live forever, to at least make some blood points in this absolute shit grind. But Deliverance can be useful if your mates are a bit slow to unhook you, maybe Mettle of man I didn't try it, Botany knowledge to be ready to unhook quicker.. 


  5. I read somewhere that you still have the medicine in your inventory on NG+, so you just have to meet the guy again and give him the medicine directly on chapter 2. Hope it's true. 


  6. 1 hour ago, NoOneSpecial-76 said:

    Six new trophies are going to be added this morning, its likely relevant to the new update involving scaffolding, Pandas and cats so make sure you find a good jungle seed and one with villages to breeze through the trophies quickly :)


    Edit: Here are the new trophies and how to get them:

    Do a Barrel Roll (Silver)
    Use Riptide to give yourself a boost!

    (In the tutorial world there are tridents with the riptide enchantment to enchant one of those and the trophy should be easy)

    Marine Biologist (Bronze)
    Catch any fish in a bucket

    (find any natural body of water and have a bucket equipped and collect one of the fish you see)


    Ahoy! (Silver)
    Discover a shipwreck

    (There is one in the center of the tutorial world, its hard to miss)


    Top of the World (Bronze)

    Build a tower of scaffolding that reaches the maximum build height

    (You can cheat this with dirt and place a scaffolding block a few up from the top so that they hit the world limit, scaffolding if crafted with bamboo which can be found in jungles, by killing pandas or by fishing in jungles)


    Where have you been? (Bronze)

    Receive a gift in the morning from a tamed cat

    (exactly what it says, gifts from cats is a new behavior from these mobs and will happen randomly after sleeping)


    Zoologist (Gold)

    Breed two Pandas with Bamboo

    (Once you find two pandas you need to feed them 8 bamboo each and they will breed and produce a baby panda, they eat by dropping the food on the ground rather than feeding like traditional mobs)


    I hope this helps someone :)


    Thanks , gonna help for some of those 👍